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Quick Comment About Bamboozle 2011

Posted by - 04:43 PM on 12/15/11
To clear up some confusion about apparently "inaccurate confirmations" for Bamboozle: this post that Thomas made regarding artists came from the word search game The Boozler posted. According to them, they were given the ok to post this by the festival heads. The internet figured out the answers and Thomas posted them. It seems shit then hit the fan. Apparently this caused a lot of problems for The Bamboozle. While we have had a long relationship with the festival - it's totally their call to not want to work with us. I am not really understanding the why behind it ... but, there's not much I can do about that. However, we still really enjoy the work they do, love the bands announced (or not announced, I can't tell at this point), and plan to still give them coverage on the website for the awesome festivals they put on each year. I apologize for the cluster fuck this apparently caused. However, it definitely wasn't done by any mysterious club leader (my email, facebook, twitter, and even phone number are quite public - and I'm posting on this website daily). Or with any intention of "duping" fans. We (along with countless other websites, tumblr pages, and twitter accounts) posted the bands in the word scramble that The Boozler posted, with, according to them, the permission of the festival. I thought it was a good thing there was so much interest in this festival that the internet was ablaze with rumors and speculation.

I had no idea there was even an issue until someone sent me a link to this blog post, over twitter, yesterday night. I didn't even think it was about us at first. There have been rumors and "secrets" and *wink wink* secrets passed around the internet for what feels like months now.

Anyway, with that: Bamboozle rules. The show's going to be great. The people there I've worked with are awesome. I guess we're not doing anything "official" with them this year ... but, doesn't mean we won't "unofficially" be fans, be covering the awesome shows, and be talking about and promoting the hell out of the festival.

The Boozler has posted an update about where they got the information they posted.
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04:44 PM on 12/15/11
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Going to make this all as clear as possible.

The Boozler is a publication that calls itself the "official fan guide" to The Bamboozle. From what I can gather, the Bamboozle and the Boozler work together on some things, and this year, one of the games they played for fans was a word search where those who keep up the Boozler could uncover 9 bands that were playing for Bamboozle.

The following screenshots are proof from the Boozler Facebook and Tumblr pages that the word search went up at midnight on Tuesday and some people were figuring out the clues.

Exhibit A, I guess

In his blog post, John D indirectly refers to the Boozler as a "creditless fan source" or something to that affect -- however, the following screenshots imply that The Boozler was under direction from John D as to which bands to reveal via the word search.

Exhibit B

It's pretty obvious to me that the Boozler was given a bunch of names to reveal via a word search, and that John D gave the Boozler which bands to reveal.

Why woud the Boozler be referred to as "creditless" when it was under direct instruction and working with The Bamboozle itself?

One of our users who is a frequenter of the Wonder Years' official thread posted the following in that thread. He works for the Boozler.

Exhibit C

I did not post inaccurate information, based on what was revealed through this word search ... I posted the word search answers.

Based on John D's blog post, something clearly went wrong. Maybe the Boozler did reveal incorrect bands - but it doesn't seem as though they did it on purpose. They revealed what they were told to reveal, by John D, according to them.

I posted news. The news that they revealed. Something might have gone wrong, but I just posted news....news that might be inaccurate, but that was reported as true. My sources were not creditless....John D has even admitted to giving them instruction. I'm not sure how he can tell them what to do and then call them "creditless" just a day later. Whatever inaccuracies occurred in the reporting of those bands were not the fault of bad journalism. Journalists don't make the news - in this case, the Boozler made the news. If they reported something wrong - which we then reported to everyone (you know, that's our job) - then is that our fault, or someone else's?

[Ed note: I'd personally say that would be our fault in some instances, and would take the blame for it. However, I don't think that's what happened here. - Jason]

Ticketmaster messed up and revealed some headliners early. We posted that as well. Are we at fault for posting news that another website revealed? Is it our fault that everyone know? No, I don't think so. In that situation, it's pretty clear that Ticketmaster was at fault. This situation is the same - we reported something that was announced (or revealed) by another source, which claims to be under the direction of John D.
04:49 PM on 12/15/11
End in sight, we must fight
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fly_guy's Avatar
So they're upset that you posted the bands that were in their puzzle? Not quite sure I follow this
04:50 PM on 12/15/11
D' Evils
Regular Member
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your such a dick thomas, lol jk... what douches
04:56 PM on 12/15/11
Registered User
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sammyboy516's Avatar
Wait, so you confirmed information that is, in fact, correct, from a puzzle endorsed and created by them and now they're mad?

04:58 PM on 12/15/11
I am Mick
http://www.worncolors.bandcamp.c om
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05:00 PM on 12/15/11
Order inspires disorder
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duritzfan13's Avatar
The Boozler said that post wasn't about them.
05:01 PM on 12/15/11
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Look up at my first post, just finished typing.
05:01 PM on 12/15/11
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AShannon04's Avatar
"Pretty sad this website would dupe our fans to draw hits to their website."

But come to our site and buy 3 day passes and follow us on Twitter and check out our new blog!
05:01 PM on 12/15/11
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anamericangod's Avatar
What a dick post by LincStar.

If the relationship was valued that much, you'd think there'd be a little more understanding than what is currently being expressed. But hey, that's just me, I try to think rationally...


LOL to "While the site has continued to deterioriate over the past couple years, we planned to stay loyal," and "their mysterious leader."

Give me a break. Sounds like this guy is trying to cover his ass, and in the process is throwing all sorts of misplaced blame on AP, while throwing in personal shots as well. Ridiculous.
05:02 PM on 12/15/11
Jason Tate
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The Boozler said that post wasn't about them.
I know, it was about us.
05:03 PM on 12/15/11
It's good to be back
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falafelmywaffle's Avatar
"While the site has continued to deterioriate over the past couple years, we planned to stay loyal."

f their s
05:04 PM on 12/15/11
Ran Away From Home
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zbrmike79's Avatar
lowblows on their part for what seems like a nonproblem.
05:05 PM on 12/15/11
Regret Is A Beginning
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Sherry116's Avatar
lol is all
05:06 PM on 12/15/11
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thisisadisaster's Avatar
fucking ridiculous.

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