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Saves the Day - Through Being Cool

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Saves the Day - Through Being Cool
Record Label: Equal Vision Records
Release Date: November 2, 1999

A keystone of my musical tastes would most definitely have to include all of the discography from the mind of Christopher Conley. Saves the Day have always been the band I would fall back onto whether or not I had a bad day or just looking for something to jam out to while going for a drive on a spring evening. Despite my heavy bias towards the band, I want to try to look at their sophomore album, Through Being Cool, through the eyes of someone who has never heard of them.

I remember when I first picked up the album; it was the August of 2002. It was my first Saves the Day album and right from the start it was a love affair. “All-Star Me” kicks off the album and it's short and sweet, while getting straight to the point: it’s a very accessible album that gives us insights into the life of Christopher Conley. Every song is a story, giving us a perfect musical Polaroid of what’s going on. You can almost visualize the songs as they are happening because Chris uses brilliant imagery with, what was considered at the time of its release, some of the wittiest and most upfront lyrics of the time period. Even by today's standards, the album's lyrics are still arguably some of the best to come out in the last ten years.

The highlight of the album is mainly the whole collection. Everyone will have their favorites, and to name highlights of it would seem foolish when in the end it is all a matter of which songs connect with you or just leave you with a smile. From a perspective of a reviewer though, the album did take some time to grow on me. There were those tracks that immediately got replayed after hearing them, but some of the tracks like “Third Engine” take some time to grow on you. But when these songs do grow on you, like a hook, they sink in deep and pull you along. The album ends with "Banned from the Backporch" which I feel goes in line with Saves the Day's ability to close an album on a very high note and give you the feeling of being complete.

I feel that the production of the album is very well done for the time period and it actually sort of gives it a nostalgic feel. You can tell the album wasn’t recorded anytime in the past 7 years, but in that it gives the album its own feel and gives the vibe of a scrapbook to me. As I mentioned earlier, the songs are like Polaroids and that fits with this “scrapbook” of an album.

Time has treated the album well and the songs still hold up as much today as they did when they were first released. Chris’ vocals are right on and just encompass the emotion behind each story. It is still one of my favorite albums to throw on and jam out to whether its on a spring afternoon walk or a late night summer drive.

For fans of the Saves the Day, this will be a staple in your collection as it will undoubtedly be a favorite of their catalog. For those who haven’t given them a listen, it’s a great album to start out with. Even though Saves the Day changes their line-up and their style with each album, the words behind it all are still coming from the same man, and this album is one of his finer works.
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11:36 PM on 03/31/07
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mshoreline49's Avatar
i don't know why this just came up, but this cd is amazing. can't tell you how many summer nights i've blasted this cd with the windows down. saves the day is genius and this was probably the real foundation for their empire. its like pop punk that many have tried to copy but none could perfect like std
12:14 AM on 04/01/07
Saves The Night
AP's Resident STD Fan
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Saves The Night's Avatar
I agree with you, its a great album and honestly it probably would have a better score in my own mind, but I tried to be fair and balanced in the review and not let my bias take itself away. So I reviewed it from the standpoint of when I first listened to it.
12:16 AM on 04/01/07
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12:18 AM on 04/01/07
learn to love
hi, hello
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learn to love's Avatar
Agreed! This is a good review.
01:05 AM on 04/01/07
fer shizzle.
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vanessavalo's Avatar
this is a great review :)
I think I'm probably gonna give them a good listen whenever I end up getting home.

you should write reviews in the entertainment section of a newspaper or something :)
02:40 AM on 04/01/07
<3 Linda Ferreira
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Lasting value should be a goddamn 11.
03:15 AM on 04/01/07
Saves The Night
AP's Resident STD Fan
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Saves The Night's Avatar
Lasting value should be a goddamn 11.
hahahaha too true.
07:38 AM on 04/01/07
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crit's Avatar
solid review, man!
08:42 AM on 04/01/07
take a look at my life
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i remember the reason i got into them was cause this girl really liked poison the well(funny thing they just popped up on my itunes) and saves the day so i downloaded a bunch of both of them. i listened to it a little but one day i was at best buy and stay what you are just came out (it was cheaper) but i was like "man i only hear good things about "through being cool" so i dropped the extra cash.

every roadtrip i take has this record start it off...anybody got a lp version they wanna part with on blue or white?
11:02 AM on 04/01/07
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mybreakingpoint's Avatar

couldn't agree more with everything you said, man

and i say that with all sincerity, amazing job, my friend

you keep reviewing some of my favorite albums haha
01:03 PM on 04/01/07
*crying stars*
... are you crazy?
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*crying stars*'s Avatar
Knowing that you are such a big fan of the band I was expecting something a little more fan-boyish.

Very well done.
01:13 PM on 04/01/07
Saves The Night
AP's Resident STD Fan
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Saves The Night's Avatar
Knowing that you are such a big fan of the band I was expecting something a little more fan-boyish.

Very well done.
Thanks, well I wanted to try to do a review that was unbiased, despite my love for the cd. I looked on it from the perspective of how I felt about the cd when I first got it all those years ago, before I was a massive fanboy. And I think the review turned out pretty honest and accurate in the end.
05:20 PM on 04/01/07
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trustmeimokay's Avatar
Awesome review bud.
04:14 AM on 04/02/07
Shut up you fucking baby.
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Mr_Ian's Avatar
Great review, great album. I got into this band late (stay what you are was my first cd of theirs) and when i got this I had one listen and was all "this sounds nothing like SWYA" and put it away. it wasn't til almost a year later I listened to it and now I looooove it.

I also enjoy biscuits.

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