10:54 AM on 04/17/11 
User Info.
Registered User
yoursceneisdead's Avatar
Mentor, OH
Male - 31 Years Old

this place is death
rocket skates
bloody cape
engine no. 9
minus blindfold
you've seen the butcher
be quiet and drive (far away)
when girls telephone boys

i could live with this!
10:58 AM on 04/17/11 
User Info.
Registered User
yoursceneisdead's Avatar
Mentor, OH
Male - 31 Years Old
emery (haven't put we do what we want on my ipod yet)

dear death part 2
don't bore us, get to the chorus
ten talents
left with alibis and lying eyes
churches and serial killers
after the devil beats his wife
playing with fire
the poor and prevalent
in shallow seas we sail
in a win, win situation
the secret
dear death part 1
the terrible secret
can't stop the killer
always depends
butcher's mouth
the smile, the face

definitely not enough from the weak's end for me.
01:43 PM on 04/17/11 
User Info.
Mr.Kilgannon's Avatar
East Lansing, MI
Male - 23 Years Old
1. Citizen Erased
2. Blackout
3. Showbiz
4. Sunburn
5. Hyper Music
6. Sing for Absolution
7. Starlight
8. Screenager
9. Cave
10. United States of Eurasia
11. Assassin
12. Time Is Running Out
13. Butterflies & Hurricanes
14. Knights of Cydonia
15. Stockholm Syndrome

16. MK Ultra
17. Map of the Problematique
18. New Born


Fall Out Boy

1. Reinventing the Wheel to Run Myself Over
2. I Don't Care
3. Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash
4. I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy
5. Grand Theft Autumn
6. Coffees For Closers
7. Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends
8. Sugar We're Going Down
9. What A Catch, Donnie
10. The Patron Saint of Liars And Fakes
11. Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued
12. You're Crashing, But You're No Wave
13. This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arms Race
14. XO
15. The Take Over, the Breaks Over

16. I'm Like a Lawyer With the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off
17. Dance Dance
18. Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More "Touch Me"

Taking Back Sunday

1. Spin
2. Make Damn Sure
3. Timberwolves At New Jersey
4. Ghost Man on Third
5. One-Eighty By Summer
6. Your Own Disaster
7. Cute Without the E
8. Set Phasers to Sun
9. Capital M-E
10. Bike Scene
11. This Photograph is Proof
12. Liar
13. Great Romances of the 20th Century
14. Head Club
15. You're So Last Summer

16. Number Five With a Bullet
17. The Blue Channel
18. I Am Fred Astaire

Brand New

1. Noro
2. Failure By Design
3. Gasoline
4. Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis
5. Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
6. Sowing Season
7. Degausser
8. In A Jar
9. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
10. Guernica
11. Luca
12. Moshi Moshi
13. Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have to Do Is Die
14. Limousine
15. Soco Amaretto Lime

16. Vices
17. 70x7
18. Sink
02:17 PM on 04/17/11 
User Info.
Jersey Born & Raised
cvs24's Avatar
Northern NJ
Male - 23 Years Old
Emmure (Excluding Speaker Of The Dead):

1. Sound Wave Superior
2. I Only Mean Half Of What I Don't Say
3. The Key To Keeping The Show Fresh Is... I'm Dead
4. I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me Into Casper
5. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
6. Chicago's Finest
7. The Philosophy of Time Travel
8. Felony
9. Dry Ice
10. A Ticket For The Paralyzer + Bars In Astoria
11. Sunday Bacon
12. Tales From The Burg
13. False Love In Real Life
14. Rough Justice
15. It's Not Just A Party, It's A Funeral

16. You Sunk My Battleship
17. 10 Signs You Should Leave
18. R2 Deepthroat

For the fans of German metal out there haha

Heaven Shall Burn

1. Biogenesis (Undo Creation)
2. Armia
3. Bleeding To Death
4. Nowhere
5. To Harvest The Storm
6. Harmony Dies
7. Pass Away
8. The Weapon They Fear
9. Tree Of Freedom
10. Awoken + Quest For Resistance
11. Black Tears
12. The Final March
13. The Worlds In Me
14. Equinox
15. Implore The Darken Sky

16. One More Lie
17. The Chaos Before
18. Behind A Wall Of Silence

1. Between The Worlds
2. A Summer Dream
3. Unleash Your Voice
4. Detect Your Liberty
5. In The Name Of Progression (Unbroken)
6. In My Heart
7. Fire Of Night
8. Arena of Concealment
9. Always Following Life
10. Coma
11. Bad Dreams
12. A Piece Of My Life
13. Love Taken Away
14. My Last Beauty
15. Sycamore Dreams

16. Intro + Supervision Until Death
17. Exit + Vicious Circle
18. One More Lie
03:36 PM on 04/17/11 
User Info.
xsinkshipsx's Avatar
Nashville, TN
Male - 27 Years Old
theres more than a 5 song EP? i love it!

yea he's got an 2 early EP's, an EP called "I am just a rapper" and a full length called "caldasac"
03:51 PM on 04/17/11 
User Info.
xsinkshipsx's Avatar
Nashville, TN
Male - 27 Years Old
1) When You Thought You'd Never Find Out
2) I'm Safer On An Airplane
3) What Do I Know?
4) Holding Nothing Back
5) Not So Tough Found Out
6) Careful Now
7) The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)
8) She Changes Your Mind
9) Chin Up
10) Cover What You Can
11) There Cannot Be A Close Second
12) Where's My Head
13) On The Safest Ledge
14) Don't Slow Down
15) Should You Return

16) You Have My Attention
17) Kite
18) Strange and Unprepared

that's a terrible copeland setlist haha they are my favorite but if that is what they played when I saw them, I'd be pissed

1) No Way Back
2) Cold day In The Sun
3) See You
4) Aurora
5) On The Mend
6) Come Alive
7) Lonely As You
8) My Poor Brain
9) White Limo
10) Enough Space
11) Halo
12) In Your Honor
13) But Honestly
14) Hell
15) Free Me

16) Erase Replace
17) Best Of You
18) Rope

That one was better

1) When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros
2) Must've Run All Day
3) Piano
4) Startions Of The New Cross
5) Hotel Of The White Locust
6) Ry Ry's Song
7) You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon)
8) Daytona White
9) Natural Born Farmer
10) Babe
11) Cosmopolitan Bloodloss
12) Siberian Kiss
13) Hurting And Shoving
14) Stuck Pig
15) Ape Dos Mil

16) Miracles In Inches
17) Mu Empire
18) Majour

1) The Cure For Pain
2) The Angel Of Death Came To David'd Room
3) In A Market Dimly Lit
4) Nice And BLue pt. 2
5) Leaf
6) Four Word Letter pt. 2
7) Timothy hay
8) (b)
9) Brownish Spider
10) January 1979
11) Goodbye, I
12) I Never Said I Was Brave
13) Disaster Tourism
14) Every Thought A Thought Of You
15) In A Sweater Poorly Knit

16) The Dryness & The Rain
17) My Exit, Unfair
18) Bullet To Binary
04:02 PM on 04/17/11 
User Info.
Jersey Born & Raised
cvs24's Avatar
Northern NJ
Male - 23 Years Old
Lamb of God

1. Nippon
2. Blood Of The Scribe
3. Redneck
4. Forgotten (Lost Angels)
5. Remorse Is For The Dead
6. Goatfish
7. Dimera
8. In Defense Of Our Good Name
9. Grace
10. Blood Junkie
11. O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E.
12. Confessional
13. For Your Malice
14. Hourglass
15. In Your Words

16. Descending
17. Omerta
18Ashes Of The Wake

Weird-ass LoG set, But that's a sweet encore.
04:16 PM on 04/17/11 
User Info.
@mwilliams1q23 God-Family-Music
normz's Avatar
Rochester NY
Male - 24 Years Old
1. Studying Politics
2. The Weak's End
3. The Secret
4. What Makes A Man A Man
5. Throughout Life
6. Cutthroat Collapse
7. Bloodless
8. Fractions
9. Under Serious Attack
10. You Wanted It
11. The Note From Which A Chord Is Built
12. Miss Behavin'
13. I Never Got To See The West Coast
14. The Smile The Face
15. The Anchors
1. Daddy's Little Peach
2. In A Lose Lose Situation
3. Returning The Smile You Had From The Start

I would be very disappointed haha

1. Smashed Into Pieces
2. Waiting Four Years
3. True Romance
4. Rodeo Clown
5. In Memory Of..
6. Wish I Could Forget You
7. Always And Never
8. Dawn of The Fall
9. Sound of the Sun
10. Good Luck With Your Lives
11. Last Days of Summer
12. Forever And A Day
13. Bleeds No More
14. Forget Your Heart
15. Broken Stars
1. The Tide Raises Every Ship + Bodies and Words
2. Darling Harbour
3. Red Light Pledge

so many 18 candles stuff bleh
02:40 AM on 04/18/11 
User Info.
I'm Not Holden Caulfield
TheZeroKid's Avatar
New York, NY
Genderfluid - 27 Years Old
Coheed And Cambria
1. Crossing The Frame
2. Keeping The Blade
3. Time Consumer
4. This Shattered Symphony
5. The Suffering
6. Devil In Jersey City
7. The Crowing
8. In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3
9. The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut
10. Here We Are, Juggernaut
11. The Hound (Of Blood And Rank)
12. Once Upon Your Dead Body
13. The End Complete I: The Fall Of House Atlantic
14. One
15. Blood Red Summer

16. The Velorium Camper II: Backend Of Forever
17. Welcome Home
18. Three Evils Embodied In Love And Shadow

Streetlight Manifesto
1. Hell
2. Keasbey Nights
3. Such Great Heights
4. Kristina She Don't Know I Exist
5. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
6. A Better Place, A Better Time
7. The Big Sleep
8. If And When We Rise Again
9. The Saddest Song
10. This One Goes Out To...
11. Down, Down, Down To Mephisto's Cafe
12. Here's To Life
13. Birds Flying Away
14. Point/Counterpoint
15. Skyscraper

16. The Troubadour
17. Supernothing
18. Everything Went Numb

The World/Inferno Friendship Society
1. Peter Lorre
2. Lust For Timing
3. All Of California And Everyone Who Lives There Stinks
4. Paul Robeson
5. Tarot Americaine
6. ...And Embarked On A Life Of Poverty And Freedom...
7. The Disarming Smile
8. All The World Is A Stage (Dive)
9. Ich Erinnere Mich An Die Weimarer Republik
10. Charming Side Of Drunk
11. Jerusalem Boys
12. Our Candidate
13. Reputations
14. Jeffery Lee
15. Sweetwater Interlude

16. We Will Never Run Into One Another On Trains
17. Leni Riefenstahl At The End Of Time
18. I Wouldn't Want To Live In A World Without Grudges
11:07 AM on 04/18/11 
User Info.
Registered User
yoursceneisdead's Avatar
Mentor, OH
Male - 31 Years Old

stare at the sun
betrayal is a symptom
don't tell and we won't ask
music box
unquestioned answers
in exile
silver wings
as the ruin falls
paper tigers
the flame deluge
all that's left
kill me quickly
kings upon the main
the sky is falling
the arsonist
between the end and where we lie

not a whole lot from vheissu or beggars, but i'd take it
05:06 PM on 04/18/11 
User Info.
Regular Member
camman007's Avatar
Cincinnati, OH
Male - 26 Years Old

Just Enough to love you
Carry On
Ask For It
Winter (Fuck yea)
A Call To Arms
A Rite of Passage
Baby Britain
If You're Bored
No One Understands
I and I
Montauk (acoustic)
I Think I'll be Ok
Head on a Plate

It's Not a Bad Little War
Blame it on Bad Luck (acoustic)

This would've been a ridiculously crazy set to see before Killing Time came out, but seeing this now I would be really disappointed at only 1 Killing time song and just in the encore, but having Winter alone would probably make up for it.

Motion City Soundtrack

Her Words Destroyed My Planet
Everything is Alright
A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help)
Make Out Kids
Stand Too Close
Feel Like Rain
Skin and Bones
Mary Without Sound
It Had to be You
Time Turned Fragile
Calling All Cops


Modern Chemistry
Pulp Fiction

Actually not too bad of a set, some of their bigger hits are missing, but I would be happy with this

All Time Low

Sick Little Games
Damned If I Do Ya
The Beach
The Party Scene
Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal
Remembering Sunday
Jasey Rae
Stay Awake

A Party Song
Coffee Shop Soundtrack

That encore it pretty great, a little too much Nothing Personal, but overall ok
06:56 PM on 04/18/11 
User Info.
Goodbye Cool World.
yayitsjoe's Avatar
Roxborough, PA
Male - 24 Years Old
motion city soundtrack.

1. lg fuad.
2. when "you're" around.
3. attractive today.
4. hangman.
5. broken heart.
6. last night.
7. perfect teeth.
8. time turned fragile.
9. fell in love without you.
10. autographs & apologies.
11. better open the door.
12. opening night.
13. don't call it a comeback.
14. back to the beat.
15. capital h.
16. @!#?@!
17. point of extinction.
18. the future freaks me out.

well, i got the last song right. haha.
01:57 PM on 04/19/11 
User Info.
I'm Not Holden Caulfield
TheZeroKid's Avatar
New York, NY
Genderfluid - 27 Years Old

1. Betrayal Is A Symptom
2. The Weight
3. Lost Continent
4. Identity Crisis
5. As The Crow Flies
6. Don't Tell And We Won't Ask
7. Hold Fast Hope
8. Under Par
9. The Whaler
10. Digital Sea
11. The Earth Isn't Humming
12. Hoods On Peregrine
13. The Sky Is Falling
14. Flags Of Dawn
15. Digging My Own Grave

16. Cold Cash And Even Colder Hearts
17. The Melting Point Of Wax
18. Unquestioned Answers

Brand New
1. Good Man
2. Daisy
3. Untitled Instrumental 1
5. Limousine
6. Guernica
7. Play Crack The Sky
8. Handcuffs
9. Magazines
10. Fork And Knife
11. You Stole
12. Soco Amaretto Lime
13. My Nine Rides Shotgun
14. Millstone
15. Last Chance To Lose Your Keys

16. Degausser
17. You Won't Know
18. At The Bottom

I guess this could work as an acoustic set.
07:59 PM on 04/20/11 
User Info.
I'm Not Holden Caulfield
TheZeroKid's Avatar
New York, NY
Genderfluid - 27 Years Old
Angels And Airwaves
1. The Adventure
2. Star Of Bethlehem
3. Young London
4. Secret Crowds
5. Letters To God, pt. II
6. The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments And Fictions)
7. Do It For Me Now
8. Love Like Rockets
9. Shove
10. Valkyrie Missle
11. A Little's Enough
12. The Gift
13. Start The Machine
14. Clever Love
15. Hallucinations

16. Breathe
17. Everything's Magic
18. Jumping Rooftops

Streetlight Manifesto
1. Sick And Sad
2. Day In, Day Out
3. Kristina She Don't Know I Exist
4. Everything Went Numb
5. One Foot On The Gas, One Foot In The Grave
6. That'll Be The Day
7. Punk Rock Girl
8. Keasbey Nights
9. A Moment Of Silence
10. Dear Sergio:
11. Somewhere In The Between
12. If And When We Rise Again
13. The Saddest Song
14. A Better Place, A Better Time
15. Hell

16. Just
17. Here's To Life
18. The Receiving End Of It All

1. The Modern Rome Burning
2. The Press Corpse
3. Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Sheep In Shepard's Clothing)
4. Death Of A Nation
5. The Bright Lights Of America
6. No Borders, No Nations
7. Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)
8. A New Kind Of Army
9. 911 For Peace
10. Good And Ready
11. Spaz's House Destruction Party
12. You Are Fried (Take This Job, Ah, Fuck It)
13. Rank-N-File
14. Die For The Government
15. Wake Up

16. 1 Trillion Dollar$
17. Their System Doesn't Work For You
18. No War Without Warriors (How Do You Sleep?)
09:01 PM on 04/20/11 
User Info.
Jersey Born & Raised
cvs24's Avatar
Northern NJ
Male - 23 Years Old
The Black Dahlia Murder:

1. Built for Sin + Closed Casket Requiem
2. Eyes Of Thousand
3. What A Horrible Night For A Curse
4. Hymn For The Wretched
5. I'm Charming
6. Miscarriage
7. Virally Yours
8. Dave Goes To Hollywood
9. Darkness Spawned
10. Christ Deformed
11. Flies
12. Elder Misanthropy
13. Death Panorama + Miasma
14. Nocturnal
15. Thy Horror Cosmic

16. Novelty Crosses
17. Necropolis
18. Black Valor

This would be a very good set, opening up with Closed Casket Requiem would be so awesome.

I'll try to do one of these a day, and tomorrow's will be Atreyu.

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