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Games Round-Up (08/03/11)

Posted by - 01:59 PM on 08/03/11
This week's Games Round-Up can be seen in the replies. This edition is provided by three new volunteers.
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01:59 PM on 08/03/11
Linda Ferreira
The Retired Maillady
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Linda Ferreira's Avatar
Thanks to the new three for putting this together:

Games Round-Up NEWS

The Playstation Vita has a rumored release date of October 28th, this year.

Destructoid has written up a pretty sweet article on how to build a high end gaming PC for only $480. Check it out here.

Quakecon starts on Aug. 4th at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Notch, creator of Minecraft, insists that the recent uprising of Euclideon's extreme graphics technology is a scam.


- Saints Row: The Third is reportedly getting a full year of DLC support.

- Dues Ex: Human Revolution is officially gold, and will be released on August 23rd.

- Please let this be true... Timesplitters 4.

- New Red Dead DLC in September. The pack will be known as 'Myths and Mavericks.'


- Not a lot of news here this week - Many many games were sold.

- Bit of Zelda news from SDCC: Skyward Sword for the Wii will have upgrades for items.

- the 3DS is now 169$ USD, but now anyone who bought before hand gets a ridiculous deal.


- Awwwwww! Toy Story DLC kit for Little BigPlanet 2~

- Play Catherine. Play Catherine. PLAY CATHERINE. It's awesome.

- Brink has DLC ("Agents of Change") coming out August 3rd.


EA Gets FTC Green Light to Purchase PopCap

Humble Indie Bundle 3 updated. Now includes Minecraft until August 14, and includes Humble Indie Bundle 2.

Harmonix gives away 3000 Rock Band songs as part of celebration for reaching 3000 released songs.

Middle Earth recreated in Minecraft. Close to 1:1 scale, and over 2000 man hours put into it.

Gearbox Software announces development of Borderlands 2. Due Spring 2012.


Hacker Evolution: Duality
Pirates of Black Cove
Bleach: Soul Resureccion
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Humble Indie Bundle 3 (Released Last Week, Updated this week)

CONTRIBUTORS: Gunn3r, Viva Sonata, mastershake4490
02:11 PM on 08/03/11
Seldom right and wrong again, Steve
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Brandon_WalshDK's Avatar
I cannot wait for Deus Ex to come out.
02:17 PM on 08/03/11
my anaconda don't
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Charles777's Avatar
I wasted so much time on Timesplitters back in the day. I'd love a new one.
02:26 PM on 08/03/11
Get Stoked on It!
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oneeightytwo's Avatar
SR3 is looking awesome. They've took GTA's role in the genre now.

The Toy Story DLC looks pretty cool.

My most hyped game would have to be the new SSX, but that's not out til next year :/
02:27 PM on 08/03/11
I am not a registered user
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JZebrak57's Avatar
Borderlands 2! <3
02:41 PM on 08/03/11
Xx sorrow xX
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Xx sorrow xX's Avatar

heck yea!
SR3 looks great
02:45 PM on 08/03/11
...survived prep school.
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Br&New182's Avatar
Will say the people who wrote this made it a much more enjoyable read. I sensed less cynicalism and more interest. That may just be me though
02:49 PM on 08/03/11
Registered User
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i dont know if i would call that a high end desktop PC for 480$, but its definitely better than 90% of computers out there ^^
03:52 PM on 08/03/11
so i herd u liek roton7??
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Roton7's Avatar
i miss be_mine... but this is still acceptable
04:40 PM on 08/03/11
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algae's Avatar
Borderlands 2!!!!!!!!!!!

SR3 is looking awesome. They've took GTA's role in the genre now.

Considering the mega expectations and huge amount of sales that every GTA game comes with, no they haven't. SR3 is like the fun over the top, less serious, less polished GTA.
05:11 PM on 08/03/11
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randys950's Avatar
Timesplitters 3 was fucking awesome. Even the multiplayer...me and my friends would all be on the same team against 16 bots lol
07:55 PM on 08/03/11
Games Round-up Creator
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glad to see this is back.

hopefully one of the three reads this but some suggestions:

- release on weekends. the week is busy with news constantly coming in and weekends are VERY slow. weekends are the best time for people to see this and to have the prime amount of news.

- split up the work. Three people = less work. I spent hours combing through websites, editing the text and everything. Split up specific sites/specific companies (i.e. Sony and PS3/Xbox and Microsoft/Nintendo and Wii/etc.) for each person and maybe rotate the editing you might have to do.

- more news. mostly because this was wednesday, less news, but try and get as much news as possible.

- this is less of a suggestion, but credit the sites, perhaps? be_mine didn't credit because it was from his own site, but i would suggest crediting the sites.

- if you have the time, try bolding game names, companies, etc. so people can find some news easier. this took up the most amount of my time, but if i recall, a lot of people liked that for mine.

otherwise, keep going! :)
09:10 PM on 08/03/11
Registered User
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Gunn3r's Avatar
Thanks for the suggestions, lemontie! As far as the first two suggestions, we were gonna release on the weekend, but there was a bit of miscommunication. The work is pretty well split up, I'd say. It might take a little while to work out the kinks, but I think we'll have a better version in weeks to come.
09:28 PM on 08/03/11
Registered User
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jrmyj's Avatar
Thank you to the three volunteers for keeping this going, I'm lazy when it comes to looking for game news, so it's always nice to have these Game Round Ups.

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