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01:37 PM on 12/08/07
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i think their first album will always be my favorite. it's raw and gritty, but i love Lies For The Liars.
i think hospital and wake the dead are great songs, and so is the bird and the worm. pretty handsome awkward has got to be my favorite song tho. i never like the ripper at first but now i love it. same thing with find way. i think the Queso part after smother me is hilarious, although i think i would have prefered the song with only piano. i think pain is a good song aswell and liar liar is hella good live when i saw them in london.

and yeah tons of love songs like paralyzed, with me tonight and earthquake. i thought find a way was too but bert said it was about the bands love of music or something like that.

bert's always talking about how some of their favorite songs didn't make it to the new record so i'm excited about the EPs.
07:58 AM on 12/15/07
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At least his 'nasally' voice isn't by any means in comparison to Tom Delonge's extreme one. And that's in positive light. I'm actually fond of this album, but admittingly, I do enjoy their previous albums a little bit more. This seen's very easy to be compared with the large number of albums that are being released with similar content in recent years.

And to the fans that complain about the album? Obviously, you aren't exactly true fans if you comment that they're selling out or don't really even take the time to listen and appreciate the album's release. Which means you aren't even a bit of a step up from the fake fans, and the ones who have recently caught on.

I would imagine that if they would read this thread? They would appreciate at least posts that reviewed the album, and even if it wasn't in positive light, at least posts that were constructive instead of just 'they've completely lost it.' Think about how adolescant a post sounds before typing up and commenting. It's sort of like one of those little rules that you learned in Kindergarten or Elementary School. 'If you want to say something bad, don't say anything at all.'

There's a difference between constructive reviews, and ones that don't put any effort into something just for a few insults. The reviewer was pretty much dead on, and I do agree with him on many points. That should be an example to others.
04:18 PM on 12/22/07
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this cd owns they've really matured
05:19 PM on 01/02/08
"Fuck Armageddon, this is Hell"
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It's such a shame to see & hear what these guys have turned into.

That first record to me, was a breath of fresh air & opened up a new realm of music.

I still remember how let down I felt after I heard In Love & Death.
06:30 PM on 01/07/08
Breaking Mirrors Since 1990
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it's weird because i love the first album
the second album i wasn't really into
and this one i love almost as much as the first
10:14 PM on 03/05/08
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I thought it was a good album, not as good as their previous 2, but still good. I'd give it more than a 67 myself. and i wish people would quit dogging on In Love and Death, it was a great cd if u ask me. I'll admit there was a point in the middle of the cd after All That I've Got where there were some lousy songs like Hard to Say, Cut Up Angels and Yesterdays Feelings.
Drew did make a very good point about Berts melodic singing. It seems that half of their soft songs his singing sucks, but the other half of them he sounds amazing. Like On My Own and Smother Me he is awesome but in Hard To Say and Find a way he sucks monkey biscuits. I Think they are the best when their music isn't so weird but yet is different. Like Buried Myself Alive, All That I've got, I'm a Fake, Sound Effects and Overdramatics, Greener With Scenery, I Caught FIre, Take It Away and On My Own. And Hospital and Pretty Handsome Awkward are good songs. Bert sings best in a faster more uptempo song that his voice isn't soft in but kind of harsh. And the Used are best when they are less alternative and more screamo or just plain rock.

I know what i wrote is confusing, hopefully u guys can figure it out.
10:28 PM on 03/05/08
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I honestly think In Love and Death is one of the best cd's ever.
08:11 PM on 04/28/09
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To be honest, Liar Liar is my favorite track on this album after Pretty Handsome Awkward. I know the lyrics are terrible.. But I really like the energy and the feeling of the song.
I really like this album. It has flaws, but I think overall it's enjoyable to listen to. It's definitely an improvement from In Love and Death, even though I didn't think In Love and Death was a bad album. I liked it, and I think it had better lyrics than Lies for the Liars does. But I think Lies for the Liars is a lot better musically.
10:53 AM on 05/22/09
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I had a bad feeling about this album when I heard people start comparing it to Men, Women & Children, but I'm glad to hear that it's still somewhat heavy.

I wish they were still the old Used, though...
Artwork is supposed to be really messy and amazing. Thank God, I thought they were gonna pull a PANIC AT THE DISCO and totally switch over their type of music.
07:28 AM on 06/14/09
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Good review.
03:06 PM on 12/14/09
Lord, I'm Discouraged
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I know nobody actually cares about my opinion, but In Love and Death was 2nd place to the self-titled and 3rd place was this CD (I think I posted this somewhere else...)
I'll admit it's true that their self-titled was their best, but just because they changed their sound on In Love and Death doesn't mean it sucked... I guess it's just because I like both their gritty sound and their poppy sound?
03:47 PM on 12/15/09
Fight Milk
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This record was awful.
11:35 PM on 05/30/11
James Heck
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i am so glad Branden Steineckert (original drummer) was not apart of this horrible cd...
09:31 AM on 06/07/11
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i am so glad Branden Steineckert (original drummer) was not apart of this horrible cd...

Yeah he was on his own horrible album. It was called "let the dominoes fall"
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