The Early November - 03.06.07

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The Early November - 03.06.07I recently had the chance to send questions over to The Early November. A big thanks goes to Betsy at Drive Thru, all of the users who submitted questions for the interview, and the band for taking time out of their busy tour scheduele to sit down and answer all of the questions for AP.

Ace had stated that he would like to tackle the idea of releasing an album every month for a year, is that idea still in motion? What else can fans expect from his side-project, I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business?

Ace: As much as I would love to do a record a month, we most likely won't end up doing it. As for I Can Make a Mess, I'm not sure but I am planing on recording something.

What venue is the band's favorite place to perform at? Is there a collective venue, or does each member have their favorite?

Joe: Well, I think a lot of bands say this, but the Norva in Norfolk, VA really is an amazing venue. Its got it all; good food, lots of showers, video games, clean dressing rooms, hot tubs, and a sauna. We also love the Trocadero in Philadelphia. That's the place we really grew up going to shows so it means just a little more whenever we play there.

There were rumors of you guys already having demos in motion for a new album. How are those coming along? Would we be able to hear a sample via the band's myspace or purevolume anytime soon?

Joe: I'm not aware of any that were recorded. Ace does have enough songs for like two new LPs and I'm sure he's recorded rough versions of a few of those songs. I don't think they'll end up online though.

The new album was a bit of a concept record. What inspired the ideas for the concept and lyrics?

Ace: The whole idea behind it was people always blaming their problems on other people, so I wanted to make a character who would be easy to relate to and even feel sympathy for. Through the story you watch him slowly grow into everything he hates. The lyrics basically follow the story.

Will there be another single off of The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path? What song will it be and when can we see a video being released for it?

Joe: Yes, I think so. It will be for the tune "No Good At Saying Sorry." We're having trouble coming up with or receiving good treatments for it though, so I dont know when to expect it.

If The Early November hypothetically didn't exist, what would everyone be doing?

Jeff: I can't see myself not being in a band. I love to play and record music. It's what I've always wanted to do with myself. Some people are just meant to do things, this is where I belong.

Joe: I've always been interested in the industry side of music. I'd be managing or something else like that. If i wasn't involved in music, I think I'd like to teach...but what I'm not sure.

Is Boy Blitz ever going to make a comeback?

Joe: I'm not sure you can make a comeback if you never existed. So on that note, no, Boy Blitz will never comeback.

The last tour to Japan was canceled. Any chance of an upcoming tour to Japan or any other international tours in the works?

Joe: I hope so. Japan was one of the most amazing places I've ever been. We have no plans to go anywhere right now, not even in the US. After this headliner we need a bit of a break.

A three disc concept album was a big thing to tackle. Any plans on what to do next from here?

Joe: A two song, eleven disc box set. Honestly, I don't know. I want to do a split cassette tape.

Ace and Jeff have started their own label. What inspired them to do it? How is it tackling writing, touring and the label all at once?

Ace: The label was started by me and my wife, and Jeff, but Jeff's a busy man so now he just helps when he can. Over the years we just kept getting demos from bands, and we really loved a lot of them so we decided to do something with it. Next thing you know we started Regular Music. Doing all of it at once can get overwhelming, but it's all worth it.

How's it managing and taking The Verdict on the road? Does Bill still get picked on for being the new guy?

Joe: It's amazing. It's such rewarding work. It's almost more exciting to see things happen for them than it was to see happen for my own band. Not to say that it wasn't exciting for TEN, but it's different when you're in the band as opposed to when your working for the band. Kind of like when watching someone open a gift feels better than receiving one. The fact that they're all such great people makes it even better. It makes me want to work 10 times as hard.

And yes, Bill still gets picked on. Not for being new, just for being the stinkiest.

Serg and Jeff have a project called Morphing Hookers that we've slowly been getting songs from. Any plans on turning that a bit more serious with putting out a Morphing Hookers CD?

Jeff: That stuff is completely retarded, but if I was offered the chance to write and record a whole record about boobs, turds, farts and testicles- I would do it in a second. My girlfriend gets mad at me for the stuff I say in them but me and all my friends think it's funny. I'll just keep making songs
on garage band with my free time. I'm running out of samples though, someone help me!!

CDs usually have a few songs that didn't make the final cut. Any plans on letting fans have a listen to those B-sides through a CD or EP?

Joe: There is definitely plans to release a b-sides record. We have enough for a proper full length. I couldn't say when it will be released though. Sorry!

If you had the ability to put together "The Greatest Band Ever Known To Man," dead or alive, who would you put in it?

Paul McCartney - bass, vocals
Bruce Springsteen - guitar, vocals
Jeff Buckley - vocals, guitar
Derek Grant - drums
Bjrok - vocals

Have there ever been any extremely weird/scary/funny fan stories or encounters?

Joe: One time we met Gallagher and his nephew who is a fan apparently on an airplane. That's about as exciting as it gets in Camp November.

Does the band have any rituals they do before they go on stage to perform?

Joe: This is a question we get a lot. We don't do anything before we go on, no rituals. We all get together about 30 mins before the set, people get changed, do some stretching, some vocals warm ups, and then make our way to the stage. Every once and a while we'll do a little pep talk or something. For a while there, Serg was kissing us all before we went on. That seemed to work pretty well.

During the Fall Out Boy tour, the band helped open each show to sold-out crowds each night. How much of an impact did the tour have on the band and its fanbase?

Joe: It was definitely a cool tour to be a part of. It was also very different from what we're used to. The fans were very young and very excited to see FOB. As they should be. I don't think most of them knew who we were, which was nice because it seems we made some new fans. As far as an impact on us or the fan base, it wasnt very significant. It was just nice to reconnect with our old friends in FOB, continue to see our friends in NFG, and make new ones with Permanent Me.

On the Friends or Enemies Tour most of the set consisted of newer material from The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path. On the headline tour the band will have a longer set. Does this mean we'll also hear older material as well?

Joe: Yes. The set is kind of a mixture of songs we know we're going to play and requests from the crowd. As its been the past few nights we've been playing almost half the set is new songs and the other half are songs from our EP and LP.

A lot of fans were very excited about rumors of a Hellogoodbye/The Early November tour. Will this be happening, or is it going to be wishful thinking for a while for everyone?

Joe: I would like for it to happen. Those guys are awesome. There's no plans
for it currently, so for the time being, it's wishful thinking I guess.

Fans know it's important to support the band by buying the CD, but does it help the band more to buy it from a store such as Best Buy, or directly from them at a show?

Jeff: It doesn't really matter. If you want to buy our record pick it up wherever you'd like. Everything is so easy to do now a days, you can walk to your computer and buy the shit on iTunes. Doesn't matter to us, ya know.

Is the tour this summer with after-show barbeques still happening?

Joe: There's no plans right now, but it's something we really want to do. Limbeck has to be on it for it to happen.

Every fan has their favorite song to hear T.E.N. play live, but what is the band's ultimate favorite to play?

Ace: My favorite to play is "A Little More Time", it's just a good fun vibe. I feel like we all connect on that one.

Jeff: I like to play songs off the EP only because people get so exited when we play them. "I Want to Hear You Sad" is a personal favorite, but my favorite song to play changes daily.

Joe: I like playing "From Here To LA" and "No Good At Saying Sorry". Those feel good.

What are the essentials for touring? In other words, what are the things each member has to bring along on every tour?

Jeff: My laptop is crucial. I need it to talk to our fans as much as possible, I'm lost without it. I like to always let them know what the band is up to and keep a close relationship. We're doing this tour in an RV., so if we get to a venue and it doesnt have a wireless connection, I start crying and shitting my pants.

Joe: My laptop, cell phone / BlackBerry, video games, a good book, medicine, AirBorne, lots of socks, clothes, and a camera. On this tour I brought a ukulele.

On the second Drive-Thru Records DVD, Ace tried to persuade Jeff to let Ace shave his ass. Did that ever end up happening?

Jeff: Yes, it did. Then afterwards we sailed the seven seas and went to the moon.

Jared Kaufman also has his own question he would like to ask you guys- "When will Jeff or Joe impregnate me?"

Jeff: When you marry me. I won't have sex until I'm married.

Joe: Yes, but just to let you know, it's going to be a bastard. I'm a dead beat dad.
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07:29 PM on 03/06/07
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thatwasamoment's Avatar
Great guys.
07:33 PM on 03/06/07
Rich Duncan
Album Reviewer
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Rich Duncan's Avatar
That was a great read. I really enjoyed The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path and it was cool to see that one of their favorite venues was the Trocadero, I love seeing shows there.
07:36 PM on 03/06/07
Registered User
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GQMike's Avatar
I love those boys. Excited to see that they'll be making a video for "No Good At Saying Sorry". One of the best songs on the album.
07:38 PM on 03/06/07
Don't you float away.
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gracky's Avatar
i feel somehow connected to these guys because i was born in early november.
so it's convenient that they also make great music.
07:41 PM on 03/06/07
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areyoukiddingme's Avatar
i get sick of hearing people ask about "boy blitz". i couldn't imagine how much that must annoy them
07:42 PM on 03/06/07
Dan CiTi
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Dan CiTi's Avatar
These guys are the best.
07:43 PM on 03/06/07
Registered Member
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haha. wonderful.
07:48 PM on 03/06/07
Melissa Johnson
True Punk Fan
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Melissa Johnson's Avatar
i get sick of hearing people ask about "boy blitz". i couldn't imagine how much that must annoy them
Now you can just direct them here for their answer to the question.
07:52 PM on 03/06/07
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kbauer's Avatar
Thoughts about the interview as they come to mind...

Im not surprised to hear the album a month idea fell through, Ace is amazing, but not that amazing.

That barbeque tour still better come togather, thought I doubt it will, espcially if Limbeck is on it with them, thats such a perfect fit!

I hope Ace puts all of his music out soon whether its as a side project or TEN as well as the b-sides record. Im guessing the b-sides will be out by the fall if drive-thru dosent halt it.

I was kinda hoping they would choose a different song for the next single, something catchier, more upbeat and less emo I guess, but its definately a fan favorite as Im seeing in the poll I put out so thats a good choice.

The Hellogoodbye tour would be awesome, I hope they do that soon, but Id actually rather see them tour with Limbeck since they brought them up.

thanks for the interview.
08:00 PM on 03/06/07
Registered User
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M-House's Avatar
i love this band a ton, i wish i could find someone to ride with my to atl tomorrow for the show
08:11 PM on 03/06/07
Registered User
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together's Avatar
Well hit me with a can of beans why dont ya?
08:13 PM on 03/06/07
they knew exactly what happened.
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notoaststereo's Avatar
good interview. i love these guys
08:16 PM on 03/06/07
I want to beLIEve
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IAmAmazing's Avatar
Jared Kaufman also has his own question he would like to ask you guys- "When will Jeff or Joe impregnate me?"

Jeff: When you marry me. I won't have sex until I'm married.

Joe: Yes, but just to let you know, it's going to be a bastard. I'm a dead beat dad.
Hahaha, silly Jared.
08:17 PM on 03/06/07
Are you watching closely?
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Nolessthanblink's Avatar
Ah how I love TEN... this is one of the better interviews that I've read. Thanks Melissa.

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