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The Chariot - Long Live

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The Chariot - Long Live
Record Label: Good Fight
Release Date: November 23. 2010
A few months ago, if you told me to listen to The Chariot I would have never done it. I could not stand their music one bit, but this music grows on you. Now because of this album I have joined the fan club of this band. The Chariot have released one of the most annoying, loudest, brash, off-the-wall, albums to date by any band, and I cannot get enough of this album.

Beginning with a few seconds of guitar feedback, you know you’re being thrown back into the Chariot’s circle of hell. The album begins with “Evan Perks” which is essentially one breakdown, with Josh Scogin repeating “Disappointed, I Know You Are.” “The Audience” does not let up this vibe as its right back into the ring. One of the filthiest guitar riffs lies in the beginning of this song, right before the song kicks back into sporadic, aka normal Chariot territory.

This is the part of the album I am most in love with; “Calvin Makenzie” is a pure hardcore song, with some southern twang in the guitars. But the real treat is how a easy-listening 40’s radio broadcast gets thrown into the song at the most random time. A few seconds goes by and Scogin is back to finish his line. I love this little jingle, and how it just ends the song at such a random note. “The City” is easily the single from the album, everything just works in this song, the power chords building up Scogin’s line “Enough is Enough” The final two minutes of this song steal the show, as we see Scogin at his absolute most intense, screaming for a good 80 seconds without taking much of a breath. As his verse intensifies, the guitars give out a shrieking feedback tone, with Scogin finishing on a classic “THIS IS A REVOLUTION” which is followed by one of the best “Whoa-Oh’s” I have ever heard, from any band, any genre.

“David de la Hoz” is another Chariot classic, the song is filled with everything you can think of. The song reminds me of a MUCH shorter “Ants of the Sky” by Between the Buried and Me simply because it has really random parts that just make the song work. Midway through this song comes Dan Smith of Listener who uses spoken-word poetry in which he talks about staying your path in life. This is followed by one of the lowest tuned breakdowns I have heard, then followed by soft piano, accordion, xylophone, and a harp; yeah a harp. Amazingly, it fits the song, and just ends it off right.

“The Heavens” begins with a hand clap, eerie guitar ambiance, and a hip-hop-ish beat; which culminates with a fading in-and-out guitar sound. “Robert Rios” is another song with another killer lick in it, not after starting with an already bad ass sound. Some of Scogin’s lines are great in this song, like “So praises to the war machine and the distances growing thin and the hopelessness of a tiny earth and a make-shift hit.” The finisher of Long Live is “The King” the longest song (5:51) on the album, and it does not disappoint one bit. There is a part of this song that makes my hair rise on my neck, which is when there is a good drum breakdown, followed by horns. Yes, they manage to fit horns on this song, and it makes it such an epic buildup to yet another Chariot-esque breakdown. Midway through the song is a multi-layered drum “solo” of sorts, two keeping the beat, and a few others rolling on the toms and snare. This fades away and comes back with a vengeance, as it turns into another heavy as hell breakdown.

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01:41 PM on 02/19/11
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thepianominstre's Avatar
Good review, one of my favorite albums from last year (and I used to think the Chariot was too "out there" for me to enjoy, either.) Awesome creativity, awesome intensity, and even awesome featuring of other artists. I always me love Timbre on the harp, and I've been becoming a fan of Listener too (I talked to Dan at a local show recently and he said he's also the guy playing horns on this album)
09:04 PM on 02/19/11
Registered User
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defmytones's Avatar
They can do no wrong.
09:52 AM on 02/21/11
Sam DeBurns Red
Regular Member
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Sam DeBurns Red's Avatar
Such a good record. The Chariot live, however, is an experience like nothing else.
09:45 PM on 02/21/11
Registered User
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btbam000's Avatar
absolutely intense!
08:33 PM on 03/07/11
Registered User
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sublime_theory's Avatar
Scogin continues to amaze...
02:38 AM on 04/29/11
i have no friends
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drzafs's Avatar
This album is too good.

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