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07:27 AM on 09/19/11
Jeremy Aaron
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I loved the single right away-- it's vintage Jayhawks. I've been waiting patiently for the release to listen to the album in its entirety. It's exciting that they're at it again even if they'll never recapture the magic of Tomorrow the Green Grass and Hollywood Town Hall.
07:59 AM on 09/19/11
Jeremy Aaron
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I can attest that they still capture that sound live though. Have you listened to the Women's Club albums?
I haven't. Generally speaking, I very rarely listen to live recordings. I'll have to check those out, though.
10:26 AM on 09/20/11
Jeremy Aaron
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Hey Mr. reviewer man, did you know that the Jayhawks are NOT a quartet? If you were a fan of the band, you'd have known that there are 5 members in this line up. You're thinking of the1980's line up. In addition, the band has not been "4 decades into their career". They've been together since 1985. That's 26 years, not 40. Again, I state, you're obviously not even a fan of this band.
Couldn't disagree with you more about your opinion of some of those songs, especially Cinnamon Love. Are you serious, dude? You write as if it is the worst track on the album, when it's my very favorite.
As for comparing the Women's Club albums to Tomorrow the Green Grass and Hollywood Town Hall, all 4 are excellent albums in their own right, but The Women's Club albums lack Mark Olson's additions, so you can't really say those two albums have the "same sound" as TTGG and HTH, can you?

You missed the point Gregory Robson. She was pointing out that you are not very familiar with this band and it was painfully obvious in your review of the album. Two major errors about the makeup of the band and the longetivity of the band in the first paragraph. Don't you employ a fact checker?

If you were real fans of the band, you would appreciate that we took the time to review (positively, no less) an album that otherwise likely would have been off the radar of many if not most of our readers. I would have expected this sort of immaturity from fans of neon pop bands who won't accept anything less than our fellating their teen idols, not from fans of a venerable act like the Jayhawks, whom you do a disservice with childish comments such as these. Fact is, we don't have a "fact checker" so sometimes incorrect information seeps through. I'm sure you've been wrong at least once before; I hope the next time it happens, people are as much a dick to you as you are. And there's nothing incorrect about stating that the band's career has spanned four decades- it has ('80s, '90s, '00s and '10s). It doesn't imply the band has been in existence for forty years; read any journalistic pieces and you would see similar statements all the time. And your statements about Greg's familiarity with the band are just flat-out off-base. He specializes in the whole alt-country genre that these guys helped bring to prominence. I hope spouting this pointless nonsense was worth the effort of creating an account.
07:27 PM on 09/21/11
Jeremy Aaron
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To all of the above (minus dorilou1969), a "venerable band" (perfect description by the way) such as the Jayhawks is a band that has a long time following of dedicated followers, all of which HAVE served them well (as opposed to what was called a disservice), thank you very much. I doubt any of you would be willing to spend as much money as I have over the years just for a chance to see this band perform live....travel expenses and such; yes purely my choice, but nonetheless. Your assumption that I'm disservicing the band by calling anyone out on so many errors is hilarious. Any band would be flattered to have fans of admitted over the top geek status that take the time to even care about such ridiculous matters. lol. Initally saying the band has 15 albums, saying the current line-up is a quartet, and the additional admitted 4 decade error.....I was pointing out the obvious. I do believe that the majority of the review was pretty nice, and I applaud that to be honest......but, to call a song a "throwaway" and a "poor excuse for a filler", and then the worst of it....the ~ implied tone ~ of "how the hell could a band like that do something that stupid' comes off to me as an insult to this "venerable band" - especially when it is my favorite song. Whether you think I'm wrong or right in that feeling has no matter. It's how I feel. If people can't deal w/a differing opinion in those regards, then so be it. You said yours, and I said mine. About the HTH, TTGG, Women's Club album comparisons, I was conversing all thoughts in one conversation to all posters, not directing that to the reviewer.....I thought that would be understood. Yes, now that was MY bad.

Funny how you come out and claim the bolded part above, but when the reviewer makes a statement, it's subject to your all-knowing scrutiny.

We have no problems with corrections or "copy-edits"-- we cover literally thousands of bands, so we're bound to get things wrong from time to time. And we're glad to accommodate whenever we've made an error. I'm pretty sure most of us who write reviews have been politely corrected about an inaccuracy at one point or another. However, there's no need for such hostility toward the reviewer's integrity. And yes, I think it's a disservice to the band to comment as you have. Think of a random person clicking on this review who may not be familiar with the band and then seeing your comments. I have the luxury of knowing the types of bands whose fans typically react in such a way, as most of our readers do, and it's not a positive reflection.

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