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Set Your Goals - Burning At Both Ends

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Set Your Goals - Burning At Both Ends
Release Date: June 28, 2011
Record Label: Epitaph Records
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Two years ago, Set Your Goals was riding a high. The group’s 2009 full-length, This Will Be The Death Of Us, was fairly well received on a large scale even though it disappointed some longtime fans of the group’s breakthrough record, Mutiny! That 2009 release catapulted the band to some fair heights and a position as a leader in the new-school pop-punk scene, for whatever that was worth.

Well, if I’m trying to go by Alternative Press’ line of thinking…it must really suck to be Set Your Goals right now. Burning At Both Ends isn’t just a step back from the group’s previous work, it’s a downright embarrassment considering we all already know how good this band can be. On a broad scale, if I was going to pin down one major problem with the record, it would be this: it is super boring.

Considering each song is played at such a high tempo, with Set Your Goals’ signature combination of gang vocals and sorta hardcore-influenced guitar work, this record is just boring. It’s a blander, more watered-down version of This Will Be The Death Of Us, with the biggest failure coming in the vocal department. This might be most evident in “Cure For Apathy,” the album’s opener. The first verse is great – a perfect kickoff to the record, in fact – but the vocals from Jordan Brown and Matt Wilson in the chorus are polished to almost an unlistenable sheen. The overproduction is only part of the issue here, as the remainder of the song just comes across as a half-baked effort.

The early part of the record is salvaged by the only two songs on Burning At Both Ends that are worth much of anything. “Start The Reactor” is a blisteringly paced track that should have been the opener, and probably should have been the template for the entire album. “Certain” shows off a chorus slightly similar to that of “Cure For Apathy,” but Brown and Wilson trade off lines this time and manage to hit the mark.

To say that Burning At Both Ends falls flat on its face after the third track would be harsh – but it’s pretty accurate. “Happy New Year” continues the woes in the vocal department, and tracks 4 through 7 really just bleed together as one continuous tidal wave of the wrong way to do this style of pop-punk. “Exit Summer” is the one last beam of light on the record, a more aggressive song that shows me this band still has the core attributes needed to be successful.

Unfortunately all the cracks in the roof of Burning At Both Ends that were letting in the light get boarded up by “Product Of The 80s.” I’m pegging this song as the lowest point of Set Your Goals’ entire career as a band. The sugary sweet chorus makes this song the poppiest in the band’s catalog, but it just doesn’t hit home properly. The melody is catchy and memorable, but the lyrics and execution are tough to listen to. Listeners who don’t abandon the record after this track aren’t rewarded, as “Raphael” is a rehashed version of This Will Be The Death Of Us-era sound and “Illuminated Youth” is uneventful aside from the great guest appearance by Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld.

In a year full of fantastic releases, it is painful to see a proven band like Set Your Goals fading away. With two previous full-lengths that were extremely solid in my opinion- including Mutiny! which is a pillar of the new school of the genre – it’s disheartening to see this band fail to adapt. The songwriting on Burning At Both Ends isn’t nearly up to par with other prominent pop-punk groups, and Set Your Goals only stumbles more in the execution of their sound.

At the end of the day, if Set Your Goals is still a band in two years, I will more than happily listen to whatever record they put out. I will anticipate it and be anxious the first time I spin it, similar to how I felt the first time I listened to Burning At Both Ends. This band will never completely lose relevancy to a lot of the younger crowd in the pop-punk scene, and if Burning At Both Ends proves to be the last album Set Your Goals releases, it’s easy to say they will be remembered for their triumphs rather than their failures.

Recommended If You LikeThis Will Be The Death Of Us, put in a blender, liquified and diluted with a cup of water before consuming.
Bare Essentials 1. Cure for Apathy
2. Start the Reactor
3. Certain
4. Happy New Year
5. London Heathrow
6. Trenches
7. The Last American Virgin
8. Exit Summer
9. Unconditional
10. Product of the 80's
11. Raphael
12. Illuminated Youth
Produced By: Brian McTernan and Mike Green, Run Time: 34.7 minutes
Star Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars
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02:34 AM on 07/01/11
Music makes life bearable!
User Info.
Gautz's Avatar
Harsh review Thomas, but I have to say I agree. This album is simply an embarrassment compared to their previous efforts.

I was sooo stoked for this release too!
02:35 AM on 07/01/11
Everything Evil
User Info.
Gumbyjag's Avatar
I could see why you would feel sorta guilty now.
02:35 AM on 07/01/11
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
User Info.
Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
I could see why you would feel sorta guilty now.
In case it isn't obvious, the last couple of paragraphs were changed today after I read Zack's interview with the band.
02:36 AM on 07/01/11
AP.net's Resident Staryu
User Info.
Smeee's Avatar
I liked some stuff off of This Will Be The Death Of Us but overall it they kinda bored me. Doesn't seem this record will change that haha.
02:38 AM on 07/01/11
User Info.
CastlesXClouds's Avatar
02:43 AM on 07/01/11
i have no friends
User Info.
drzafs's Avatar
Bummer :/
One of my favorite pop punk bands too.
02:54 AM on 07/01/11
Lindsay let me kiss your forehead!
User Info.
suicidalmoose's Avatar
I was having high hopes on this one, but for some reason I was hardly able to listen to the album stream from the begining to the end as some songs were really annoying. it's a shame they tried to approach generic pop-punk. their last record was so nerdy and different :(
03:29 AM on 07/01/11
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
This band sucks ass, and always has. Won't bother with this one. The one vocalist has the most annoying voice in pop punk, which is really saying something. It was over for me when they wrecked my favorite Jawbreaker song...
03:48 AM on 07/01/11
don't ask
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Loved This Will Be The Death Of Us.
This is actually awful.
03:51 AM on 07/01/11
User Info.
InfiniteArms's Avatar
LOL AT THE RIYL. The album is so boring. I agree.
04:00 AM on 07/01/11
Dan CiTi
User Info.
Dan CiTi's Avatar
After Mutiny! they have not released anything worth hearing except that song Summer Jam was ok cause it was called Summer Jam.
04:09 AM on 07/01/11
Yes, yes I am.
User Info.
feelgoodside's Avatar
Personally I dont think just because it doesnt sound like their previous albums it is bad. That seems to be what everyone is doing. I don't even think that it sounds all that much "cleaner" than their last album. I think that this album deserves at least a 75% as I would rather listen to it than most other new albums.
04:15 AM on 07/01/11
Chemical Love
User Info.
Chemical Love's Avatar
Great review - it's exactly how I feel about BABE.
04:29 AM on 07/01/11
Registered User
User Info.
Chrisj182's Avatar
I for one like this album. I actually think it's better than This Will Be The Death Of Us, which I wasn't a big fan of at all. I also agree that this should get at least a 75% review.

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