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Wavorly - Something Like Fiction

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Wavorly - Something Like Fiction
Record Label: Independent
Release Date: November 11, 2011

Wavorly are a 5 piece pop-rock band from Mississippi. Their latest EP, titled Something Like Fiction, serves as a teaser for new material to come.

How is it?

Quite generic to be honest, but at the same time extremely enjoyable, and I can't stress that enough. Despite all the intense similarities between other bands throughout the EP, Wavorly still manage to blend them together into a mix that is uniquely their own, and it's candy to the ears. The first recognizible attribute is that Dave Stovall's vocals are very clearly inspired by Matthew Theissen's vocal songwriting in Relient K, as well as the overall songwriting, as the piano and a capella sections also scream Five Score and Seven Years Ago, and by the time "Carry You" ends I was convinced I was dealing with yet another sleepy Christian rock band.

Not so. The depth of Stovall's voice and the background vocal work of the rest of the band along with the electronic effects create an energetic ether akin to Weaver at the Loom or Coldplay, best demonstrated in "Caught in the Middle" and "One More Try", with the former's Owl City-esque electronic rhythms and melodies highlighting the band's penchant for electro-pop amidst the usual pop-rock riffage. At the end of "Caught in the Middle", one might be tempted to consider Wavorly nothing more than a generic top 40 wannabe.

Again, not so. "One More Try" fleshes out and truly brings to life the band's Mae/Emery/Anberlin influence in the form of a captivating opening riff that sets an imposing tone on the rest of the track. In combination with the aforementioned Weaver/Coldplay-esque ether, "One More Time" easily becomes the best track on the EP and would likely qualify itself to be the single. If Wavorly can continue to expand upon the fantastic guitar work in this track while pairing it so excellently with the vocals and electronics, it will take them far in their scene.

The EP closes with its weakest track, "Part That Won't Let Go", the most top 40-esque of the four. In stark contrast to "One More Try", this closer takes the least desirable direction for Wavorly to head toward, which inevitably will create a rift of apprehension in some of their fans about what's to come. While it still contains some atmospheric guitar work, this aspect is greatly overshadowed by the artificial rhythms that transform the vocals into nothing more than David Archuleta-style radio fare.

Recommended If You LikeMae, Sleeping At Last, Emery, Relient K, Weaver at the Loom, hints of Jimmy Eat World and Coldplay

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04:11 PM on 11/12/11
is no tragic bitch.
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yetconfused's Avatar
In before Paige.
12:26 AM on 11/14/11
Regular Member
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Jason_Merch's Avatar
Well written review, good sir! As a christian, I tend to not listen to much christian music for reasons such as cheese factor and often times it's sad to see christian bands try so hard to emulate popular music. It's almost like how porn tries to emulate Hollywood, for lack of a better example.:P But Wavorly does it very well. Dave Stovall has excellent vocal abilities and I've always loved how well the bgv's have mixed well with Stovall's lead(the chorus in Sleeper from CTFoF is so hauntingly beautiful). One More Try is definitely the heaviest hitter on the ep. Is it just me or does the intro to Part That Won't Let Go remind anyone of the Transformers music? While the ep's sound is a huge departure from the sound of Conquering The Fear of Flight(which to me is near flawless) it definitely isn't anything to scoff at. I'm excited to hear the full album!
07:39 AM on 11/16/11
Sean Rizzo
Can you see evidence of perfection?
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Sean Rizzo's Avatar
Freudian slip. Fix'd.
06:45 PM on 11/19/11
False. Black bears.
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OurLadyCoolbean's Avatar
No disrespect to the review (as it was, in fact, a good one), but I just wish there was less comparison to other bands. I've never listened to an album and went through each individual song saying, "This song sounds like this band, this song sounds like another band."

Again, no disrespect and a well written review, despite my personal preferences.

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