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The Ataris - Welcome the Night

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The AtarisWelcome The Night
Label: Sanctuary
Release Date: February 20, 2007

There are certain people in this scene that are larger than life. Chris Conley is one. Mark Hoppus is another. Kris Roe, the man who penned some of the best pop-punk tunes of the last several years, is among that group as well. With that being said, here’s comes the pain, Kris.

Welcome The Night opens with the electro-fuzz cruise that is “Not Capable of Love" and you know that The Ataris of Blue Skies, Broken Hearts… is dead and Kris Roe killed them. Gone is the angst and energy of that album and even of So Long, Astoria, replaced by a boring, indulgent sound that strikes no emotional chord with the listener unless you’re counting lackluster as a feeling these days (and with a rash of disappointing releases thus far in 2007, you might).

Roe has taken a giant leap with his music and from every interview I’ve read, it has a great deal to do with the turmoil he has had to deal with in his personal relationships over the past few years. The bad news for Roe is that he’s severely out of his element here and it shows. The track “Secret Handshakes” is a perfect example. Instead of downplaying the dynamics of the song and focusing on a more simplified orchestral arrangement, the band chooses to play with euphoric crescendos and electronic gadgetry that completely warps the mood of the track into a gaudy, big budget thriller rather than a stripped down soul-bearer.

Roe’s vocal direction echoes that of Brandon Reilly (Nightmare of You) and one might even suggest that comparison to be accurate for the band’s new sound in general, were it not for the fact that the production and music behind Roe completely rob Welcome The Night of the sex appeal that Reilly’s band effortlessly provides. Instead, The Ataris end up somewhere between NOY and Deep Elm underachievers’ Slowride. It will be brought up that this record would be acceptable to most if it were under any other band name than The Ataris and while that argument may hold some validity, Welcome The Night should not be considered a good record no matter what band name comes attached to it.

Are my speakers blown or is it supposed to sound like that?: “Not Capable of Love”, "Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies"

Of buzzing guitars and dragging vocals: Nightmare of You, Slowride, My Bloody Valentine
This review is a user submitted review from Russ Hockenbury. You can see all of Russ Hockenbury's submitted reviews here.
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07:29 PM on 02/18/07
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Heart-A-Tact's Avatar
I dig the album art, but I think this review is pretty well on point.
08:18 PM on 02/18/07
Julia Conny
"Julia HurriConny"
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Julia Conny's Avatar
And here is another reason why I consider you a mentor. I consider this review a bulls eye but it did motivate me to rehash So Long Astoria. For that reason, I'm thankful.
08:47 PM on 02/18/07
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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Blake Solomon's Avatar
yeah, the album art reminds me of that painting "night hawk". But the way I imagined the music that goes with that image is way different than what Welcome The Night sounds like. spot on review
08:58 PM on 02/18/07
mr chainsaw
lets all go to the magician's b-day
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mr chainsaw's Avatar
Maybe the ataris will change back to their old sound if enough people hate this album. I do not think it is that bad, but it is definitely different. I also think the musicianship deserves higher than a 5.75.
09:02 PM on 02/18/07
Rich Duncan
Album Reviewer
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Rich Duncan's Avatar
Great review and I agree with the score.
10:13 PM on 02/18/07
The All-New 2014 Corolla
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CircaSin's Avatar
"and with rash of disappointing releases thus far in 2007, you might"

am I hearing different music than you

fall out boy, anberlin, relient k, bayside

those are all great albums

Are you serious? Great albums? So because a band can make a cd full of pop jingles that automatically means everyone should don it as a great album?

As for The Ataris, they have been less of a band since the millenium. Although I must admit this cd surprised me, yet not in a good way.

Bloc Party was not a dissapointing release, how about you start there.
10:18 PM on 02/18/07
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kbauer's Avatar
I heard a couple songs off of this and seeing how much theyre trying to change their image is joke, maybe it dosent help that I never really was a fan of their, but Im sure this review is accurate.

With the line of dissapointing releases, Ive heard FOB once, that was enough, heard Anberlin yesterday and thought the hype was way over blown and it was decent but just another Anberlin to someone isnt a big Anberlin fan, the other two I havent heard, but Bloc Party, not as good as Silent Alarm but certainly not dissapointing.
10:37 PM on 02/18/07
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lushintransit's Avatar
I still don't know how I feel about this album.

One hand thinks it's okay
The other hand is asking where Bite My Tongue v.2 is
10:50 PM on 02/18/07
Registered User
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TheHeretic's Avatar
Are you serious? Great albums? So because a band can make a cd full of pop jingles that automatically means everyone should don it as a great album?

I cared less about the other three, but the new Anberlin is amazing.
02:34 AM on 02/19/07
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falloutboy.'s Avatar
short sweet and to the point.
04:20 AM on 02/19/07
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This albums sucks soooo bad, I thought I downloaded a wrong version or something, but apparently, it's true that this band is dead.
I'm going to see them in april, and I hope they'll only play their old songs!
05:42 AM on 02/19/07
Tom Good
Album Reviewer
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Tom Good's Avatar
Nice review Russ.
05:57 AM on 02/19/07
was I good to you, wife of my youth
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ilovesofie's Avatar
nice review? it sucks as hell
i'm one big fan of the ataris and allright, it sounds not that good as the other albums but you really have to listen more to it with the intention of "they changed, give them a chance" and not immediatly "they changed, they suck". far from the last last call and the cheyenne line are goddamn beautiful tracks, just like cardiff-by the sea and whatever lies will help you rest.
welcome the night is a album that only a true ataris fan can love so let this review than be write by a real fan
06:05 AM on 02/19/07
Registered User
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I can't stand when people say "they wanted to change their image" or "they wanted to change their sound". Kris has been making music since some of you were in Elementary school (maybe even some not even born..? judging by some of the things written here). Obviously as people get older, perceptions of the world change. With that comes with how music is then expressed from the artist. Props to Kris for putting himself out there for all to criticize. I personally enjoy the album for what it's worth. I don't have to compare it to every other album the artist has ever produced to formulate my opinion. "Blue Skies.." came out April 13, 1999. That is almost 8 years ago. I would imagine over the course of the last 8 years your perceptions have changed, at least I would hope.

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