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Blink-182 - Neighborhoods Album Cover
Author's Rating
Vocals 6
Musicianship 6
Lyrics 6
Production 6
Creativity 5.25
Lasting Value 6
Reviewer Tilt 6
Final Verdict: 59%
Member Ratings
Vocals 6.85
Musicianship 7.17
Lyrics 7.05
Production 7.37
Creativity 6.96
Lasting Value 7.1
Reviewer Tilt 7.31
Average: 71%
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Blink-182 - Neighborhoods

Reviewed by: weworemasks (09/26/11)
Blink-182 - Neighborhoods
Release Date: September 27, 2011
Record Label: Geffen

Come November, it’ll have been nearly 8 years since Blink-182 released their eponymous album - a polarizing album in sound, but widely-praised album nonetheless. The band would then go on to announce an indefinite hiatus in 2005. And sure, their hiatus in 2005 was hardly a “hiatus,” as we were met with several albums from Tom Delonge’s ambitious project Angels and Airwaves, Mark Hoppus’ Blink-182 rehash, Plus 44, and a wealth of hip-hop projects and remixes from Travis Barker. And while the circumstances that lead to the reunion of the band were bleak and grim, the band found solid ground in the fact that they all wanted to make music again.

Blink-182 is a seminal band for this particular genre. In the time that they’ve been gone, countless bands have come out of the woodwork to try and capitalize on the sound they helped build, pioneer and popularize since the early 90s. And sure, a few All Time Lows saw their share of spotlight, but the truth is that no one band really came close to capturing the golden pop-punk these Southern California boys released within Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

So upon their return, it seemed many had high hopes of the band getting back to their old sound and what got them so revered and praised in the first place. Instead, the band pulled up ideas and themes from the darker and more elusive self-titled record, including the overall tonality and emotion. Lead single “Up All Night” felt more AVA than Blink, and didn’t go over as well with the fans as “Hearts All Gone,” the beefy and energetic follow-up single. Regardless, the anticipation and expectations for the record never faltered.

It seems obvious that the band took elements from everything that each respective member did during their time off from blink-182, to muster up a sort of conglomerate of the byproducts. This is not necessarily a good thing, because the ambient and awkward leanings of Angels and Airwaves are too overbearing, heard in songs like “Ghost on the Dance Floor” and the uninspired “Love is Dangerous.” However, the band has never been more impressive instrumentally, and it’s due to these same influences. For the first time since Travis Barker joined the band, bass and guitar parts are just as impressive as their drum backbones, and songs like “Kaleidoscope” and “Natives” are where the band showcases everything they were ever good at within a 4 minute timeframe.

And while it’s good to have the band back, it seems that a lot of these songs just go by without anything really happening. Ideas and experiments on the self-titled album were refreshing, and bred a new, albeit short life into the group. The lack of interesting ideas and lyrical themes on Neighborhoods is what really affects the album’s playability, as evident in “Snake Charmer” and “MH 4.18.2011,” which seemed to have missed their landings completely. It doesn’t seem that the band is headed out anytime soon either. They’ll have plenty of time to get back on track, but for now, a slightly above-average offering seems to be the status quo.

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11:31 AM on 09/26/11
these pretzels are makin me thirsty
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tottivillarossi's Avatar

11:36 AM on 09/26/11
was I good to you, wife of my youth
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ilovesofie's Avatar
Snake Charmer is the most catchy song I've heard this year.
11:40 AM on 09/26/11
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mms13's Avatar
I think it's a good review and you encapsulate the album well, I just enjoy it a little more than you seem to. I'd give it an 80%.
11:41 AM on 09/26/11
Dre Okorley
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Dre Okorley's Avatar
11:44 AM on 09/26/11
Your pictures are already burned.
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MyFriendsOver's Avatar
If the band has never been more impressive instrumentally, why the 6 on instrumentation? I don't ask to be nitpicky, I ask because I'm wondering if you thought the band was that bad instrumentally in the past.

In any case, I enjoyed your review very much, especially your ability to unapologetically take the less popular opinion.
11:44 AM on 09/26/11
Jason Tate
User Info.
Jason Tate's Avatar
Bad review is bad.
11:50 AM on 09/26/11
Registered User
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Byrnside's Avatar
11:59 AM on 09/26/11
yeezy season approachin
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RonStoppable's Avatar
+44, a band half comprised of members of blink-182, is a "Blink-182 ripoff"

12:02 PM on 09/26/11
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troubledbyinsects's Avatar
12:09 PM on 09/26/11
Andrew Mack
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No Avatar Selected
Not a very good user review. Lacks a strong argument and backing support for the point of view it presents. Overall I'd assume themostdeplete was looking for another self-titled, enema, or toypaj, which is an arrogant desire on his behalf. Why would a band ever backtrack?
12:09 PM on 09/26/11
Jay Sean Fenris
Regular Member
User Info.
Jay Sean Fenris's Avatar
I'll be honest, this is a bad review.

+44, a band half comprised of members of blink-182, is a "Blink-182 ripoff"


My thoughts exactly.
12:14 PM on 09/26/11
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
I hardly ever log on to my profile, I just sit back and read the drivel I am fed with most helpings including tons of ignorance. I love this review. why? because it epitomizes honesty, I am sure some people gave this album 90% because of the band name and not because of the music. I am also sure that most of the people who came out raving about this album has taken it out of their cd player or car because the first time they listened to this album they were overcome by nostalgia and that feeling has worn out and has been replaced by that dull, morbid, depressing feeling called BOREDOM. Ps. You can start a cheese factory with Love is Dangerous
12:18 PM on 09/26/11
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Why is it bad? To this site you are one of the best reviewers, I am sure you can give him a few tips, you know some constructive criticism?
12:24 PM on 09/26/11
Jay Sean Fenris
Regular Member
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Jay Sean Fenris's Avatar
I am sure some people gave this album 90% because of the band name and not because of the music...
I gave this album a 6.5 and I've only liked one Blink 182 album.
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