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10:45 PM on 02/29/12
Jesus Saves
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I'll side with Hopeless over WATIC.
Tay is pretty, but, their sound is nothing to raise a banner over, imo
12:25 AM on 03/01/12
Registered User
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I think a great deal of proof that this band can get huge is quite clear. I for one, love this band, but their EP was waaaay better than their full length. I love all the songs on the EP however the full length I'm only listening to about half at the end of the day. The fact that they have gotten so big after releasing a mediocre album is quite clear that if they write a really good pop record that they could explode. They're still gaining popularity even if their product isn't nearly as good as it was. They have an it factor to them. And whoever says that this band is egotistical in my opinion couldn't be more wrong. I have seen them plenty of times in concert and they are ALWAYS out hanging with fans no matter what. Mike their bassist gives fans knuckle tattoo's for fun, I've witnessed them have a gummy bear fight with fans, and cool experiences like that. I saw them twice on the same tour within the past year, one day apart and asked them the first night if they could play an old song of theirs, "This Isn't Rocket Surgery" they said they would and sure enough next show they said on stage we were asked to play a different song tonight, this goes out to those two guys. Point being, I feel if a band is arrogant its because they think they got to where they are because of how musically talented they are, or think they are. A "We're so popular cause we're awesome and make the best music ever" kind of attitude. But they clearly love their fans and appreciate them and all they do for them. They put on a good live show and its so apparent that they're living the dream and having the time of their lives.

I read earlier that they got a new manager, but I have no idea why or anything like that. They were wicked close with the old one so I don't know if that has anything to do with it?
09:39 AM on 03/01/12
click "quote" to start an argument
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fbrrocks...can't tell if troll, or giving actual opinions.
For the sake of our society I really hope troll
09:41 AM on 03/01/12
Vandelay Industries
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esposimi's Avatar
fbrrocks...can't tell if troll, or giving actual opinions.
09:55 AM on 03/01/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
I'm a fan of the label and the band, so I'm interested in hearing more on this one.
08:57 AM on 03/03/12
// I M P O S S I B L E S O U L //
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LetterBomb31's Avatar
Taylor is a gorgeous girl.
We Are The In Crowd are a fun pop-punk band.
That's all there is too it.

I don't see why people have to pick apart every single little detail about a band like this that's only just starting out. And that one poster that is being really harsh about this band and Tay's looks- I think you maybe need to get a hobby?
12:02 PM on 03/03/12
No More
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I don't agree at all. Thomas said earlier that they sound like a less talented Hayley Williams and Alex Gaskarth. Why listen to them when you can actually listen to Paramore and ATL? The music is bland and the lyrics are worse. I just don't see the potential at all. Now with TDS I do. They write great songs, are fairly recognizable, and people really connect. Imagine if this band did half the shit TDS does. No one would listen to them anymore.

And don't get me started on how that girl looks... I'm trying to be nicer in 2012
Tay is hot, therefore the rest of what you just said is automatically invalid.
02:18 PM on 03/03/12
Manufactured Dreams
Fabricated Revolution
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Tay is hot, therefore the rest of what you just said is automatically invalid.

Hahaha btw I'm not the only one who said that
05:18 AM on 03/04/12
Regular Member
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I'm actually glad they're showing a bit of resentment/objection. Maybe it'll get more out of them. At last.
They might have the potential to get bigger, but without Hopeless they would've been NOWHERE. Honestly, they're lucky to even be on it.
They're okay, but nothing more. With a little set back, they might have to actually try a little harder.
07:21 AM on 03/04/12
The Times We Felt ALIVE
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swimhockey's Avatar
Kinda sucks
10:22 AM on 03/04/12
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PawelPotapowicz's Avatar
sucks that this has 190 comments for a few reasons.

1 this is getting them too much hype. it's just twitter. who the fuck cares.

2 they probably did this to stir up commotion and get more attention since they're probably coming up with another release soon (remember what happened before their debut ep?)

3 this band is not that special in my opinion.
03:22 PM on 03/05/12
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I just started listening to this band and I'm surprised at all the hate. They seem like the most legit of all the girl-fronted bands (besides Paramore). Maybe I'm way off but they seem like a real "band" as opposed to Hey Monday and the like. Plus their voices together are so creamy. And their songs are miles better than the stuff some bands who use co-writes come out with. Just let them do their thing Hopeless.

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