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History On Repeat - 04.06.111. Can you state your name(s) and role(s) in History On Repeat.
Sure thing, the members of History On Repeat and their respective positions are:
Clayton Owen - Vocals, Guitar
Joey Clemens - Guitar
Murphy Stull - Bass
Joseph Farrell - Percussion

2. Can you give us a brief history of how History On Repeat was formed?
History On Repeat was formed in January of 2010, after putting together a handful of songs we started playing shows around Iowa and the midwest. Shortly after we traveled to Nada Recording Studio in New York to record our first four songs with John Naclerio. These songs went on to be our first EP titled So Long, Future Boy. It was released digitally via Broken English Records on May 15th, 2010 as well as a physical release at a sold out headlining show in Des Moines, Iowa. We started this past summer off with a 3 week stretch of headlining shows around the midwest followed by spending July and August representing Broken English on the Vans Warped Tour. Both the headlining tour and Warped were really fun and productive adventures for us.

3. How did the deal with Broken English Records come about?
Well, we got our masters back a week or two after we got home from New York and we were talking to John on the phone about the release. He was really psyched about the songs and told us he thought we had a really good product and offered to release our EP on his label. It was an opportunity that really helped History On Repeat hit the ground running with it being our first release.

4. What was recording with John Naclerio like?
It was awesome! Not only is John awesome at his job, but he is a sweet dude to be around 12 hours a day. He definitely has a vision for his studio and if you have ever been to Nada or seen pictures you can see that is in fact an awesome facility. He took the time to make sure everything was done the right way for our EP and had some great ideas to make our songs better than they were when we went in. We would strongly reccommend Nada to anyone looking for a great experience and a guarentee that the songs you are leaving with will be exactly what you wanted - but better.

5. You have already released your debut EP, So Long, Future Boy. What should listeners who have not heard it yet, expect?
So Long, Future Boy really chronicles a time frame where we were all going though some major turning points in life. We wanted our EP to deliver a strong message about the one thing that as humans we will always have to deal with - change. Whether it be a relationship or something your passioniate about, things in life are always changing and its up to us to be able to cope with these changes and turn them into positive experiences. To sum it up we would say SLFB is centered around finding out who you are as a person and really asking yourself where you want to be in life.

6. Can you take us through each song on So Long, Future Boy and explain the meaning behind the lyrics for each track?
Our Season, is about a couple that have decided to go seperate ways. He is trying to explain to her that he has grown up and is really ready to make the relationship work. Nothing feels right to him without her in his life and although he is unsure of the outcome, he is positive that he knows where his heart is at.

Run Home Jack
, is about someone who was so upset with things in life that they turned to the bottle to make things better. However, throughout this constant drowning of booze and actions of a royal jerk, they finally found the pieces to put their life back together.

Nice Catch, Blanco Nino
, is about someone feeling like everything going on is wrong. Everything has fallen apart and they have been ignoring the things that matter the most. But soon enough they come to the conclusion that the only way to move forward successfully in this is life to make a change, a change that is for the best.

I've Got News, is about not understanding why someone should have to move on from the things that they love in life, just because they are told to or were raised with a different lifestyle standard. This song is all about deciding who you want to be in life, and knowing it's all on you to get to wherever that is. This life is way to short to give up on what we love the most.

7. What song do you feel most attached to?
As a band we are all attached to "I've Got News" the most. It really showcases a lot of true feelings that each of us in History On Repeat are very passionate about. We believe that this song has the power to help give someone who has hit rock bottom the confidence they need to move forward in life, or at least help along the process.

8. Being out in the Midwest, what influences have you attached on to?
To start we all agree that the obvious answer if of Iowa's own Slipknot. To be able to see familiar faces from around town put so much hard work into getting where they are today is very inspiring. One other Iowa band that we always have been influenced by were the Rosefield Rivals, a Des Moines rock and roll act that truly loved to play music as true entertainers. Other National acts that have inspired us immensely are (but not limited to) Parkway Drive, The Starting Line, and of course the band that influenced us all - Blink 182.

9. What are the plans for 2011 for History On Repeat?
We have spent the first quarter of 2011 locked inside a loft in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, writing for our next release. We are headed to Boston, MA on May 22nd to record our sophomore release with producer Gary Cioffi at Maximum Sound Studio. We have also teamed up with manager Matt Kirsch (Collateral Artist Group, LLC) and have some really awesome plans in store for this album. We expect it to be released around June 15th, but do not have a final release date.

10. Where can our readers connect with you at?
We can be reached via email or any of our social networks. Make it happen!
twitter.com/historyonrepeat (@historyonrepeat)

11. Do you have anything to say in closing?
First we would like to thank everyone at AbsolutePunk.net so much for giving us the opportunity to share a little bit about History On Repeat with you. We also would like to thank all our fans for believing in us and supporting us at all times, it truly means the world to us. Whether you are our oldest fan or someone reading about us for the first time - we really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to check this interview out. We have got an exciting year ahead of us, so strap in!
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