07:45 PM on 01/14/12 
User Info.
the shower's in the toilet
philbylink's Avatar

Daniel St. Club - Milford, CT
Typical small bar type venue. Low stage, low light, but it has a pretty good PA. Drinks are suprisingly expensive. Only saw 1 security guard, but I don't think diving is allowed. This place get's all types of music, from country to rap to death metal. Saw Malevolent Creation and Full Blown Chaos here.

great venue that unfortunately just shut down. wish they got more all ages shows in their tenure. saw the pains of being pure at heart and surfer blood here, it was phenomenal. :/
08:25 PM on 01/14/12 
User Info.
Registered User
No Avatar Selected
Upstate NY
Male - 30 Years Old
great venue that unfortunately just shut down. wish they got more all ages shows in their tenure. saw the pains of being pure at heart and surfer blood here, it was phenomenal. :/

That sucks. Of course, a restaurant will be going there. Just what every town needs. More restaurants!
09:01 PM on 01/14/12 
User Info.
cubsml34's Avatar
Halifax, NS
Male - 23 Years Old
Chicago/Northern Illinois Suburbs

Bottom Lounge - 700 Capacity, No Barricade, Has been attracting many national tours recently, location downtown is just ok, kinda shady in the surrounding areas, usually attracts very energetic and fun crowds I would recommend it for a show, also the merch area is the worst i have even encountered Upcoming Shows - The Cab/The Summer Set, The Wonder Years (PERFECT for them), Every Avenue/WATIC, Sleeping With Sirens

Mojoes - 1100 Capacity, No Barricade, Very new venue (relocation of older venue), starting to attract more tours than the venues downtown (located in the suburb of Joliet btw), easy to get to with free parking, downtown joliet is pretty harmless, occasionally a few less than reputable characters but other than that ok, venue is nice inside with a large bar in the back with tvs with sports on if you want to escape shitty bands, crowds are hit or miss in terms of energy, i do enjoy it though, merch area is decent can get conjested Upcoming Shows - Falling In Reverse, The Dangerous Summer, Mayday Parade, For Today, ISMFOF, WCAR

Penny Road Pub - 150 Capacity Upstairs w/ barricade, probably similar downstaris w/ no barricade (stage is like 1 foot off the ground lol) I have only been here once for an all day fest, not a fan, security would step in any time any type of energy started and its in the middle of nowhere in the northern suburbs (barrington), more people go for the bar than the music probably, merch was all over the place so i dont know how it is normally run Upcoming Shows - Dr Acula/Design The Skyline (hahahahahahaha)

House of Blues - 1300 Capacity, Barricade, Always a popular venue for bigger tours to go to, hasnt been getting many tours recently but always has a few that would interest this site, sound is pretty good, gets a lot of hate but im ok with it because the crowds are usually good, its in a great location downtown it was also the first venue i went to so its hold a special place for me, can get kinda crammed (ADTR on Toursick was so tightly packed), merch area is pretty awful, gets very congested, Upcoming Shows - D.R.U.G.S., Jacks Mannequin, August Burns Red, Hot Chelle Rae

First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre - 28000 Capacity, I think its obvious, The big one, all the huge national tours come here in the summer,ive been there for any type of set up (festival, just a show etc) Its just ok as a venue, the sound there is pretty bad and security are usually a bunch of idiots who dont know how to run a venue, merch is crammed into 2 spots but its not too bad, easily accessible in the suburbs (Tinley Park) but traffic can get awful if you decide to show up close to showtime, would prefer a better large venue, but its what we got Upcoming Shows - Warped Tour, Mayhem Fest, country stuff probably

Aragon Ballroom - 4500 capacity, Barricade, one of two large dedicated concert venues downtown, attracts the big tours, location is decent the L is right next to it so not a bad commute and shows get out early so trains are accessible, merch has a dedicated area and is pretty well run so no complaints there, such a huge place with a lot of room to roam around, sound is decent i usually enjoy the shows there so i would recommend it Upcoming Shows - Megadeth, Snow Patrol

Congress Theater - 4500 capacity, barricade, the other of the aforementioned venues, public trans is very close to the venue but its location is pretty shady, and i had a very scary moment after the gamechangers tour (short ver:almost missed final train of night with dead cell phone) so im not a fan, another big venue with also just decent sound like aragon, the merch was a mess when i was there, its ok but id take aragon over it anyday Upcoming Shows - Foster The People

Reggie's Rock CLub - 400 Capacity, no barricade, terrible, terrible location (shady as fuck), terrible sound, terrible place to see shows, luckily i have only been there once, merch is terrible, really not much positive things to say about the place, doesnt attract many tours anywway Upcoming Shows - Chiddy Bang, Anti-Flag

Charter One Pavillion - 8000 capacity, barricade, my favorite outdoor venue that i have been too, unfortunately does not host many tours that myself or this website would want to go to, great sound cool location on the shore but not ideal if you want to take public trans, merch is set up ok can get congested, a lot of space to walk around and chill, but overall just a great venue that i really enjoyed the couple times i have been there, shows only take place in the summer and none have been announced

Riviera Theatre - 2300 capacity, barricade, decent place, located a block away from aragon ballroom, not a fan of the set up inside, the places where you stand are in like 3 sections, merch wasnt very well run, sound was just ok, not a very popular venue Upcoming Shows - Childish Gambino

The Vic - 1300 capacity, never been there, good location i hear Upcoming Shows - fun.

Metro - 1150 capacity, surprisingly never been there, also good location down the street from Wrigley field Upcoming Shows - The Darkness, Lucero

Beat Kitchen - 250 capacity, never been there, really no clue on anything about it, Upcoming Shows - You Me At Six/The Swellers, Cassadee Pope Solo, Man Overboard

Other Venues I have been to

The Rave - Hands down the best venue i have ever been to, Located in Milwaukee,WI and conviently located right down the street from Marquette University where i currently reside, some of the surrounding area is shady but if you stay on wisconsin ave you will be fine, parking is ok if you are form out of town, now inside is intresting, there is 5 stages, yes 5 well 2 are side stages but who cares, 5 stages in one indoor venue, you could pull off a warped tour in there (just kidding), but there are 3 levels the lowest is a roughly 700-1000 capcity intimate venue with a barricade, it is a huge room and the merch is far from the stage so easily run, decent sound but not the best room to see a show, the middle level is probably the best room known as the rave and is 1700 capacity with a barricade, solid sound with a balcony and good merch area, going to shows in this room are always good times, the top level known as the eagles ballroom is a 3500 capacity room with a barricade that attracts the largest tours to Wisconsin, sound is not too good, im cool with going to a show in there but i would prefer the rave, its very big with individual balconys, merch is on the lower floor so it is very well run. My only complaints are the security can occasionally be assholes, but dont make a fuss too much, the milwaukee music scene is pretty weak you really got to make it special for yourself if you want it to be a memorable show sometime, and lastly tours just dont come here that much, we get all the shitty djs and not enough pop punk or metal tours, but overall it is a great venue, there is a reason it was voted the 2011 Alt Press Venue of the year Upcoming Tours - In Flames, Machine Head, Jacks Mannequin, The Cab, Attack Attack!, Megadeth, Mindless Self Indulgence, ISMFOF, Hot Chelle Rae

Marcus Ampitheater - I'll keep it short, I was there for summer fest, really crowded, tons of stages all with bleachers so no moshing really, and if you want a seat you gotta get there really early, not a fan, cool place to chill though

Well there ya have it my take on the venues in chicago/suburbs and other venues i have been too, there are more, but i tried to keep it to venues that attract national acts. Feel free to ask more questions or if you are from here comments on these places

Metro is a great venue. Like you said, close to Wrigley, (In fact Dustin Kensrue performed his acoustic set after the Thrice show in the parking lot) and the Addison Red Line Stop, sound is good, but merch area can get kind of cramped since its in its own small room in the front of the venue.

Beat Kitchen is fun too. Saw the PBC headliner back in October here and it was a blast. Definitely a super intimate feel, stage area is behind the bar in front. Located between the Red/Brown/Purple Belmont stop of the L and the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Both these areas are located in good neighborhoods too, lots of bars, restaurants nearby.
10:16 PM on 01/14/12 
User Info.
@mwilliams1q23 God-Family-Music
normz's Avatar
Rochester NY
Male - 24 Years Old
There are plenty more, but I've been to quite a few places not covered in my filming adventures.

Upstate NY

Northern Lights - Clifton Park
Medium, ~1000. A flat floor w/ medium height stage. Poor lighting, very dark and a shitty PA. Only a flat floor area, with a very small raised platform at the left side of the floor. Lot's of security who look for and kick out people who are "too violent" in the pit. No stage vives. Some good acts here, Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Suffocation, etc

Valentines - Albany
Shithole, ~200. Rectangular shaped room w/ extremely low stage, poor lighting. PA was OK the one time I went. Good drink prices. Not much security, I think dives were allowed, and security let the mosh flow. Mostly smaller acts here. Only medium act I've seen was Agnostic Front.

Bogie's - Albany
Another dumpy venue, but they get some good small-medium acts, mostly hardcore and metal. Actually seeing Biohazard there tommorrow. Low stage, shitty lighting, OK sound. Long, narrow room, which can get packed rather quickly. Website says ~400 capacity, but probably only ~150 will fit in the stage area. Not much security, and they're chill dudes. Other acts include Agnostic Front, Terror, Malevolent Creation, etc.

Uticia Memorial Auditorium - Utica
Typical college hockey arena. Decent place for a show, but PA isn't the best. Lighting is good on stage, and there GA setup is pretty successful. Average amount of security. Some fairly big acts. I've seen Korn and Disturbed there. Not many shows here, though. Beer expensive. Like $8 each.

The Chance - Poughleepsie
Small theatre, ~800 capacity. I actually really like this venue, but security sucks. I got busted filming cause they tried to find out who was fighting in the mosh pit. The pit area is sunken in slightly, and the stage is good height, so there's not a bad seat in the house. Balcony as well, but apparently they only open it up when they're close to sold out. Good lighting and good sound, but security brings the rating down. Good small-medium acts. Biohazard, Soilwork, Dying Fetus, but mostly lesser known bands.

Washington Ave Armory - Albany
Basketball arena, probably around ~2500. Ok place to see a show, but I've only been there once. Not great for filming, as it's crawling w/ security, but they seem to let the mosh flow as it may. Lighting is kinda dark, but PA is decent.

Times Union Center - Albany
Typical hockey arena, 15k capacity. Saw Metallica here. Solid arena, good sound and great lighting and not much security. Suprised to see Metallica here, as they don't seem to book a lot of big bands here. Theory of A Deadman, Staind, etc have played there recently.

Glens Falls Civic Center - Glens Falls
Very similar to Utica Auditorium, just bigger. Good venue, goog lighting and PA. Quite a bit of security, got busted filming and had to switch seats and start again.

You forgot Rochester.

Waterstreet Music Hall

Montage Music Hall

Main Street Armory

Bug Jar

Dubland underground
10:31 PM on 01/14/12 
User Info.
@thisisnotbrianm on twitter / insta
thisisnotbrianm's Avatar
Worcester, MA /...
Male - 21 Years Old
you forgot the wolf den at mohenan sun and The Webster Bank Arena (formerly The Arena at Harbor Yard) in Bridgeport where fob, panic, and others have played
edit there is also The Ridgefield Playhouse and the palace theater in waterbury ct

I've never been to Harbor Yard, and they never have shows anymore. Palace gets no shows that attract this audience, and the only show in recent memory at Ridgefield besides for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals was Creed
Plus wolf den is 21+ and their shows are really hit and miss..
01:09 PM on 01/15/12 
User Info.
Registered Member
fbrrocks's Avatar
I've never been to Harbor Yard, and they never have shows anymore. Palace gets no shows that attract this audience, and the only show in recent memory at Ridgefield besides for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals was Creed
Plus wolf den is 21+ and their shows are really hit and miss..
Ridgefield has andy grammer and action item in feb and Palace as weird al in may
03:20 PM on 01/15/12 
User Info.
Registered User
No Avatar Selected
Male - 32 Years Old
Here are all the major Philadelphia venues I can think of off the top of my head from biggest to smallest:

Penn's Landing Festival Pier: Huge outdoor 8k person general admission space on a pier. Huge acts like rise against, deadmau5 etc. Friendly security, bleachers in the back for parents/injured kids, big ol' asphalt floor. I almost died here during Rancid. Awful sound, but what can you do, it's outside.

Electric Factory: 2-3k people, big stage and long rectangular general admission space. Maybe the most popular "rock" venue in Philly - never any bad experiences, but I prefer smaller venues. Large 21+ balcony area. New Found Glory, Valencia's final show, Motion City Soundtrack, Alkaline Trio, etc.

Starlight Ballroom: 1200 people. Very low stage but still a lot of space. Not a huge fan, as the floor is spread out to the left and right of the stage rather than further back. Rather poor layout. I think this place has more electronic acts now than rock. No barricade, but there is security who seemed to be having quite some difficulty with surfers at Wonder Years once.

The Trocadero: 1200 people. Old Burlesque theatre, awesome vibe lots of good smallerish tours (Thrice, Saves the Day, Four Year Strong). High stage and plenty of room but still feels intimate, great place. Large 21+ balcony area with lots of seating and a 250 cap sidestage for small/ local shows, which are plenty fun.

The Theatre of Living Arts: 1000 people. Never been, but seems to be on par with or slightly lower than the Troc/Electric Factory as far as popularity. Troc-sized, I believe, and LiveNation-run. urgh

Union Transfer: 1000 people. R5 productions (awesome indie promoter)'s new venue, basically Electric Factory-sized and shaped. Lower capacity affords a lot of breathing room. High ceilings and a really cool vibe (Dave from Fireworks described it accurately as Hogwarts). There is security, but no barricade, and they let you stage dive all night. I see this place getting very popular

First Unitarian Church: 600 people. The mystical holy grail of Philadelphia venues. Run by the great R5, it's a Church basement with a tiny stage and floor (which is always seems more like 800 because you can sneak into this place easy as hell). No security besides maybe one dude who'll grab you if you're toooo wasted. Stage dive your ass off/bring 40s/die of heat stroke in the summer shows, and have a shit ton of fun the whole time. Fireworks, Title Fight, lots of hardcore bands, rap here and there. A must-see.

The Barbary: 200 people. I've only seen Strike Anywhere here, but this is definitely the tiniest space I've seen a "known" act. Smaller than even the church, it's a dark, dingy hall with a tiny stage and a little hallway for merch tables. Also R5 run, and damn fun if you're into the band - push up front and the singer will be literally on top of you the whole time. Can scarcely crowd surf without hitting the ceiling.

Some other Philly venues:
Academy of Music - Capacity: 2900
Upcoming: Yanni (last year: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds)

Mann Center - Capacity: 14000 (total), 4700 (indoor)
Upcoming: Il Divo, Foster the People

World Cafe Live - Capacity: 650
Upcoming: Idle Warship, Ingrid Michaelson, Aimee Mann, Bob Mould, Estelle, Brendan Benson

Johnny Brenda's - Capacity: 250
Upcoming: Sharon Van Etten, The Twilight Sad, Bowerbirds

Kung-Fu Necktie - Capacity: 100
Upcoming: Cass McCombs, Grimes, Reptar

The Fire - Capacity: 125
Upcoming: River City Extension, GANG, Jeffrey Gaines

North Star Bar - Capacity: 280
Upcoming: Jimmy Gnecco

Tower Theater - Capacity: 3120
Upcoming: Peter Frampton, Creed, Rodrigo y Gabriela

For Philadelphia venues...
Great venues: Academy of Music, Mann Center, World Cafe Live, The Fire, North Star Bar, The Trocadero, TLA, First Unitarian Church
Average venues: Festival Pier, Electric Factory
Awful venues -- attend at your own risk: Tower Theater

I've never attended any of the others.
04:06 PM on 01/15/12 
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I'll do Illinois eventually

Beat Kitchen

Bottom Lounge

Charter One Pavilion

Congress Theatre

Cubby Bear

Double Door

Durty Nellie's (Palatine)

First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre (Tinley Park)

Fit'z Spare Keys (Elmhurst)


Mojoe's of Joliet (Joliet)

House of Blues

Lincoln Hall

Otto's Nightclub (Dekalb)

Reggie' Rock Club

Riviera Theatre


The Castle Theatre (Bloomington)

The House Cafe (Dekalb)

The Vic Theatre

These are the venues that I've been to recently. I would have attempted to put them in order by max. capacity but I suck at guesstimating.

http://theticketrumba.com/ (Mojoe's of Joliet, The Castle Theatre)
http://www.yourticketstand.com/ (Otto's Nightclub, The House Cafe, Durty Nellie's, Fitz's Spare Keys)
http://www.ticketmaster.com/ (Cubby Bear, Charter One Pavilion, First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre)
04:15 PM on 01/15/12 
User Info.
@thisisnotbrianm on twitter / insta
thisisnotbrianm's Avatar
Worcester, MA /...
Male - 21 Years Old
Ridgefield has andy grammer and action item in feb and Palace as weird al in may

Again, shows that do not attract people on AP.
07:34 PM on 01/15/12 
User Info.
Registered User
No Avatar Selected
Male - 32 Years Old
Again, shows that do not attract people on AP.

I saw Weird Al last year...
07:35 PM on 01/15/12 
User Info.
@thisisnotbrianm on twitter / insta
thisisnotbrianm's Avatar
Worcester, MA /...
Male - 21 Years Old
I saw Weird Al last year...

Was more of a reference to the Action Item show.
12:34 PM on 01/16/12 
User Info.
a baby for pree
jornor's Avatar
Richmond, Virginia
might do this for VA
01:46 PM on 01/16/12 
User Info.
the kids can't lose
gurby's Avatar
Charlotte, NC
Female - 27 Years Old
By the way, this thread is a brilliant idea. I'm going to be stuck in the northern Wisconsin/Green Bay area for about a month so I'm hoping that we might have a member that can post the venues up there so I might be able to sneak a show or two in up there!

Haha, good luck with that. I haven't lived in that area in about 6 years now, but the only place that comes to mind is Riverside Ballroom. It was a pretty decent place when I went there - once for Rise Against/Silverstein and another time for Treaty of Paris/Sing it Loud. Have no clue if they still pull any worthwhile shows, though.

Well I guess I also went to the Brown County Memorial Arena wayy back in the day to see Something Corporate/Good Charlotte, but that was basically my first show ever so I had nothing to compare it to.
10:42 PM on 01/16/12 
User Info.
champion1990's Avatar
Omaha, Nebraska
Male - 24 Years Old
Omaha, Nebraska

Sokol Underground/Auditorium-- Underground is a 400 cap, which host most tours that come through Omaha. Auditorium is a 1,200 cap and is just a big ballroom. Very old place, great sound upstairs and downstairs.

The Commons- More of a DIY venue, 150 cap. No stage, decent sound. A lot of hardcore bands play here, such as The Ghost Inside, Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Trapped Under Ice, and many more. Really a great place to see a hardcore show.

The Waiting Room- 400 Cap. More of a indie venue in Omaha, host a lot of Saddle Creek bands. Great sound, great bar, shitty staff.
01:56 PM on 01/24/12 
User Info.
the kids can't lose
gurby's Avatar
Charlotte, NC
Female - 27 Years Old
Indianapolis, IN

Smaller/DIY Venues:
Emerson Theater - http://www.emersontheater.com/ - avoid at all costs

considering going to a show here. what's so terrible about this place?

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