Saosin - 08.19.03

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Saosin - 08.19.03Saosin Interview
By: Jon Wark

We were going to do the interview in Beau’s Jacuzzi, but it would have been to loud with all the water splashing and peeing going on, so we had to do it in his studio. So all of these dudes are half naked and sitting in their swim trunks/boxers. Although you may not be able to tell, these guys are constantly joking around, so don’t take the offensive things in this interview literally, because whatever it is that offends you is probably just a joke.

Wark: Okay, say what you all do in the band.
Anthony: I Sing.
Chris: Bass.
Beau: Guitar.
Justin: Guitar.
Wark: What does the name Saosin mean?
Anthony: It means small heart, it’s a Chinese proverb. It means love with caution, cause nothing lasts, nothing, yeah.
Wark: How do you pronounce Saosin?
Anthony: It is pronounced “Say Ocean”. That’s the best way I figured out to describe how to say it.
Wark: What’s in your CD players?
Anthony: My CD player is filled with dust. I left my CD player in Philadelphia, I don’t have a CD player out here, but I have been listening to a lot of Queen, and a lot of Police.
Chris: The Postal Service, and Sigur Ros.
Beau: I’ve been listening to Bjork, her new greatest hits one. That and the new Bled record are AWESOME!
Justin: So Good!
Beau: That and Blindside.
Wark: What about “Justified”?
Everyone: Oh yeah! Yeah, fuck yeah.
Anthony: Yeah, Justin Timberlake, we’ve all been rockin’ Timberlake. It’s awesome.
Beau: Yeah I love that album. Great tracks.
Justin: Great hair! Great hair. (Everyone laughs) I’ve been listening to the new HIM record, “Love Metal”. And yeah, Bjork, and the new Bled CD rocks! The Bronx too!
Anthony: Yeah, I heard The Bronx the first time I came out here, and they fucking kick ass dude. They rule! Hardcore rock!
Anthony: Great White! (Laughs) I don’t think I’ve heard a whole Great White song.
Beau: Yeah I hear that Great White’s guitar tech is just an awesome dude.
Justin: Really? That’s cool.
Wark: (Laughs) That’s me! (Sidenote: I’m gonna be on tour this summer with Great White, my Dad’s band. So now you understand.)
Justin: Yeah, and a lot of 80’s metal!
Anthony: Let’s talk about Great White a little bit, Jon.
Wark: This isn’t my interview! I don’t wanna talk about myself in the interview.
Anthony: You gotta meet chicks somehow dude!
Wark: Yeah. (Laughs) Alright, so you guys haven’t played a show yet, but who would you like to tour with?
Anthony: I don’t know.
Beau: I don’t know. Pretty much anybody that will take us out. We are still an unknown band.
Justin: As long as they are cool dudes, we are down.
Anthony: I would fucking love to tour with Blue Man Group.
Wark: Are you serious?
Anthony: Totally serious, fucking Blue Man Group rules!
Justin: I think that we could pretty much play with anybody.
Beau: Yeah we have a lot of different influences you know?
Justin: Yeah and a lot of different people that like different kinds of music like us. So we’re not really pinned to one kind of show that we have to play. We’re pretty open.
Wark: Where do you see the band in a year. Are you shooting for an indie or major label?
Beau: I mean, obviously we’d like to take it as big as possible, and whether it means we’re on a major or an indie, it doesn’t matter to us. Just as long as we can play the music we want to play, and still be able to like…
Justin: Live within our means…
Beau: Yeah and still be able to be just doing music, and make that our lives. If we can do that on a release that we put out ourselves, that’s great, or if we have to go to a major that’s fine too, as long as we can keep playing the music that we want to play and not have to change it for anybody.
Wark: Anthony, do you wanna talk about your ex- bands?
Anthony: Uh, sure. When I was in high school, I was in this great band called Audience Of One, and we had a lot of fun, but it was just what it was, a high school band, you know what I mean? We put out one record on a little Philadelphia indie label and played shows and all it was, was a high school band. I found these guys, or well they found me, I was singing in this band called Zolof, The Rock & Roll Destroyer, who just signed to Eyeball and they are gonna get pretty huge. They were fun guys too.
Wark: How did you find this guy to sing for you?
Justin and Beau: Through Keith from Days Away.
Justin: Yeah, we were like Keith, we need to find a singer that is like good, he was all man, I don’t know anybody, and then Mike said he knew this guy Anthony, that would be perfect.
Justin: Yeah so we sent out two songs and he recorded them there, and he sent it back and we loved it.
Anthony: When they first got in touch with me, I was like doing nothing, and going to school and I wasn’t really interested in like doing this big change, but I just stayed in touch with them and like… it seemed like…
Justin: Like every time we had some guy try out and it just wasn’t the same, so we would call Anthony and be like get the fuck out here we want you. So finally he decided to come out here and record the record.
Wark: Good idea!
Beau: Yeah, we sent him like a couple songs of us playing guitar and a drum machine pretty much, and he was like “well, this stuff is pretty cool, I’ll record some stuff and see what you think”. So he recorded the vocals to “seven years” and “translating the name”. So, then he sent it back to us and we were like, whoa this guy’s awesome. So then we started getting people together to help play, and then we recorded the music for the EP, and then we sent it back out there…
Anthony: As soon as I got it I was making dates to come out here and record here.
Beau: So yeah, he flew out here and stayed for five days, and we recorded the vocals to the EP “Translating The Name” in about 4 nights, because I was recording bands during the day, and when those bands would leave these guys would come out here at night from about 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
Anthony:. And before we recorded any of the vocals, we all smudged with sage, and cleared all the negative energy out of the tracking room, and the control room so we could totally get into it with the vocals, we were all totally feeling it.
Wark: With sage?
Anthony: Yeah, I would meditate a half hour before each session, we just went in with a bunch of ideas and laid ‘em down.
Wark: I got this question in an email… Since you’re new to touring, what cool things will you do live to keep the fans satisfied at your shows?
Justin: Fucking rock. Just fucking rock our asses off.
Anthony: The most important thing is that we all just do the best that we absolutely can, and just enjoy it as much as we can.
Justin: If we enjoy it, then the crowd is gonna enjoy it.
Anthony: Yeah, if we’re all loving what we’re doing then everybody else is going to acknowledge it. Pleasure given is the same amount of pleasure that’s received.
Beau: Yeah, we just wanna rock the best we can, and we wanna make it so…
Justin: It’s fun to watch…
Beau: Yeah, fun to watch, and that it sounds good because there are a lot of bands out there where you hear their record and it’s awesome, and you see them live and you get all bummed out. We want to try to be like one of those bands where when you see us live, it’s like, “Wow, that’s totally how I imagined it would be.” and just being like normal dudes, like we are.
Wark: With all the OC/Indie bands blowing up right now, what sets you guys apart?
Everyone: (Laughs)
Anthony: You can put “as his penis is peaking out of his boxers”.
Everyone: (Laughs harder…)
Anthony: I think any band in a scene is gonna come out different, and it’s all really a matter of perspective. Beau: I don’t think anything really sets us apart. I agree, it’s all a matter of perspective.
Wark: Okay, what is the best concert you’ve been to?

Anthony: When I was like nine or ten years old and my mom took me to see Rod Stewart, he literally played for like two hours. The guys voice was just like, oh man, the guy was just so on the entire time, and I just loved it, I thought he was the man, and I just thought it was a great show!
Chris: My favorite concert experience was probably Iron Maiden, because the singer crucified himself and then he went over the crowd, and they have three guitar players, and they have three guitar players. The guy would stretch out in his spandex. (Laughs)
Beau: I’d have to say in ’99 I saw At The Drive-In whenever “VAYA” was about to come out, I saw them at a bowling alley, for me and like I’m gonna say 20 people at the most. The first band went on and it fucking sucked, because they were like, this sucks cause we’re only playing for 20 people. Then At The Drive-In came on and played the most awesome set I’ve ever seen in my life, and Cedric was like sliding down the bowling alley into the pins and stuff, and totally jumping off of rails and totally shit-throwing the place. Then I was like, I need to play well, even if it’s like for five people. It was one of those shows where it was like “Wow, these guys totally mean what they’re doing”.
Anthony: The best show I ever saw in my life was This Day Forward in South Hampton at the YMCA. I was about 16 years old and it was fucking incredible.
Justin: For me it would be METALSHOP in Hollywood, at the Viper Room. It’s an 80’s metal tribute band, it’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen. But Michael Jackson was like my first concert ever. That was a fucking rad concert. He came out as a fucking werewolf. It fucking ruled! The In Flames and Killswitch Engage show at Glasshouse was pretty amazing too. In Flames was SO good, and that whole show was amazing, Killswitch Engage was amazing.
Beau: That was another one of those shows. At The Drive-In was just like “Whoa, those guys go apeshit”, but Killswitch was like “Wow, those guys go apeshit, and they play their shit perfectly.”
Justin: Yeah I was really impressed because normally you’ll see people standing around playing their shit perfectly, and looking boring while doing it, or people going apeshit and completely fucking up their songs. And when you see a band that totally goes off and plays their shit perfectly it’s like “Wow”. That whole show was awesome.
(More random conversations about 80’s metal…)
Wark: What made you guys decide to be in a band?
Justin: I get really stoked and inspired when I am around people that are good at what they do, so it’s cool to be in a band with such good musicians because it’s constant pressure to get better. It always makes me want to be better.
Anthony: I just always liked music a lot and I just wanted to be a part of making it. In high school I was like the fat kid, so the only way I could get away with being the fat kid and getting chicks was if I like played guitar or I sang in a band or something.
Wark: Top five favorite albums?
Anthony: Bad question, bad question.
Justin: Yeah, I couldn’t nail that down to five.
Wark: Okay how about the best albums coming out this year?
Everyone: The Bled record.
Justin: The Bronx.
Beau: Yeah the Bronx is good.
Anthony: This Day Forward! I absolutely cannot wait for the new This Day Forward record to come out, I am so fucking thrilled for those guys.
Justin: The new Leisure record.
Justin: New shit from all the bands that we like. We’re all looking forward to their next records.
Wark: Why did you leave Open Hand?
Beau: Well it wasn’t just me that left a band to start Saosin, we all quit other bands to join this one, because we weren’t happy with the situations that we were in, and we knew in our hearts, that we could form a band that could really go somewhere.
Wark: What band were you in, Justin?
Justin: As Hope Dies. They have a new full length coming out and it rocks!
Wark: I got an email from a kid in New Jersey saying that they all love you and want to know when you’re all coming there…?
Beau: Uh, next month, I think?
Anthony: We’ll be there at the end of July / end of August. That makes me pumped cause when you have fans in Jersey, they’re fucking die-hard. Jersey kids are fucking die-hard. People from New Jersey dude, when they fucking love something, the love it. They’ll drive like five hours just to see your band. So, that makes me really thrilled.
Wark: That’s amazing, what’s it like to have a national fan base without even ever playing a show yet?
Justin: It’s pretty amazing.
Beau: It’s cool, but kind of scary at the same time.
Justin: Yeah, now we have something to live up to already. There’s a pressure that’s not normally there. But it’s ok, because now we have support.
Beau: Yeah, it is definitely cool that people know who we are already. They already know our songs, and it’s going to be cool to play shows with people that know the words without having gone to that town five times already, and being like “who the heck are these guys”?
Wark: Beau, I got an email about you: “I know Beau is a producer, ask him about upcoming CD’s that he’s produced and what he thinks of them”?
Beau: The Bled’s record. Awesome! The Bronx; Awesome! … I only did some of it, but it’s awesome. This band called September Star, they’re from Vegas, they’re trying to get a deal right now, and I think they are really cool. It’s really good pop, like Emo and alternative rock. They’re definitely really good at what they do, and they’re like 18. Yeah, September Star, Bronx, Bled, and As Hope Dies.
Anthony: As Hope Dies is great!
Beau: It’s very metal.
Justin: Yeah it’s like eastern, European, very Swedish, Black Metal.
Beau: Lots of awesome riffs, breakdowns, and blast beats.
Wark: How do you write your songs?
Beau: Basically one of us has a riff, and we’ll end up jamming it out for like a half-hour.
Justin: Yeah, and we’ll find cool parts. Anthony does all the vocals on his own.
Anthony: I will come in with a bunch of really different stuff, and they’ll tell me if they think it sounds good, or they really like it, or do that differently. We all pretty much collaborate as far as the writing process goes.
Justin: We’re all on the same page, we all know exactly what each other are thinking.
Wark: What kind of merch are you selling on this tour with Boys Night Out, and Anatomy of A Ghost?
Justin: We’ll have one or two shirt designs and we’ll have the EP. We are a new band, so we don’t have like hoodies hats and jackets yet. (Everyone laughs)
Anthony: Every show we play, I’m going to have a contest with someone where they can win a free shirt, winning like a back rub from me, or something like that.
Wark: A kid asked if you were religious, because you say “Holy Ghost” in your song.
Anthony: No. I was raised Roman-Catholic so there was a lot of that symbolism around my house, I just used that symbolically really, I consider myself a spiritual person, but I have nothing to do with Christianity or Catholicism, or anything religious. I haven’t been alive long enough to really pin down something that I believe in yet.
Wark: What’s the whole concept behind the “Seven Years” song?
Anthony: Well, seven years ago I was just going into high school, and basically when I can out here to record this I was trying to like write about time references and it’s about the last seven years of my life, up until this point, and all the shit I went through with drugs and alcohol and shit that I had did away with, and music and trying to find people to work with and how it all came together, shit that I had been through with my family, and that’s the concept, it’s just the last seven years of my life, and I came out here to start something new.
Wark: What about the other songs?
Anthony: All of that stuff is really personal and you get out of it what you want to get out of it. I wrote them for me. It’s all really a matter of perspective.
Justin: It’s really cool cause every person I’ve talked to gets something totally different out of it. Everyone uses their own imagination and a lot of people attribute it to their lives you know what I mean?
Anthony: I don’t write about and tell a specific story, I don’t pinpoint an exact feeling. You get what you want out of it.
Anthony: Yeah “3rd Measurement in C” for me, personally that song goes from about a relationship with my mom, to meeting these guys for the first time. And having everybody come out here and get together.
Beau: like “get engaged…” (song lyric)
Anthony: Yeah in California. My songs just range from different emotions, it’s just really personal.
Beau: Yeah and I know the songs mean a lot to Anthony and us.
Justin: Yeah and people know it, and especially when we play live, people are going to see it. We’re not just messing around, this is serious to all of us, like musically.
Anthony: It’s the way it comes out.
Wark: Cool, do you guys have a message?
Beau: Pretty much, we’re just writing music for us, and we’re kind of fed up with music right now, as far as no bands are really unique. We’re kind of like trying to be our own favorite band, and this music is for us.
Justin: We’re our own favorite band, we are everything we like, I mean it sounds cocky but it’s not us being cocky. We are always trying to impress each other. Everything we like about music, we put into our music, you know what I mean? We’re our favorite band.
Beau: We’re trying to make the best music possible, and if someone else can enjoy the music as much as we are, then that’s totally all we want.
Anthony: For me, the fact that people like it makes me totally thrilled, but I’m more concerned about Beau and Justin liking it, and me being confident enough with it, and me being pleased with it. There is a line in our song “there’s a blank note book page, and I can’t think of anything to write”. It means we are not trying, we are just doing what we want.
Wark: How are people going to be able to buy your EP?
Beau: Through various web sites like Smartpunk.com and through us at shows. Shows are gonna be the best place to get it because it's going to be the cheapest.
Anthony: If you’re having a problem getting out EP just email us and we’ll make sure you get a copy.
Justin: A good place to get it online is on SmartPunk.com because it will come autographed and will come with a bonus CD with two acoustic tracks.
Wark: Is the acoustic “Seven Years” on the bonus CD?
Beau: Yes, but AbsolutePunk.net had it first!
Wark: So your full US tour will be how long?
Beau: We’re gonna be out from July 17th to August 15th.
Anthony: I have been hearing good things about Boys Night Out, and Anatomy of a Ghost.
Wark: I have their EP I like it a lot.
Wark: Anything else?
Beau: Make sure you all get the album!
Justin: And try to see us live!
Beau: Hang out with us and maybe let us sleep at your house and shower.
Anthony: I’m just gonna rock like a motherfucker.
Wark: Fuckin’ A.

Then pretty much the interview was over, and Anthony and Justin started to chase me with their balls out and everyone was laughing, and it traumatized me. Then they got in to Jacuzzi, and we went out for Mexican food at Chipotle, their favorite restaurant ever, and it was awesome, and expensive. Remember to buy Saosin’s EP, see them live, support them, and watch them become the biggest band ever.

The Story ends… Actually it’s just beginning.
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04:52 AM on 08/14/04
Frank Giaramita
AP.net's Princess
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Frank Giaramita's Avatar
i love saosin so much. Just reading this interview makes me so upset that Anthony left, but at the same time, makes me super excited for the new cd.
03:07 PM on 11/05/08
Burn That Shit
a strange turn of events
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Burn That Shit's Avatar
Ahahaha this was funny.

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