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Hidden in Plain View – Resolution

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Hidden in Plain ViewResolution
Release Date: July 24, 2007
Record Label: Drive-Thru Records
A cry for help is often very difficult to hear. However, Hidden in Plain View make it pretty damn easy.

The fact that Resolution, the band’s second full length album, was written to any degree of completion is incredible when considering all the internal drama and discord the band experienced since their 2005 release, Life in Dreaming. In-fighting and miscommunication, combined with the pressure to follow up a relatively successful first album, drained the group’s resolve. This led to the eventual announcement that left many, myself included, hugging their tear-stained pillows and whispering, “Say it ain’t so.” Unfortunately, it is so: Hidden in Plain View are truly breaking up. But they managed to keep it together long enough to write and record one appropriately titled final effort.

While the band’s previous album was highly touted for the diversity of its dark subject matter (everything from rape victims to car accidents to vicious breakups), Resolution expresses a fairly consistent sentiment: "That’s all, folks." Gleaning for strains of incongruity among Resolution’s lyrics is like hunting for white trash at a Daughtry concert: you don’t have to look far to find what you’re searching for. That said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t provide at least a couple examples of Hidden in Plain View’s dissolution. In the album’s second track “I Don’t Wanna Hear It,” vocalist Joe Reo warns, ‘I’m afraid you may have burned this bridge.’ Vocalist/guitarist Rob Freeman sings, ‘Broken down / All the lights are blinking in my head / And we’re almost done / And it’s too cold to go out off into the unknown’ on “The Lake House,” one of the album’s strongest songs. Even a glance at the track listing is quite revealing – “I Don’t Wanna Hear It,” “Off My Shoulders,” “Something Needs to Change,” “Hear Me Out” – see a pattern here?

Of course, this album rocks. After all, this is still Hidden in Plain View. The fast-paced guitars and call-and-response vocals that have served them so well in the past are back in full force. Reo and Freeman’s voices arc and soar in emotive harmonies that really make they lyrics of Resolution believeable. Unfortunately, the decidedly singular nature of the album’s subject matter falls a bit short where the complexity of Life in Dreaming succeeded. In addition, the group wasn’t able to stick together long enough to put all the finishing touches on Resolution, so a few songs suffer from thin instrumental layering (“Our Time”) or less-than-stellar vocal rendering (“Off My Shoulders”).

Listening to the remnants of a former favorite band is like reading letters from an ex-girlfriend: you remember the good times, but it stings to know they won’t be coming around again. Despite a few minor completion issues and the singular subject matter, Resolution is an apt tribute to a fantastically passionate rock band, a star that fell too soon. Solo projects, anyone (see: The Pilot!)?
This review is a user submitted review from Travis Parno. You can see all of Travis Parno's submitted reviews here.
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03:14 AM on 08/18/07
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Great review.Well done.

I love the production on this record and also think that Joe's vocals sounded fantastic,shame there was not more of them.
07:39 AM on 08/18/07
Creeping Death
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Chuck!'s Avatar
After Life in Dreaming, I absolutely hated this album at first. I've found it's the time of CD that you have to listen to in the right environment; I can spin this and just chill out, but I can't really just stroll through my iPod and play one song (except for maybe Bendy)
08:06 AM on 08/18/07
The Protagonist of Loneliness
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billyboatkid's Avatar
good review but what this was their sopomore release they only had three eps before life in dreaming no albums...
08:28 AM on 08/18/07
I want to beLIEve
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IAmAmazing's Avatar
*2nd full-length
11:29 AM on 08/18/07
Registered Member
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i read up to the third sentence of this and nothing after. if you don't know that this is only their 2nd full length then you really shouldn't be reviewing it at all.
12:00 PM on 08/18/07
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newfoundmichael's Avatar
Yeah they released an EP before LID, but with the exception of that one mistake, I thought it was a very solid review. The score was spot on too.
12:04 PM on 08/18/07
True Punk Fan
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Grybo's Avatar
if you cna look past the lyrics, the music is really good. i love this cd and have been listeneing to it almost every day since it came out. its awesome
03:01 PM on 08/18/07
Bury Your Head
it aint easy being brown
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Bury Your Head's Avatar
This album was dissmal. IMO. I bought it first day and I wish I downloaded it instead. Bendy and circles are great and maybe 1 or 2 more are as well but the rest are boring and whiney. You can tell rob finnished this by himself cuz I barely hear joe and anytime a song starts off good it turns into a annoying whiney chorus and I just was bummed. Life in dreaming was perfect from start to finnish. In a way I feel resolution just kinda destroyed that legacy. Oh well I wish I coulda find out who was fighting about who or what.
06:37 PM on 08/18/07
saving jonathan
everything in transit
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saving jonathan's Avatar
i had no idea that the member ratings on this album were so high.
i really enjoy it though, a very good album IMO.

the review was well written, but i think the focus was way to heavy on the events at hand. sure this album was made with break-up on the horizon. sure that is a huge part of the writing and lyrics. but i didn't actually hear to much about what was on the album musically, instrumentally, or vocally.
07:12 PM on 08/18/07
Registered User
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hipvee43's Avatar
not as good as life in dreaming, a little weird sounding, but still hidden in plain view, the standout tracks for me r "off my shoulders", "The Lake house", "bendy" and "i don't wanna hear it". I totally agree with the other guy that said its a cd i'll chill out w/ but not one where i just play one track strolling through my ipod.
07:35 PM on 08/18/07
After Hours
and Monday, too
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After Hours's Avatar
I haven't heard the whole album yet, but it sounds accurate.
08:56 PM on 08/18/07
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falloutboy.'s Avatar
this album gets better and better the more you hear it. I love it to death and cant wait for a reunion tour :crosses fingers:
09:28 PM on 08/18/07
Creeping Death
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Chuck!'s Avatar
this album gets better and better the more you hear it. I love it to death and cant wait for a reunion tour :crosses fingers:

That would make my year. HIPV is one of the few bands I REALLY like who I never got a chance to see live
12:23 AM on 08/19/07
Aww Jeet Jeet motha fucka!
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selftitled85's Avatar
Yeah they released an EP before LID, but with the exception of that one mistake, I thought it was a very solid review. The score was spot on too.

negative. people always seem to forget about their earlier stuff which by far surpasses anything besides life in dreaming. the hipv ep on drive thru was god awful and this new cd was pretty good. but if you want to hear the potential the band had then i beg of you to listen to "operation cut-throat" this was back in 2002 when they were still a local band in jersey and it is still one of my favorite eps ever. before trying to emulate senses fail and to a degree tbs, hipv played incredible pop-punk music. the song "american classic" is from the ep and is much much better and poppier.

it sucks they broke up but in all honesty...the band was a shell of what they used to be. it seems with each step forward they would take 2 back. after cut-throat they stepped back with the drive thru ep. then they made a huge step forward with life in dreaming just to step back a bit in resolution...though it is still a pretty good record.

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