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Taletellers - 02.23.11The following is a mini interview of generic questions that we posed to all bands that wanted to answer:


Official: www.taletellersmetal.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/taletellers
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TALETE...9974526?ref=ts
Twitter: http://twitter.com/talemetal_,__
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/taletellers

1. How did you get your band name?
TALETELLERS were formed in late summer 2005 after I split up my previous Band "Taletellers Soulsellers". I (Alan Costa) took some of the songs with me and asked Stefan Kuhn to join me in a new band. We decided to make TALETELLERS the new band name because we wanted to show that the new band marked a new start, but also that the music was still very much rooted in the first band.

2. How did this band get started?

After I split up my previous Band because the "work ethic" in that band was not to my liking and I wasn't getting along with the other guys in the band anymore, I decided to form a new band with completely new members and searched for new partners in crime. I knew Stefan by sight because he played in another band at that time. I saw him a couple of times live and saw what a great guitar player he was, so I asked him to join forces with me. He said yes because he had seen me perform with Taletellers Soulsellers and he liked it. That was really the beginning of TALETELLERS.

3. What bands are you influenced by?
Far too many to list all of them right now, but the main influences that come to my mind are bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, ACDC, Guns n' Roses, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, Dio..... and bands like
Turbonegro, Danko Jones, Monster Magnet, Gluecifer, Volbeat, Kyuss, Queens of the Stoneage.... Another great influence for me is the music of Ennio Morricone.

4. If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would they be and why?

Probably the same bands that we are influenced by...to be a little more specific:

Metallica: because they are one of the reason why I started to do music in the first place and a great inspiration and influence.

Iron Maiden: because they are one of my all-time favorite bands and also a great inspiration and influence.

Turbonegro: They seem to have a great sense of humor so I suppose touring must be a lot of fun with them!

Volbeat: 4 years ago I saw them perform in a little club in front of 200 people...now they're headlining in front of 8000 people. I would like to ask them how the hell they did that!!

Joking aside: We really like their music and they deserve their popularity! We would love to tour with them!

5. If you were a furry, what animal would you be? Why that animal?
Definitely a predator. ROAR!

6. Why should people listen to your band?

We're a HEAVY METAL HARD ROCK N' ROLL MACHINE....and some people say that our songs are quite good, so people who are heavily into HEAVY METAL HARD ROCK N' ROLL should check our band out. They might like what they hear.

7. If you were chosen to be in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, what song would you want in the
game? How hard do you think it would be to five-star on expert?

I would say "Enter The Gun" from our new album Radicalizer. It's not very difficult but it has some tricky parts as well. So I think it would make a lot of fun.

8. If you won a Grammy, who would you thank?

First of all the fans, of course. Without the fans a band is nothing! Then everybody else who played an important role in achieving it.

9. If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?

The music industry should be more about the music and less about business.

10. Memorable tour experience?

After our very first show as a suppport act on our very first European tour, the tour manager of the headline act came into our dressing room and said that he was very impressed by our performance and that he really liked our show. He helped us a lot
during the tour and made the whole experience very memorable.

11. What does AP.net mean to you?

I actually had not heard of the site until this interview, but now that I had the opportunity do do this interview, I like it already :-D

12. What is your favorite song to play?
That's hard to say, I basically like all of them, especially the songs from our new album Radicalizer, because they work all very well live. But "Bad Motherfucker" from our last album Detonator is of course one of my all-time favorites because it was the first song I wrote for this band and we have played it on every concert ever since.

13. What is your vacation spot of choice?
Italy, because the other half of my family lives there.

14. What music reminds you of your childhood?

My father was always blasting Jerry Lee Lewis when I was a kid. My first real album that I had was ACDC - Live at Donington. Rock n Roll was with me right from the beginning. Around age 12 and 13 I was heavily into Death Metal and Grindcore.

15. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?
The ability to fly, of course. I'm pretty much interested in all kinds of airplanes anyway, so the ability to fly myself would be very cool.

16. Do you feel that your band has "made it"?
Of course not. We're still at the beginning of our career. For me personally, to "make it" would be that I could do this for a living and that the band would pay the rent and get food on the table. That is - at least at the moment - not yet the case. But we're working very hard on it and that is our goal. So hopefully, when you ask me this question again in a couple of years...I can say, "Yes, we made it."

17. What is something that most fans don't know about you?

I have no secrets, so I can't really come up with anything.

18. What's your favorite holiday?

Spend time with my family and friends and as long as there is enough ALCOHOL, everything is cool.

19. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Take drugs .....noooo of course not....do sports (soccer, tennis, bicycling) , read books and watch movies AND go to shows of other bands, of course!

20. What kind of hidden talents do you have?

I try not to hide them.... maybe I'm not talented at all....DAMN!
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