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Washed Out - Within and Without Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 7.5
Musicianship 8
Lyrics 7.25
Production 8.75
Creativity 8.25
Lasting Value 8
Reviewer Tilt 8
Final Verdict: 80%
Member Ratings
Vocals 6.88
Musicianship 7.44
Lyrics 6.38
Production 8.44
Creativity 7.69
Lasting Value 6.94
Reviewer Tilt 7.13
Average: 73%
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Washed Out - Within and Without

Reviewed by: Jeremy Aaron (07/13/11)
Washed Out - Within and Without
Record Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: July 12, 2011

Few of last year's releases were as auspicious (and aptly titled) as Washed Out's EP Life of Leisure, a fittingly laid-back six-pack of tunes that announced Georgia's Ernest Greene's presence on the A-list of bedroom producers. His brand of synth-pop-- "chillwave," the kids are calling it-- intrigued with its hypnotizing aura but truly succeeded on the strength of its subtly beguiling melodies. On Within and Without, we find Greene playing very much the same game in terms of style, which in itself is enough to classify it as a successful debut full-length, and yet it lacks ever so slightly in the sly hook department, enough so to call it a mild disappointment as a follow-up to Life of Leisure.

"Eyes Be Closed" kicks off the set, and it's a fitting harbinger of what's to come, what with its glistening electronic washes and vocals so reverb-heavy and low in the mix that Greene's lyrics are mostly unintelligible with the occasional vague line slipping through the haze. Which sort of highlights the fact that, more than anything else, Washed Out make mood music whose lyrics often seem like a vehicle to carry Greene's mesmerizing voice, an essential element to the atmosphere, though when discernible, they do seem to accentuate the overarching sense of well-being. On "Amor Fati", one of the album's more memorable cuts, Greene sings, "Know that you'll be right in time," and "Your faith decides the world you're going to find," which in accordance with the music's overall vibe seem to implore the listener to let go of nagging worries and just feel good, if only for the next forty minutes.

A track like "Echoes" highlights where Within and Without comes up just a little short of expectations. Greene's trademark half-dazed sense of calm on the track is no surprise, but what's missing are the nuanced melodic turns that made Life of Leisure such a stunner. Similarly, on (the also appropriately named) "Soft", the spectral arrangement and drone-y vocals might be enough to push the unsuspecting listener from a state of zoned-out bliss to one of peaceful slumber.

The album's second-half veers a bit with "Before", whose samples and slightly eerie air are reminiscent of Phantogram's take on downtempo, though a bit less percussive. Also standing apart from its fellow album cuts is "You and I", which almost sounds like a sex jam, complete with some sultry female whispers courtesy of Charlift's Caroline Polachek. Not that there isn't an innate sensuality behind all of Within and Without's songs, as rhythm-based as they are-- it's just that "You and I" is one of the rare moments capable of inspiring someone to take action.

An album's geniality hardly seems like a fair object of criticism. To say that something is nice is generally considered a positive thing, and so it is with Within and Without as well. However, Greene has already proven he has the ability to be truly exciting and seems to have fallen victim to improved production capacity. The resulting songs sway in and out pleasantly, but are too often as easy on the brain as they are the ears.

RIYLToro y Moi's Underneath the Pine; Memory Tapes' Seek Magic; Phantogram's Eyelid Movies

Track Listing1. Eyes Be Closed (4:47)
2. Echoes (4:08)
3. Amor Fati (4:26)
4. Soft (5:31)
5. Far Away (4:00)
6. Before (4:46)
7. You and I (5:13)
8. Within and Without (3:32)
9. A Dedication (4:17)

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01:55 PM on 07/13/11
Regular Member
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Interested to hear this. I don't normally branch this direction musically, but something about this artist has intrigued me. Good review.
02:52 PM on 07/13/11
Registered Member
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
album is amazing
07:12 PM on 07/13/11
Lueda Alia
User Info.
Lueda Alia's Avatar
I love this so much.
08:42 PM on 07/13/11
wander eyes, ocean high.
User Info.
luvsickcatalyst's Avatar
Interested to hear this. I don't normally branch this direction musically, but something about this artist has intrigued me. Good review.
Agreed. His vocals kind of remind me of The Radio Dept's and I've been in need of chill summer music. Pretty good album, but you hit the nail on the head: lacking in hooks a little.
07:56 AM on 07/14/11
(wanted with the southside)
User Info.
lovelesscrux's Avatar
Another great album from this dude.
08:09 AM on 07/14/11
Steve Henderson
User Info.
Steve Henderson's Avatar
Nicely written review...well done.
09:52 AM on 07/14/11
User Info.
NorthstarPark's Avatar
Yeah this album is great but I agree it's not that hooky. I like it when I'm listening to it but then when I'm done I kinda forgot what I listened to. I don't know maybe I just need to listen to it more, maybe it's a grower. I do love this band to death though.
10:00 AM on 07/14/11
Dye the World
User Info.
Brissona's Avatar
I want this on vinyl so bad
10:31 AM on 07/14/11
thoust dare quoth i?
User Info.
youareallfreaks's Avatar
top 5 for me
10:38 AM on 07/14/11
Lally - Transit Merch Guy
User Info.
Lallysup's Avatar
very very good.
12:28 PM on 07/14/11
User Info.
Andrew33's Avatar
so so good. i've been playing it non-stop since i first heard it, perfect summer night music.
12:39 PM on 07/14/11
Garett Press
User Info.
Garett Press's Avatar
loving this right now
06:16 PM on 07/14/11
is dat ur pokemons?!?
User Info.
chronomic's Avatar
First release was a massive favorite last year/early this year. Stoked that we get the new shit in summer.
07:52 PM on 07/14/11
Get Free
User Info.
COREhorizon's Avatar
Album bored me a little bit. Each song is really repetitive.
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