02:23 PM on 10/18/12 
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Chicago/Northern Illinois Suburbs

Bottom Lounge - 700 Capacity, No Barricade, Has been attracting many national tours recently, location downtown is just ok, kinda shady in the surrounding areas, usually attracts very energetic and fun crowds I would recommend it for a show, also the merch area is the worst i have even encountered Upcoming Shows - The Cab/The Summer Set, The Wonder Years (PERFECT for them), Every Avenue/WATIC, Sleeping With Sirens

Mojoes - 1100 Capacity, No Barricade, Very new venue (relocation of older venue), starting to attract more tours than the venues downtown (located in the suburb of Joliet btw), easy to get to with free parking, downtown joliet is pretty harmless, occasionally a few less than reputable characters but other than that ok, venue is nice inside with a large bar in the back with tvs with sports on if you want to escape shitty bands, crowds are hit or miss in terms of energy, i do enjoy it though, merch area is decent can get conjested Upcoming Shows - Falling In Reverse, The Dangerous Summer, Mayday Parade, For Today, ISMFOF, WCAR

Penny Road Pub - 150 Capacity Upstairs w/ barricade, probably similar downstaris w/ no barricade (stage is like 1 foot off the ground lol) I have only been here once for an all day fest, not a fan, security would step in any time any type of energy started and its in the middle of nowhere in the northern suburbs (barrington), more people go for the bar than the music probably, merch was all over the place so i dont know how it is normally run Upcoming Shows - Dr Acula/Design The Skyline (hahahahahahaha)

House of Blues - 1300 Capacity, Barricade, Always a popular venue for bigger tours to go to, hasnt been getting many tours recently but always has a few that would interest this site, sound is pretty good, gets a lot of hate but im ok with it because the crowds are usually good, its in a great location downtown it was also the first venue i went to so its hold a special place for me, can get kinda crammed (ADTR on Toursick was so tightly packed), merch area is pretty awful, gets very congested, Upcoming Shows - D.R.U.G.S., Jacks Mannequin, August Burns Red, Hot Chelle Rae

First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre - 28000 Capacity, I think its obvious, The big one, all the huge national tours come here in the summer,ive been there for any type of set up (festival, just a show etc) Its just ok as a venue, the sound there is pretty bad and security are usually a bunch of idiots who dont know how to run a venue, merch is crammed into 2 spots but its not too bad, easily accessible in the suburbs (Tinley Park) but traffic can get awful if you decide to show up close to showtime, would prefer a better large venue, but its what we got Upcoming Shows - Warped Tour, Mayhem Fest, country stuff probably

Aragon Ballroom - 4500 capacity, Barricade, one of two large dedicated concert venues downtown, attracts the big tours, location is decent the L is right next to it so not a bad commute and shows get out early so trains are accessible, merch has a dedicated area and is pretty well run so no complaints there, such a huge place with a lot of room to roam around, sound is decent i usually enjoy the shows there so i would recommend it Upcoming Shows - Megadeth, Snow Patrol

Congress Theater - 4500 capacity, barricade, the other of the aforementioned venues, public trans is very close to the venue but its location is pretty shady, and i had a very scary moment after the gamechangers tour (short ver:almost missed final train of night with dead cell phone) so im not a fan, another big venue with also just decent sound like aragon, the merch was a mess when i was there, its ok but id take aragon over it anyday Upcoming Shows - Foster The People

Reggie's Rock CLub - 400 Capacity, no barricade, terrible, terrible location (shady as fuck), terrible sound, terrible place to see shows, luckily i have only been there once, merch is terrible, really not much positive things to say about the place, doesnt attract many tours anywway Upcoming Shows - Chiddy Bang, Anti-Flag

Charter One Pavillion - 8000 capacity, barricade, my favorite outdoor venue that i have been too, unfortunately does not host many tours that myself or this website would want to go to, great sound cool location on the shore but not ideal if you want to take public trans, merch is set up ok can get congested, a lot of space to walk around and chill, but overall just a great venue that i really enjoyed the couple times i have been there, shows only take place in the summer and none have been announced

Riviera Theatre - 2300 capacity, barricade, decent place, located a block away from aragon ballroom, not a fan of the set up inside, the places where you stand are in like 3 sections, merch wasnt very well run, sound was just ok, not a very popular venue Upcoming Shows - Childish Gambino

The Vic - 1300 capacity, never been there, good location i hear Upcoming Shows - fun.

Metro - 1150 capacity, surprisingly never been there, also good location down the street from Wrigley field Upcoming Shows - The Darkness, Lucero

Beat Kitchen - 250 capacity, never been there, really no clue on anything about it, Upcoming Shows - You Me At Six/The Swellers, Cassadee Pope Solo, Man Overboard

Other Venues I have been to

The Rave - Hands down the best venue i have ever been to, Located in Milwaukee,WI and conviently located right down the street from Marquette University where i currently reside, some of the surrounding area is shady but if you stay on wisconsin ave you will be fine, parking is ok if you are form out of town, now inside is intresting, there is 5 stages, yes 5 well 2 are side stages but who cares, 5 stages in one indoor venue, you could pull off a warped tour in there (just kidding), but there are 3 levels the lowest is a roughly 700-1000 capcity intimate venue with a barricade, it is a huge room and the merch is far from the stage so easily run, decent sound but not the best room to see a show, the middle level is probably the best room known as the rave and is 1700 capacity with a barricade, solid sound with a balcony and good merch area, going to shows in this room are always good times, the top level known as the eagles ballroom is a 3500 capacity room with a barricade that attracts the largest tours to Wisconsin, sound is not too good, im cool with going to a show in there but i would prefer the rave, its very big with individual balconys, merch is on the lower floor so it is very well run. My only complaints are the security can occasionally be assholes, but dont make a fuss too much, the milwaukee music scene is pretty weak you really got to make it special for yourself if you want it to be a memorable show sometime, and lastly tours just dont come here that much, we get all the shitty djs and not enough pop punk or metal tours, but overall it is a great venue, there is a reason it was voted the 2011 Alt Press Venue of the year Upcoming Tours - In Flames, Machine Head, Jacks Mannequin, The Cab, Attack Attack!, Megadeth, Mindless Self Indulgence, ISMFOF, Hot Chelle Rae

Marcus Ampitheater - I'll keep it short, I was there for summer fest, really crowded, tons of stages all with bleachers so no moshing really, and if you want a seat you gotta get there really early, not a fan, cool place to chill though

Well there ya have it my take on the venues in chicago/suburbs and other venues i have been too, there are more, but i tried to keep it to venues that attract national acts. Feel free to ask more questions or if you are from here comments on these places

You should also add the following:
The House Cafe - Dekalb (250)
Subterranean (375)
Double Door (500)
Lincoln Hall (507)
Otto's Night Club - Dekalb (650)
Durty Nellie's - Palatine (1,200)
06:45 AM on 10/24/12 
User Info.
A Million F@$% Diamonds
suicidesaints's Avatar
Male - 32 Years Old

Emo's - www.emosaustin.com
Red 7 - http://www.red7austin.com/

Dallas/Fort Worth:
The Palladium Ballroom - www.thepalladiumballroom.com
Tomcat's West - http://www.reverbnation.com/venue/tomcatswest
The Door's - http://thedoorclubs.com/home/
Tree's Dallas - http://www.treesdallas.com/
House of Blues Dallas - http://www.houseofblues.com/venues/clubvenues/dallas/

Geo's - http://www.geostexas.com/
Pharr Events Center - http://www.pharrevents.com/

Warehouse Live - http://www.warehouselive.com/
House of Blues Houston - http://www.houseofblues.com/venues/clubvenues/houston/
Walter's - http://www.facebook.com/waltershouston
Numbers Nightclub - http://www.numbersnightclub.com/
Cain's Ashes (R.I.P.) - http://cainsashes.com/
Mango's Cafe - http://www.mangoscafehouston.com/
Anchor Church (R.I.P.) - http://anchorchurchhouston.org/
Bayou Music Center - http://bayoumusiccenter.com/
Java Jazz/Java Junction (R.I.P.)
The Meridian - http://www.meridianhouston.com/
MIC Dance Studio (Baytown)
Fitzgerald's - http://fitzlivemusic.com/
BFE Rock Club - http://www.bferockclub.com/
Scout Bar - http://www.scoutbar.com/
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (The Woodlands) - http://www.woodlandscenter.org/

San Antonio:
The White Rabbit - http://sawhiterabbit.com/
Backstage Live - http://backstagelivesa.com/

Corpus Christi:
House of Rock - http://www.texashouseofrock.com/
Concrete Street Amphitheater - http://www.concretestreet.net/

El Paso:
Tricky Falls - http://trickyfalls.com/

To add to the Dallas listings...

American Airlines Center
Gexa Energy Pavillion
Verizon Theater (Grand Prarie)
Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio (Denton)
Majestic Theater
The Rail Club (Fort Worth)
Ridglea Theater (Fort Worth)
Sons Of Hermann Hall
Club Dada
Double Wide
La Grange
Reno's Chop Shop
McFarlin Auditorium (SMU Campus)
Granada Theater

there are more for sure, but these are venues that commonly have national acts at them
03:43 PM on 10/25/12 
User Info.
The Screaming Wind
swboyd's Avatar
Chicago, IL
Male - 26 Years Old

The Canal Club (Decent venue. In Shockoe Bottom so it isn't in a bad location) - http://thecanalclub.com/
Strange Matter (Best venue in Virginia barnone, IMO) -http://strangematterrva.com/
The National (Good sound and good architecture, but it's a Ticketmaster venue with expensive booze)- http://www.thenationalva.com/
Kingdom (Probably gets the best shows in Richmond. Old Alley Katz location that has been spruced up a lot) - http://kingdomrva.com
Hat Factory (More of a club, than a venue but they get some shows there) - http://www.epicva.com/
The Camel (Books a lot of good punk and folk shows. Good bar and good food) - http://www.thecamel.org/

Venues in RVA that I've never been to:
Gallery 5 - http://www.gallery5arts.org/Home/Home.html
Richmond Coliseum - http://www.richmondcoliseum.net/index.asp

The Jewish Mother (Good venue. Nice bar. Attached to The Norva) - http://www.jewishmother.com/index
The Norva (Sister venue to the National. Large club that gets a number of good shows) - http://www.thenorva.com

Other venues in Hampton Roads
Shaka's (Virginia Beach) - www.facebook.com/pages/Shakas/
Farm Bureau Live (Virginia Beach) - http://www.livenation.com/Virginia-B...ach/venue/8370
The Jewish Mother Hilltop (Virginia Beach) - http://www.jewishmother.com/VB/index
Norfolk Scope - http://www.sevenvenues.com/about/history/scope
Hampton Coliseum - http://www.hampton.gov/coliseum/default.aspx
Roger's Sports Pub (Chesapeake) - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rogers-Sports-Pub/
Geared Up (Virginia Beach) - http://www.facebook.com/geareduprockbar

Other venues in Virginia
Empire (Springfield/Old Jaxx Nightclub) - http://www.empire-nova.com/
Jammin' Java (Vienna) - http://www.jamminjava.com/
Jiffy Lube Live (Bristow/NOVA) - http://www.ticketmaster.com/Jiffy-Lu...w/venue/172099
Jefferson Theater (Charlottesville) - http://www.jeffersontheater.com/
Charlottesville (nTelos Wiresless) Pavilion - http://www.thenteloswirelesspavilion.com/
The Southern (Charlottesville) - http://www.thesoutherncville.com/
Blue Nile (Harrisonburg) - http://bluenileva.com/calendar/
Clementine (Harrisonburg) - http://clementinecafe.com/
Kirk Avenue Music Hall (Roanoke) - http://kirkavenuemusic.com/
11:25 AM on 10/30/12 
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Regular Member
NewAgeofHorus's Avatar
Great Barrier Reef
Male - 23 Years Old
North Carolina

The Soapbox - Wilmington, NC - http://www.soapboxlaundrolounge.com/

Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC - http://catscradle.com/

Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC - http://www.local506.com/

The Tipsy Teapot - Greenville, NC - http://www.tipsy-teapot.com/site/events

Amos Southend - Charlotte, NC - http://amossouthend.com/

Tredmont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC - http://www.tremontmusichall.com/upcoming.html

Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh, NC - http://lincolntheatre.com/

Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC - http://www.volume11tavern.com/

The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC - http://theorangepeel.net/

Greene Street Club - Greensboro, NC - http://www.greenestreetclub.com/

Johnny and Junes - Winston Salem, NC - http://johnnynjunes.com/

Legitamate Business - Greensboro. NC - http://www.lgtbiz.com/

Time Warner Cable Music Pavillion - Raleigh, NC - http://www.livenation.com/time-warne...on-at-walnut-c

Time Warner Cable Arena - Charlotte, NC 0 http://www.timewarnercablearena.com/

My favorite are Greene Street club, Amos and the Lincoln.

The Bonus Room - Cornelius, NC

It's starting to pick up some decent bands
01:01 PM on 11/04/12 
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Dollar Signs
Registered User
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Male - 26 Years Old
The Bonus Room - Cornelius, NC

It's starting to pick up some decent bands

The Milestone, Charlotte NC
Lunchbox Records, Charlotte NC
The Getdown, Asheville NC
Broadstreet Social Club, New Bern NC

And of course the Duke Coffee house, which is probably my favorite venue in NC
03:09 AM on 11/27/12 
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Registered User
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Need new Punk/Hardcore bands to book tours for.


I have personally booked, contracted and marketed FULL US Tours for: A Day To Remember, Amber Pacific, Andy Milonakis, Black Wall Street, Gwen Stacy, Halifax, Jamie's Elsewhere, Jason Mewes, Life On Repeat, Lorene Drive, Lower Definition, Mayday Parade, Memphis May Fire, No Bragging Rights
07:43 PM on 12/18/12 
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Registered User
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Male - 24 Years Old
Excalibur, Decatur, Alabama: buttbanks@gmail.com
08:16 PM on 12/27/12 
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Is it a dream keeping you awake?
movingxpictures's Avatar
Middle of Nowhere,...
If no one's done Delaware:

Mojo Main: http://www.mojomain.com/contact
Harmony Grange: http://projectunityproductions.com/beta/
Homegrown Cafe: http://www.homegrowncafe.com/artandmusic.html
05:52 PM on 01/01/13 
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Sweet! Coins!
nizzlefoshizzle's Avatar
Columbia, MD
Male - 32 Years Old

I was just about to do this.

Also add to Delaware:

Grand Opera House:http://www.thegrandwilmington.org/
11:13 PM on 01/07/13 
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Registered User
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Virginia has a venue called The Triple A and Maryland has a new youth/young adult club called GenXaret. Rock with a Purpose do shows there. They also have the 7:30 Club. RWAP is starting their own venue too in the DC/N. VA area.
12:35 AM on 01/08/13 
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Regular Member
MarkJ801's Avatar
Salt Lake City, UT
Male - 27 Years Old
Just off the top of my head...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Average Size
In the Venue - The most common venue for shows. They have two sides that are completely separated, a small and large. They have two shows going at the same time sometimes. They've really improved over the years, they are definitely my favorite. They used to be called Bricks. The bar area is on the upper level that circles the stage.
The Complex - They also have two sides, an average size and a very large side. In my experience, it's not a very good venue and the sound usually isn't that great either.
The Depot (21+ sometimes, sometimes all ages) - I've never actually been here, but I think it's fairly small.

Saltair (indoor GA) - The most common for big bands. There's a very long standing area, with a 21+ bar surrounding that on the upper level. Never been up there, though. It's outside of the city though, close to the lake.
USANA (outdoor amphitheater) - Depending on the shows, they have a big standing area or seats in front of the stage, then the amphitheater of seats, followed by a GA grassy area way at the top.
State Fairgrounds (outdoor GA) - A giant fairgrounds of grass, dirt, and cement with multiple bathrooms and permanent food vendors. This is where Warped Tour is always at.

Kilby Court - This is basically a converted two car garage. Lots of tiny shows here and they are a lot of fun.
The Urban Lounge (21+) - The dance floor is about 10 feet square, surrounded by metal bars. The bar and booths are behind that directly across from the stage.
The Shred Shed - This is a brand new venue that I've yet to go to. Have no idea how it is inside.

Updated the Salt Lake City venues and added descriptions.
09:54 PM on 01/18/13 
User Info.
At a concert.
TheSlyTurtle's Avatar
Male - 22 Years Old
Alabama Venues (That I know)

Bourbon Street Bar - Auburn, AL -small venue. Mostly for small concerts/shows. I've mostly seen southern rock/electronic artists play here. (College Town)

Excalibur- Decatur, Alabama -very small venue. But I saw I See Stars and MMF here. I Call Fives and Major League also played here.

Zydeco - Birmingham, AL -main Birmingham venue. Everyone comes here if they come to Alabama. I've seen bands like Miss May I, Emmure, Asking Alexandria, and also artists like The Summer Set, Breathe Carolina, Mayday Parade, and We the Kings. SILYMI even came here in 2012.

Mountaintop Church - Birmingham, AL- medium venue. Hosts mostly Christian/hardcore shows.

The Forge -Birmingham, AL -small venue just starting up in Birmingham. Mostly hardcore shows.

Workplay -Birmingham, AL -medium size venue. Saw the Maine here and multiple alternative/electronic artists.

Oak Mountain Amphitheater (Originally Verizon Wireless Music Center)
- Pelham, AL -large venue. Hosts bands such as Dave Matthews, KISS, Motley Crue, Rise Against, and yes even A Day To Remember.

Jupiter Bar - Tuscaloosa, AL -small venue. Mostly country/southern rock. Some electronic artists come to play here as well. (College town)
10:06 PM on 01/18/13 
User Info.
At a concert.
TheSlyTurtle's Avatar
Male - 22 Years Old
Georgia Venues (That I know)

The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA- personally, my favorite venue to go to. Awesome staff and people. Has 4 separate areas where shows can be played, Hell, Purgatory, Heaven and outside. I've seen A Day to Remember, New Found Glory, Motionless in White, Pierce the Veil, and many other artists play here.

Aaron's Amphitheater at Lakewood- Atlanta, GA- huge venue. Where they hold the Atlanta stop at Warped every year. It's better when they have it in the parking lot/amphitheater. Last year (2012) they had it in a dirt lot next to the amphitheater and it was terrible. There was dust and rocks everywhere. The amphitheater does provide adequate relief from the heat but it's still not the best for all day in the sun.

The Tabernacle
- Atlanta, GA- another amazing venue. holds around 3000 people. Hosts bigger shows. I've seen All Time Low there twice. They also host shows like Ellie Goulding, Excision, Asking Alexandria, Parkway Drive, etc.

The 7 Venue - Douglasville, GA- even though I have personally never been there. I've heard great things about it and they always have good shows. Crown the Empire. Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, and many other bands have played there.
08:17 PM on 01/24/13 
User Info.
Registered User
No Avatar Selected
Male - 21 Years Old
Honestly, I don't mind the Emerson Theater in Indianapolis. Its an extremely intimate venue. Yeah, its in the Indy ghetto. And yeah, the sound is pretty bad. But it always without a doubt gives a great show it seems. I've never been disappointed. You just have to know what your getting yourself into.
01:18 PM on 01/25/13 
User Info.
i shotgunned a beer and went to bed
frontporches's Avatar
Columbus, OH
Adding to the Ohio list:

Rumba Cafe (Columbus) - this place is tiny! 200 capacity MAYBE. Saw mewithoutyou w/ Sainthood reps here. PACKED.
Kobo (Columbus)
Ace of Cups (Columbus) - love this place. Saw Purity Ring here. Basically all shows here end after midnight.
Scarlet and Grey Cafe (Columbus) - pretty much just local bands play here.
The Bluestone (Columbus) - old church converted to a bar/venue. Occasional national acts. 400ish capacity.
A&R Music Bar (Columbus) - Upstairs in the same building as The Basement. I prefer this place but it doesnt get as many tours. For some reason Three Days Grace was booked to play here (wtf?)
The Underground (Cincinnati)
The 86 Club (Cincinnati)
20th Century Theatre (Cincinnati)

Some more Ohio places:
Carabar (Columbus)
Beachland Ballroom/Tavern (Cleveland)
Howard's Club H (Bowling Green)

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