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The Verdict - 03.05.07I recently had the chance to send a few questions over to east coast band, The Verdict. A big thanks to the band for taking time out of their touring schedule to answer the questions as well as Joe Marro for the chance to interview them. An even bigger thank you goes out to all of the users who submitted the questions used for the interview.

You all are from South Carolina. What is the music scene like in the area?

We’re actually from North Carolina, but we live relatively close to South Carolina. The music scene very inviting and there are a lot of good musicians in the area. Rock music is getting more and more popular. It’s definitely encouraging to see kids getting excited about playing and listening to music.

The Early November is the first really big tour that the band will be opening up with. How exciting is it to work so long to finally be able on a tour like this?

It’s really exciting to be able to go on tour with all these incredible bands. It’s truly a blessing and we’re very grateful to travel around the country, meet new people, and see new places.

Joe from the Early November manages the band. What's it like to have him as manager and have him there everyday on this upcoming tour?

We would not have it any other way. He has been great helping us with the business aspects of music and touring. He is an intelligent person with good business sense and has worked hard for us even though he’s playing every night. He is family to us.

Will the One Six Conspiracy ever be heard from again?

Chandler: I think OSC will occasionally play around Charlotte, but that music represents a different place and time, and The Verdict is more current and mature.

Specifically for Jason: Will we ever see the Rebirth of Girth?

Yeah, we like to expose the girth on a regular basis.

What was it like to lose Kurt and Emily? And how's it going with Will and Kasey being the new additions to the band?

It was tough to lose both Kurt and Emily, and they were hard spots to fill again, but we now have a group that’s hard working and a new lineup that we are all very confident in. Will and Kasey are two incredible performers and we feel that we’ve developed a perfect lineup.

What sort of writing process does the band go through to write material?

I think there are several different ways we create new material; sometimes one of us will already have a song written, and sometimes we just all work together and co-write the songs. Still, we have not written much new material lately because we have been getting ready for tour, so we’re very anxious to get back at it, especially with this new lineup.

Has the band filled all of the shows they needed to fill to be able to get home from the Early November tour? Would you still be up for offers of shows if they were offered?

We have filled most of the dates we wanted to fill for the route home, but we’re always willing to try to play more shows if they come up. We are also pretty fired up about seeing some sights on the way back home on our days off. Grand Canyon anyone?

Are there any tour essentials the band needs to have on tour?

Patience, duct tape, soy milk, cheez-its, earplugs, a warm/safe place to sleep, cameras, Polaroid film, hoodies, air fresheners, airborne, change for toll booths, Wawa’s, directions, and people to talk to.

Traveling in a van can be hard, but it can also be hard being the only girl in the van as well. What sort of things does Kasey do on tour or for shows to keep sane?

I have these amazing noise cancellation headphones and I listen to music lay in the back of the van, unwind and tune out for a while. I really enjoy working Sudoku puzzles, reading, and taking walks to get some fresh air. The guys are awesome and very thoughtful and for the most part my sanity is in tact.

The Verdict released a tour EP this year, but will we be seeing a full length anytime soon?

Well, we are really excited about our EP that’s out, and I think it will be up on smartpunk.com soon, so be sure to check that out! As for a new LP, we have enough material for a new record, and we hope to be working on recording that soon.

After the TEN tour and the shows that are on the way home, what does the band have planned as far as other tours?

We are currently looking into booking our next tour, hopefully late spring or early summer.
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11:33 PM on 03/05/07
Rich Duncan
Album Reviewer
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Rich Duncan's Avatar
Good interview. Scott I. actually introduced me to this band today, they are pretty good.
11:42 PM on 03/05/07
Melissa Johnson
True Punk Fan
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Melissa Johnson's Avatar
Good interview. Scott I. actually introduced me to this band today, they are pretty good.
Thank you, Rich. It was a bit hard since there were only 6 submitted questions and I had just began checking them out on their myspace as I was typing up their questions to send in. I'm very impressed by what I heard though.
02:50 AM on 03/06/07
Registered User
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sparklebitca's Avatar
The interview enticed me to go look at their myspace. Nice sounding stuff; maybe I'll try to catch them on the TEN tour at Anaheim before they drop off it.
11:14 AM on 03/06/07
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thatwasamoment's Avatar
Great chill music, I can hear their songs in my head when reading the questions.
03:37 PM on 03/06/07
Registered User
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Lehcar's Avatar
good band.

sadly, they're not on my date for the TEN tour.
07:31 PM on 03/07/07
Registered User
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bloodyr0mance87's Avatar
saw these guys last night in charlotte on the TEN show. they kick ass. their album is pretty good, as is their tour EP, but the show is what bowled me over. i was hanging out with the merch guy for melee, who is a friend of a freind of mine, and he said i should go in and check them out for a few songs. i stayed for the whole set. i was seriously floored.
07:31 PM on 03/09/07
Scott Irvine
Your Virtual Pnin
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Scott Irvine's Avatar
They were incredible in Atlanta. Though there was a pretty small crowd and an unlively one at that. The singer was sarcastic about the lack of clapping at a few points, which I thought was funny because the crowd was being thoroughly unappreciative.

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