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Saves The Day - 09.23.03Kamtin - Before we start this interview, I would just like to thank you on the behalf of not only myself, but everyone over at AbsolutePunk.net. It means a lot for you to take your time to sit down and answer a few questions!

Kamtin - To get things started, what do you think of the recent law suits filed towards people downloading music? There have been over 200 law suits this week alone and it seems that it is starting to get very serious. I even heard that a 12 year old girl has been sued for downloading nursery rhymes. What is your attitude towards this very controversial issue?

Chris - In my opinion, music should be shared. I would never charge someone to listen to our music. I would invite them to listen. I love to share our music with people. In a perfect world, we could share our music with everyone on the planet for free. The fact that people have to pay for CDs bothers me. But I am a tree-hugger, so that doesn't say much. I think all money should be burned. But that's a whole nutha issue. I think the record industry needs to find a better way of combating CD pirating other than suing little girls. That shit is whack. Maybe if they lowered the outrageous prices, people would buy music. Maybe if they supported more musical artists, people would buy music. But like I said, in my perfect world, you wouldn't have to pay for anything. We could all just share. But that's just hippee day-dreaming, and real life is a lot more complicated. So, yah, feel free to download our music. We want you to listen.

Kamtin - "In Reverie" is absolutely amazing! I have had the priviledge to be able to listen to the record, and I personally think its the best work Saves The Day has done. Obviously the bands sound has changed with every record though. "Can't Slow Down" and "Through Being Cool" had the very energetic and punk feel to it, then out of nowhere came "Stay What You Are", introducing everybody to this brand new style. "In Reverie" is even more different than anything the band has done, and I've seen many people becoming scared away from this style. People have been saying its too different to swallow. How do you feel about a lot of this attitude from many fans?

Chris - Well, obviously we made a VERY different album. We didn't try to make a different album, those were just the only songs we had to work with. The songs are inspired from somewhere else...they come from outerspace and land in my head, and all of a sudden I realize I'm humming a song in my head that I don't recognize, and I run to the guitar to figure out which chords want to compliment the melody, and that's how the songs are born. So, really, we have very little to do with it. We only bring to life the ideas that are presented to us. The ideas come on their own time, whenever they want. And this time around, we just didn't have any straight ahead songs to work with. What you get is what you get. So, I can totally understand why people have a hard time digesting our new album. It is thick music. You can't really get your head around it until you've heard the album five or six times. So, yeah, it's not as immediate as Through Being Cool, or as aggressive as Can't Slow Down, but we made the album we wanted to make with the only songs we had to work with. If an old fan of ours doesn't like this album, I totally understand. It doesn't sound like anything we've done before.

Kamtin - More about the new record...Its obviously a very different record. The music and even the lyrics aren't the same style as previous efforts. Did you guys take a different approach to this record? Also, what kind of mood were you guys in when writting "In Reverie"?

Chris - We went about writing this album as we have with all the previous albums. Like I said before, the songs come from somewhere else. Once we have songs to work with, we dive in and see what wants to happen. Usually, I'll show the guys a skeleton version of an idea I had, then we all get to work fleshing it out and bringing it to life. It's the same process as all the other albums. The lyrics always come last, sometimes once we're in the studio. The songs will have to explain themselves. Like I said, I don't even know where the songs come from, and they pop out of my head. We weren't in any particular mood writing this album. The writing happened over the span of two years, so we went through a lot of ups and downs in that time, as any person does in life. The songs "Monkey" and "Tomorrow Too Late" we actually came up with while recording Stay What You Are, and those are two of the most different songs on the album, so go figure. I really can't make sense of how the music is born.....I can only be open to it when it comes and try to bring it to life.

Kamtin - There are many respectable musicians out there today. Are there any lyricist/song writers that you really admire?

Chris - Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Manu Chao, Hot Rod Circuit, Hey Mercedes, Bjork, and on and on. There's probably a lot more dead musicians that I admire than living ones.

Kamtin - With this new style that the band has been playing, how has that affected Saves The Day's live show? Are there still any songs from "Can't Slow Down" and "Through Being Cool" being played during your live set?

Chris - We still play a wide selection from all our albums except Can't Slow Down. The reason we don't play Can't Slow Down any more is because I am the only person left in the band from those days. If we were to play those songs, the other guys in the band would feel like a karaoke band, and that's uncomfortable. So, our show won't change at all, except we'll be playing three or four songs from the new album each night.

Kamtin - How different has it been to now be supported by a major label rather than an indie label?

Chris - Well, actually we're still going about our business as we always have...playing shows and writing songs. Now, we have the potential to have our music exposed to a larger audience. As of yet, we haven't seen any of that, cause we're still doing the same old thing, driving around the country playing music. DreamWorks just wanted to put out our music. Fortunately, they don't want to turn us into Mariah Carey or something. But we wouldn't have signed to a major label if they were gonna change something about us. Even our album, being as different as it is, was already entirely done...it was entirely recorded (for Vagrant) before the word DreamWorks was even whispered.

Kamtin - In the past couple years, there have been a lot of changes with the bands line-up. How did that effect the bands attitude towards continuing? Were there any monents where you might have thought it was the end of Saves The Day?

Chris - When Bryan Newman quit, I wondered if we should just break up. He was the person I started the band with way back in eight grade, and I couldn't imagine playing with other people. Now that we are on the other side of things, I realize all those changes had to occur for us to be the best band we could possibly be. Unfortunately, people come and go, but that's life, and we could have given up, but we kept moving forwards.

Kamtin - Back to the major label issue. When bands sign on to a major coming from an indie label, there are many harsh attitudes within the small talk. People label the bands as sell outs and all that other stuff. Was there any hesitation signing to Dreamworks?

Chris - Well, obviously we gave it much thought when deciding if we should stay on a indie or move to a major. After recording In Reverie, we started thinking about moving on to a bigger label, cause our deal with Vagrant was up. So, after meeting with people from different labels, we imediately knew DreamWorks was the right place. It had the same feeling as Vagrant when we met Vagrant. Everyone was warm and excited about the opportunity to work with our band. After we saw that they just wanted to be a part of what we were already doing (and they didn't want to change anything), we knew they were the right people.

Kamtin - Again, thank you so very much for doing this interview. We really do appreciate it! Would you like to leave the readers with any last comments?

Chris - Thank you so much to everyone who listens to our music. If no one came out to our shows or listened to our albums, we wouldn't be able to continue as Saves The Day. There is no point if we can't share our music with people. You all keep us going. Thank you. Christopher
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05:50 PM on 09/24/03
days away13
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days away13's Avatar
hey interview was really inciteful.... thanks for using the first 3 questions i submitted

01:09 PM on 09/25/03
Southern punk...Fuck off
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Chevyman803's Avatar
Chris Conley is freakin awesome. I can't wait to see TBS and Saves The Day on Jacksonville. Maybe it'll be the best show of the year, besides Warped Tour
01:42 PM on 09/25/03
Registered User
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theboohi's Avatar
i saw the third(?) show of the tour in albany. it was a really good show. im not a big fan of the new std stuff, but they played like 16 songs, and 12 of them were from stay what you are or through being cool. they were all great, it was good to see them again. im gonna bet the thursday, thrice, coheed show im going to in november will be the best of the year though :)
05:53 PM on 09/25/03
Poor Excuse
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Poor Excuse's Avatar
FUCK good charlotte.. i hate them with a passion.
06:18 AM on 09/26/03
the movielife sucks
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mOvielife99's Avatar
i find it hard to believe that chris would actually say "That shit is whack" hahaha
05:57 AM on 10/07/03
New User Title
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PeeDster's Avatar
that was a good interview...he seemed high as a kite haha.

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