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ABSOLUTExclusive: Glamour Kills Tour Split Stream ft. The Wonder Years

Posted by - 10:40 AM on 03/09/12
How's this for a way to kick off your weekend? To make your Friday go by a little faster, we've got a full stream of the Glamour Kills Tour Split featuring The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, Transit, The Story So Far, A Loss for Words and Into It. Over It. The concept of the split is that each band on the tour covered another band on the tour. So head to the replies to stream each of the six songs on the split, and read a little ditty from each of the bands talking about why they covered the songs they covered and why they're stoked for the GK Tour. Dates can be seen in the replies and the tour starts today.
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10:40 AM on 03/09/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Tour Dates3/9 Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA SOLD OUT
3/10 MATINEE The Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY SOLD OUT
3/10 The Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY SOLD OUT
3/12 Royale - Boston, MA SOLD OUT
3/13 Ritual - Ottawa, ON
3/14 Annex Wreckroom - Toronto, ON
3/15 Magic Stick - Detroit, MI
3/16 Peabody's Down Under - Cleveland, OH
3/17 MATINEE The Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
3/17 The Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL SOLD OUT
3/18 Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis, MN
3/20 The Marquis Theatre - Denver, CO
3/21 Club Sound - Salt Lake City, UT
3/23 The Venue - Boise, ID
3/24 El Corazon - Seattle, WA
3/25 Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, OR
3/27 Slim's - San Francisco, CA
3/28 The Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA
3/29 The Glass House - Pomona, CA
3/30 Soma Sidestage - San Diego, CA
4/1 Nile Theatre - Mesa, AZ
4/3 Trees - Dallas TX
4/4 White Rabbit - San Antonio, TX
4/5 Antones - Austin, TX
4/6 The Studio @ Warehouse Live - Houston, TX
4/7 Downtown Music - Little Rock, AR
4/8 Rockettown - Nashville, TN
4/10 The Orpheum - Tampa, FL
4/11 Rocketown - Pompano Beach, FL
4/12 The Social - Orlando, FL
4/13 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
4/14 New Brookland Tavern - Columbia, SC
4/15 The Soapbox Laundrolounge - Wilmington, NC
4/16 The Canal Club - Richmond, VA
4/17 The Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
4/18 Madison Theatre - Covington, KY
4/19 Theatre of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
4/20 Theatre of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA SOLD OUT

The Wonder Years covering Into It. Over It.'s "Anchor"
TWY - Anchor - IIOI

Dan "Soupy" Campbell, vocalist of The Wonder YearsTo be honest, this split was kind of a pipe dream. I've seen two bands work together on a split and do covers of one another (see: Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music or Get Up Kids/Coalesce) and even bands do splits where they all get together and write songs (see: Small Brown Bike/Casket Lottery) but this was a much bigger thing to coordinate. There are six bands involved (which also means six labels involved), all of whom tour full time. I know that we spent nine months away from home last year and I think all of the other bands did about the same. So, to get six bands with enough respect for each other to want to cover the songs, who are willing to do this and can somehow find time in their touring schedules to make this happen is a really special occurrence.

We've always been huge fans of Evan's (Into It Over It) song writing, dating back to his previous band The Progress so we knew immediately that we wanted to cover one of his songs. The issue was which. Seeing as he has a larger catalog of music than anyone else I know, we had a lot of options, but we knew we wanted to do an acoustic song and make it loud. Anchor was the song that caused me to fall in love with the IIOI project when it was operating on a week to week basis so we quickly landed on that one and started planning to take a song with one guitar part and a melody to a song with three guitars, bass, drums and me yelling over it. We recorded it in a spare day with Will Yip while he was making the new Koji record and I'm honestly really proud of how it came out.

Polar Bear Club covering Transit's "Skipping Stone"
PBC - Skipping Stone - Transit

Jimmy Stadt, vocalist of Polar Bear Club We did "Skipping Stone" because we felt like we could actually do something different with it being that it was acoustic. It was kind of fun putting it together in our own way. We really weren't sure if it would sound good but we're really happy with it. We really can't take credit though. Transit wrote a great song, we just covered it. This tour is going to be a great time. It just feels like people are really excited about which has the bands excited which means its going to be a great show every night.

Transit covering Polar Bear Club's "Resent and Resistance"
Transit - Resent and Resistance - PBC

Tim Landers, guitarist/backup vocalist from TransitWe chose to cover Polar Bear Club's "Resent and Resistance" for a number of reasons. Primarily, because that song will always hold a special little place in my heart. When I was in high school, a friend of mine booked Polar Bear Club at this little church in my hometown where we always used to play. PBC only had a demo out at the time, and they played "Resent and Resistance" as a new song. My seventeen year old self was blown away. I mean, "the Redder the Better" is just a plain great EP. It's a blast to play that song, and we got the chance to put our own little twist on it. Any time we do a cover, we try to bring new, refreshing ideas to the table. It's fun to do what you do over someone else's ideas and songwork. We're happy we had the opportunity to cover each other.

We're just looking forward to the tour in general. The band has been settled in at home base for a while, and we're dying to play some music- to be blunt. It seems it's shaping up to be a memorable one, too.

The Story So Far covering A Loss for Words' "Wrightsville Beach"
TSSF - Wrightsville Beach - AL4W

Will Levy, guitarist of The Story So Far We chose to record "Wrightsville Beach" because it was our favorite AL4W song and AL4W is who we drew to cover for the comp. We decided to make the song completely different because covering bands in your own genre is really difficult so we decided to just go completely wacky with it. We all love hardcore, this sort of reflects that. We're stoked to be a part of the GK Tour, looking forward to some great shows with some of our favorite bands. Thizz or die 2012.

A Loss for Words covering The Story So Far's "Quicksand"
AL4W - Quicksand - TSSF

Matty Arsenault, vocalist of A Loss for WordsWe are stoked for everyone to hear us covering one of our favorite up and coming west coast bands, The Story So Far and their song "Quicksand". It was already an amazing song to begin with, so we just enjoyed covering it. Just throwing our little twist on it while drinking some beers and getting rowdy in the studio with our boy Chris Curran! Which we are currently back in with doing a little something special! Can't wait to see those bastards and the rest of our homies on the GK Tour! What a friendly group of people to spend the month April with!! Go support this tour and we will see you March 29th! Thanks AP.net for always supporting our bands.

Into It. Over It. covering The Wonder Years' "Don't Let Me Cave In"
IIOI - Don't Let Me Cave In - TWY

Evan Thomas Weiss, the guy who does everything for Into It. Over It.When we initially started talking about doing the covers compilation, I hadn't really thought about covering a Wonder Years song. Of all of the bands on the tour, they are definitely the trickiest to take on and make a cover version seem appropriate. This is mostly due to Dan's hyper-personal lyrics. However, when it came time to select something (furthermore, after hearing they decided to do a version of my song "Anchor") I felt like I had to try and up the ante with them a little bit. Choosing "Don't Let Me Cave In" was my first choice. Really not the easiest song to pick from their catalog, but definitely the most appropriate for me to make my own.

Dan mentions my name in the original version. It's a small anecdote about us getting tacos together in Chicago. We were outside of a La Dispute show which was happening at a house called Strange Light in Logan Square, which is a neighborhood near where I live. When I first heard their version, I was pretty flattered that Dan had included me in a song. Our friendship goes way back (almost 10 years at this point) and I felt "what better way to pay tribute to his tribute than to flip the script in his own song".

Stay Ahead Of The Weather had played a show in Philadelphia on 12/31/2010 and Dan had sung with us during a song. During that time in my life, I was going through a really tough situation similar to the one he had initially written about. Seeing as he took a jab at Chicago in his version, I figured I could take a jab at Philadelphia in mine and mirror our situations using the opposing cities and life decisions we had made. The whole thing turned out perfectly. They were suited to compliment each other. Don't Let Me Cave In (when you boil it down) is such a sad song. I'm glad I was able to do what I could to really bring that out further. I hope people really enjoy it.

This tour is gonna be a blast. Old friends, great shows, solid hangs.
10:43 AM on 03/09/12
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brandon_260's Avatar
Thomas, thank you for this exclusive.

Alright, I'm through it now.
TWY did a really cool spin on the IIOI track.
PBC absolutely nailed it. Almost like that more than the original.
Transit sounded awesome. Loved Tim's presence.
TSSF.... uh. It's cool, just wish the song was more recognizable.
AL4W are one of the best bands doing pop punk right now. Awesome cover.
IIOI did the best on the split. Evan is crazy talented and I love the lyrical tweaks.
10:47 AM on 03/09/12
We are the only friends we have
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MikeYabs's Avatar
Awesome. Love how all of these covers came out. For real, thanks Thomas!
10:48 AM on 03/09/12
Regular Member
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markymarkmac's Avatar
i think i shit myself listening to the story so far
10:50 AM on 03/09/12
What you feel will rarely rhyme.
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LivingTheLyrics's Avatar
Great fucking get, Thomas. This rules.
10:52 AM on 03/09/12
What you feel will rarely rhyme.
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Also, this is the best that Soupy's voice has ever sounded. Pretty blown away.
10:52 AM on 03/09/12
I used to be good at Madden.
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youenvydoug's Avatar
This is awesome.
10:55 AM on 03/09/12
What you feel will rarely rhyme.
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LivingTheLyrics's Avatar
This whole thing is amazing, wow.
10:57 AM on 03/09/12
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phaynes1's Avatar
What a killer exclusive. This is so awesome. Can't wait to pick up this vinyl next month. The PBC cover might actually be my favorite, which really surprises me.
10:57 AM on 03/09/12
The Things We Think We're Missing
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GetUpAndrew's Avatar
This is incredibly great. Skipping Stone and Quicksand are my personal favorites, but all the split sound just...incredible.
10:57 AM on 03/09/12
every planet we reach is dead
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creativemind's Avatar
The "Don't Let Me Cave In"-cover gave me the chills! These are all awesome!
10:59 AM on 03/09/12
Regular Member
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seanr91's Avatar
that wrightsville beach cover is... interesting
10:59 AM on 03/09/12
just a quiet evening
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aloneatlastnj's Avatar
bahhh wish I could hear these songs my phone
11:02 AM on 03/09/12
Brandon Allin
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To be honest, I don't really like any of these. They're all okay, I guess, but I wasn't really feeling it.

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