Limbeck - 05.07.07

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Limbeck - 05.07.07Thanks to Patrick for taking time out of his day and answering these questions for me! View Limbeck's AP.net profile here.

What is your name and what do you do in Limbeck?

My name is Patrick. I play guitar and some keys, and sing a bit. I also drive the van quite a bit, and try to persuade everyone to get Mexican food for just about every meal of every day.

What would you consider your genre?

We consider ourselves absolutely punk. Naww... we just call ourselves a rock band. No use getting specific cuz then people wouldn't be curious. If people like specifics, they can call it as they see it. But we'll stick with rock.

How has the response been so far for the new CD?

I guess people seem to dig it. I haven't really asked to many people except for my mom. She really likes it a lot. Sometimes it's hard to read reviews and stuff because people can be pretty harsh, and sometimes people can be very harsh and completely clueless. I’ve read a few of those kinda reviews, but I’ve also read a few reviews from people and publications that we respect, and they've been glowing. Basically, if people don't like our record, we don't have time for them. Just kidding. The sarcasm I said that with probably won't be recognizable in type.

What's the toughest thing the band has had to go through in the recording of the new record?

The recording of this record actually went a lot more smooth than usual. We decided to split up the recording session into two halves... 2 weeks in June, and another 4 in September. In between the sessions we went over to Australia for a 3-week tour. So, we got to spend a lot more time recording this record, plus we got to take a break in order to take a step back and realize what we were really doing. It’s hard to get that perspective when you're in the studio for so long. I know this is a weak answer, but I guess the hardest thing was to balance hanging out with getting down to business. We have a lot of good friends in town and it's surprisingly easy to get a bbq going, or to head down to Lawrence for the night. We made the record in Eudora, Kansas, which is about 10 minutes from Lawrence. The other toughest thing was where to get lunch from. Too many good options. Just saying.

Why did you guys decide to self-title your album instead of picking another name for it?

We were actually very, very close to calling the record "The Bear", which kind of stems from a bigger situation... we were (and when I say "we" I mean "I") contemplating changing the band name to "The Bears", and having all of our previous albums changed to reflect that. So they would have to re-press all of our old records with it saying "The Bears" instead of Limbeck. That idea didn't fly with the band, so then we decided it would be cool to call the record "the Bear," cuz it's tough, right? But then we talked it over, and we felt like self-titled would be the best option, because we felt like we're at a good place in our life as a band, and we are all really proud of the record. In the back of our minds, we're hoping the record is unofficially called "the Bear". We’ll see if that pans out. There certainly are enough bears in the artwork.

What sets the record apart from any other CDs you have put out in the past?

First off, we've got a new drummer on this record. Mr. Jon Phillip from Milwaukee, Wisconsin joined our band a month after our last record was released. Most of all though, I think we've let a lot more of our influences out with this record. We do have some twang in there still, but we definitely went in a handful of other directions. Robb’s lyrics on this record stepped in some more somber directions, too. You learn a lot every time you go in the studio and make a record, and we're definitely still growing up, thank god.

Do you guys plan to do any more splits? Any bands you want to work with?

Always! We’ve been in talks with Lucero about doing a split 7" with replacements covers... but we haven't finished ours yet. Maybe if this word gets back to them it'll be motivation for us all to get the damn thing done. I’d love to do a split with dr. dog. We could call it bear vs. dog. I personally think that is genius.

When is the video for "Big Drag" being released?

Very very soon. Within the hour. Or week(s). Bottom line, very soon. We’ve seen a final cut of it and it's mind-blowing. Seriously. They just have to put it through some "super-fancy-expensive finishing machine" and it'll be good to go. And we're also gonna be releasing it on vinyl. Sorry, another joke.

Doghouse bands seemed to get snatched up by major labels pretty often, have you had any interest from a major or interest in signing to one?

Not really, and no. With the state of the music industry and record sales and downloading and technology, I think we might just be better off on our own. We’ll see. The future is an open book. There may be big-time labels out there that are interested in developing a band over a few records and helping them grow and all that... but we definitely feel very strongly about doing things as grassroots as we can... putting a handmade touch on things... we like to make music for people that LOVE MUSIC, not people that are trying to collect the most songs on their iPods.

Have you guys ever considered re-recording any of the other albums in the style of Hey, Everything's Fine (live and acoustic).

We've definitely considered it. We won't retrace our steps or anything and do the same exact idea as Hey, Everything's Fine, but we're always excited to have some fun with older songs and put a twist on 'em. We have a few ideas we're playing around with. One being LIMBECK 2046. I guess it's more of a live show thing, but it could translate to an album. Here’s a quick idea: instead of using amps, we use guitar & bass PODS (which are basically cheesy digital replications of amps), we'll use V-Drums (a digital virtual drum kit), and then we'll use a bunch of bad samples of handclaps and synths to fill out songs. The genius thing is during our live show, we could play at a very low volume because you don't have to make the amps overpower the drums, and you can just lower the volume on the v-drum kit! We’ll tour in a civic hybrid which will be painted to look like there's a bunch of wires running everywhere (thing space-age), and we'll wear silver spandex suits that say 2046 real big on the front, referring to the year 2046. So yes, we'd re-record some songs in that fashion and then have that album available at the shows. Digitally. You’d have to bring your iPod, and then we'll transfer it to you via our mainframe computer. The future is now!

How was Bamboozle? What did you do when you weren't playing?

It went a lot better than expected. A lot of people compare it to warped tour, and I’ve never been to it, but I’ve heard a lot of stories. And I can't say I was too excited. The day started off kind rough, but then we realized it was Cinco de Mayo, and found some girls with sombreros roaming the parking lot with a bottle of tequila. And we played real good too! When we weren't playing I was running around trying to watch bands, but didn't have much luck. The crowds were kinda crazy. I did see mc hammer for a bit, but it was little bit of a disappointment. At a certain point I found myself being a little disappointed, but then I found the free booze/food tent and all my friends from the bands I was trying to see, so that was magical. I got to see the Hush Sound right before I left, and they blew my mind. Then I ended up at a bar inside of giant's stadium watching a pay-per-view boxing match. Our manager got kicked outta the bar, I got a picture with mc hammer, I accepted an award for hellogoodbye (because we're from orange county too, that's what I said), I boxed and beat Dustin (the singer from the Forecast) in a big inflatable boxing ring, then I danced on chairs, hopped a fence and attempted to spend some time on all of the band buses that were left. Fortunately my attempt was successful. All in all, it was a good day, but a better night.

What is your favorite and least favorite state to drive through and why?

Ooooh. I don't know if I wanna make any enemies by saying the wrong thing here... but I guess my least favorite would be Wyoming on i-80 at night time. It’s very uneventful, and most of the time it's icy and dangerous. We’ve actually spun out off the road on that drive before. Favorite is even harder... I think I’ll have to go with a few. I LOVE the deserts of Arizona. Austin, Texas is one of my favorite cities so I really dig being anywhere around there. And lastly, I LOVE Florida. Parts of it give the vibe that they're pretty stuck in the 80's. Lots of neon colors, and faded old signs. Plus if you go on the right roads you can see gators and panthers and all crazy kinds of wildlife. Plus you're never too far from the coast. Which I also love.

Will you guys do any more covers of Motion City Soundtrack?

I'll be honest... probably not. That is, unless you catch us playing on the street somewhere after a show, or at some kid's house in the middle of nowhere at 4am. If that's the case, anything is possible.

If you could be any person in the world who would it be?

I think I need a top 3... but if I had to say one I’d be Brian Wilson. He’s definitely one of my favorite songwriters, ever. And the music he was making in the late 60's is completely unreal. To think that he couldn’t read or write music notation, but he was orchestrating huge bands on exactly what to play based on what he was hearing in his head. That and the fact that he put a sandbox in his living room, and held important meeting out in his pool. You can't hide a microphone in a pool.

If you could have written any song in the past 5 years, which would it, be?

"My Favourite Chords" by the Weakerthans. It makes me feel at ease, and excited for new things. "These are my favourite chords, I know you like them too. When I get a new guitar, you could have this one. Sing me a lullaby, sing me the alphabet. Sing me a story I haven't heard yet."

What is your top 5 favorite CDs of all time?

Wow... of all time? I think I really need some kind of 2-week notice when this question comes up. I know I’ll change this next week. But whatever.... beach boys-"pet sounds"
the Beatles-"rubber soul"
the weakerthans "left and leaving"
queen-"a night at the opera"
Fleetwood mac-"tusk"
the zombies-"odessey and oracle"
flying burrito brothers-"gilded palace of sin"
lily allen-"alright, still"
Ryan Adams-"heartbreaker".
Ok. I know that's 10. But you can't put a limit on me.

Who are some of the smaller, unknown bands that make you happy and excited for the future of music?

There’s definitely not smaller or unknown, but people that should get more recognition: Dr. Dog, Kevin Devine, and Diamond J & the Rough.

Any last words?

Be good to your friends, recycle, and enjoy what you do. If you don't enjoy what you do or where you are, get in your car and drive. And thank you very kindly for the interview.
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10:14 AM on 05/24/07
I'll let you in something secret
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sdbrown's Avatar
Great interview Jamie! This is by far one of the most interesting and ...unusual? interviews I've read but in a really well done way. Limbeck = pure awesomeness.

I wish I could've seen them live
10:44 AM on 05/24/07
Registered User
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itkeepsuswarm's Avatar
Hahahaha, Patrick's hilarious. I would totally be up for Limbeck 2046. Oh wait... The Bears 2046
11:04 AM on 05/24/07
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No Avatar Selected
i must be the only person who prefers "Reconstruction Site"
11:52 AM on 05/24/07
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shagelific's Avatar
12:11 PM on 05/24/07
Water and Mason
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MasonR5's Avatar
i must be the only person who prefers "Reconstruction Site"
haha, i think me and you are in the same boat. I love "Left and Leaving" but "Reconstruction Site" is a little more enjoyable in my opinion.

and what exactly is "Hey, Everything Is Fine"? is that some live cd i don't know about or did yall just get their album title wrong and he didn't wanna make you feel bad so he played along with it?

oh, and i wish my question would've been aske :( (what are the Limbeck's favorite drinks that get you drunk?)
01:21 PM on 05/24/07
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mydreamrewrite's Avatar
i must be the only person who prefers "Reconstruction Site"
i'm with you on that one. There are a few standout tracks on "Left and Leaving", ('Everything Must Go!', 'Aside', 'My Favorite Chords') but I definitely prefer "Reconstruction Site" overall.

and what exactly is "Hey, Everything Is Fine"? is that some live cd i don't know about or did yall just get their album title wrong and he didn't wanna make you feel bad so he played along with it?

oh, and i wish my question would've been aske :( (what are the Limbeck's favorite drinks that get you drunk?)

It's a live acoustic cd that they released with a later pressing of Hi, Everything's Great. It's great, and fine. And fun.
01:51 PM on 05/24/07
they knew exactly what happened.
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notoaststereo's Avatar
kevin devine name drop! wooohoo!

very good interview. ive never met patrick but rob is a great guy.
01:55 PM on 05/24/07
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Nowisnotthetime's Avatar
haha, i think me and you are in the same boat. I love "Left and Leaving" but "Reconstruction Site" is a little more enjoyable in my opinion.

and what exactly is "Hey, Everything Is Fine"? is that some live cd i don't know about or did yall just get their album title wrong and he didn't wanna make you feel bad so he played along with it?

oh, and i wish my question would've been aske :( (what are the Limbeck's favorite drinks that get you drunk?)

Hey, Everything Is Fine is this Live CD that was Hi, Everything Is Great Live. It has the singer from The Format and a bunch of other special guests and my Mom loves it. They packaged it with the album for a while but I think you can buy it on it's own too.
01:56 PM on 05/24/07
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No Avatar Selected
it was my question about "hey, everythings fine" which made me happy, it was pretty much what mydreamrewrite said, it was a live acoustic playing the whole of "hi, everythings great" but with friends, the format singer sings a bit, motion city soundtrack singer sings aswell and some more i can't remember. they sold it on tour with them i think and until recently were selling it on their website, i ordered my copy ages ago but they have never replied to my emails and i've not recieved anything from them :( you can find it online floating about. it's my favourite of all of their albums.

Edit: i didn't realise that it actually came with the album at some stage.
02:10 PM on 05/24/07
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
crazy that they wanted to change the band name to the bear, haha
02:30 PM on 05/24/07
Talib Scottie
Isn't it a pity?
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Talib Scottie's Avatar
Patrick is such a cool guy. I was trying to get my vinyl autographed by the band and get out of their hair, but he just kept talking to me for like 10 minutes.
02:43 PM on 05/24/07
merv the perv
Did somebody say bacon?!?
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merv the perv's Avatar
Patrick is so cool.
03:02 PM on 05/24/07
Vanilla Bear
celebrate the irony
User Info.
Vanilla Bear's Avatar
haha...that was entertaining...sounds like a great guy!
03:06 PM on 05/24/07
Josh Davis
Registered User
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my favorite

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