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04:00 AM on 09/20/11
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Really good review, or synopsis shall I say. I'm not usually one for the track-by-track style of review but I like the way you've not only really thought about how to put this record down onto paper, but you've also been very smart about how to pack all 12 amazing tracks down into one consistent review.
I especially like the way in which you depicted 'Blur', noting the way the 'two parts' work together side-by-side simultaneously in the second verse. And the fact that you delved into the background story surrounding the make-up of the album is pretty special too, I came out feeling like I'd just taken a trip through the Thrice museum after reading.
Good job dude, Thrice have really outdone themselves this time around. This record is massive.
thanks a lot!

and if a Thrice museum existed I'd most likely be the director. hah.
06:18 AM on 09/20/11
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"Too much of a track-by-track analysis rather than a review but the writing was good nonetheless. I absolutely love this record." Agree.
I agree too. as mentioned earlier I had written another version that had less track by track but it just didn't feel right or as strong. I usually shy away from writing track by track.

Thanks for reading though and thanks everyone else for the kind words, but whats most important is that everyone buys the record and supports the band!!!!
07:50 AM on 09/20/11
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Amazing album, definitely at least a 9.5/10 for me. This band can do no wrong.

P.S. the last song is "Disarmed," not "Disarm."
Nice catch, thank you, edited.
01:01 PM on 09/26/11
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Surprised that "Blinded" hasn't got more love whenever I see people talk about this release. It's my favorite off the album.
its my favourite.
05:43 AM on 10/07/11
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I get it. Those disappointed because it isn't like Vheissu, because in all fairness Vheissu is one of the greatest albums every recorded. It is the definition of epic, and that energy really has only been seen again in songs like Firebreather, Daedalus, The Messenger, etc. As much as I love Thrice, part of me wants the cryptic language and the epic musical journeys.

But then I read something Dustin wrote about wanting to write clearly and openly, about saying something definitive to the listener and not dancing around a subject. It's the dark and light metaphors, the black and white and open and close and so really the right and wrong of things. He isn't 20 anymore, but a real live adult. A man who understands correct and incorrect actions and is willing to say something against it. There's so much--too much, even--nowadays that suggests humans are fallible and imperfect and "we should just accept each other for who we are" and yeah, that's true, but that also completely disregards the notion that we should better ourselves.

I don't know how, but for me Dustin's lyrics on this album though a lot more direct are actually more potent than some on Vheissu or Alchemy Index because I know it isn't because he can't write that way, but because he doesn't want to. It isn't laziness or not caring about the fans, it's simply what must be done. That's maturity, and that's why I love this band. Because sometimes art has to be sacrificed for it's own sake. Because you never know what to expect with these guys. I was unsure about this album from the iTunes previews. But M/M caught me by surprise, and it's #2. Vheissu will probably always be #1, but M/M is nipping at its heels. Just the fact that they can make such a seemingly dark and depressing album so full of hopeful undercurrents is astounding to me. Kind of like they made an entire album out of Red Sky. I love it.
how was this post ignored? excellent stuff. and i am with you on everything you say.

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