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Josh RitterThe Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter
Release Date: August 21, 2007
Record Label: Sony Music Group/Victor

Usually only once or twice a year, an album comes along, trailing behind it a robust passion for music, an appreciation for the legends of the genre, and above all, the ability to capture the hearts and minds of all those who listen. In 2007, that album is without a doubt Josh Ritter's The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. Ritter walks the same traveling minstrel line as Springsteen and the Man in Black himself, producing songs that go far beyond a simple entertainment factor. Many critics believed Josh Ritter might never top his heavily-praised release from seventeen months before, The Animal Years. Switching musical styles quite noticeably, Ritter instead chose to blow the doors off of his earlier work.

The talented singer-songwriter from Idaho wastes no time enthralling his audience with the album's opener, “To the Dogs or Whoever,” a stream of consciousness as much as anything else. Ritter hardly takes a breath between his vibrant, visual lyrics, which stand out throughout The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. Despite his unorthodox delivery, the song will bounce around in your head for hours. Listeners definitely won't pick up all of Ritter's varied allusions upon first listen; this album will likely take a few listens before they will begin to fully appreciate its lyrical and musical depth. “Right Moves” is a personal favorite—a catchy blues-inflected track featuring enough strings to fill an orchestra (the violin parts are nearly electrifying), and the use of a shimmering organ to punctuate this fantastic song.

The next two tracks take a completely different, at times minimalistic approach (at compared to the rest of this record, which largely works on the “bigger is better” principle). “The Temptation of Adam” and “Open Doors” have different strengths; the former, Ritter's painful honesty, the latter, his ability to write one hell of a hook. “Rumors” is another favorite, an indulgent track in which a cheeky Ritter remarks, “My orchestra is gigantic/this thing could sink the Titanic.” He uses the orchestra effectively, painting a very memorable vivid soundscape; it would not be out of place on a movie soundtrack. Following a lush instrumental is “Wait for Love,” which does not feel like it brings the same passion to the album as some of the other songs.

“Real Long Distance” gets the listeners' feet stomping just in time for Ritter to lead into his heavily Cash-influenced “Next to the Last Romantic,” which bounces along atop some very effective drumbeats. “Still Beating” kind of falls into the same category as “Wait for Love,” except with much stronger lyrics. Regardless, “Empty Hearts” is the show-stopper near the very end with its infectious chorus, especially considering the album ends with a shorter reprise of “Wait for Love.”

Josh Ritter's lyrics really are something to behold, and this album takes advantage of his curiosity as a songwriter. The tracks really don't blend together, and that allows them to stay fresh in the minds of listeners. If you only pick up one album from someone who falls into the singer-songwriter category this year, make sure it is The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. It is a fantastic album with something for everyone as Ritter explores a number of varying styles and all with an admirably vibrant and deft touch that you need to experience for yourself.

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Track List01. To the Dogs or Whoever
02. Mind's Eye
03. Right Moves
04. The Temptation of Adam
05. Open Doors
06. Rumors
07. Edge of the World
08. Wait for Love
09. Real Long Distance
10. Next to the Last Romantic
11. Moons
12. Still Beating
13. Empty Hearts
14. Wait for Love (You Know You Will)
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This review is a user submitted review from Tony Pascarella. You can see all of Tony Pascarella's submitted reviews here.
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07:40 PM on 09/18/07
Take Apart Your Head
User Info.
Shatter_Glass's Avatar
Cannot wait for this. OHHHHH YA.
07:40 PM on 09/18/07
is a brain in a vat
User Info.
12:46AM's Avatar
95! I might have rated it a bit lower, but I still haven't spent enough time with it yet.

This album is a definite top 10-er though.
07:43 PM on 09/18/07
Tony Pascarella
User Info.
Tony Pascarella's Avatar
It's top 5 for me, no doubt.
09:08 PM on 09/18/07
Sandwich lover
User Info.
supadupa003's Avatar
Maybe it's just the timing of when I heard this album, but no other album has come close to the beauty of this record for me this year.
05:24 AM on 09/19/07
Always love.
User Info.
skup1017's Avatar
This guy is truly wonderful. Honestly, one of my friends told me to listen to him yesterday, so I hit up his myspace page and instantly loved it all, so I went out and bought his last two cds. Whoever hasn't heard Girl in the War off his The Animal Years album is missing out.
The Historical Conquests... album definitely kicks off with one of my favorite songs thus far, "To the Dogs or Whoever", which catchy-johnny cash-like vocals. "Open Doors", "Wait for love" are also two other great ones, and I don't know why, but I really like "Next to the last romantic".
If you haven't heard this guy, imagine an up tempo bright eyes on some tracks mixed with johnny cash and bob dylan on others...he's wonderful, and everyone should pick this cd up.
06:30 AM on 09/19/07
In December, drinkin' Horchata
User Info.
SwishMX48's Avatar
This album is incredible...I totally agree with the review that it doesn't hit you all at once (I had to listen to The Temptation of Adam a few times itself just get a grasp on it). I got into his music a few years ago with Hello Starling and I encourage anyone who appreciates music to give this a try...for sure in my top five this year so far.
12:09 PM on 09/19/07
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
That's way to high of a rating. I truly believe that "The Dead will walk Dear" by The National Lights fits much better into the description in the first part of your first paragraph. I couldn't disagree more about the tracks not blending together. At the end of the day, there's nothing about Ritter that really stands out, at least, to me.
12:24 PM on 09/19/07
Take Ecstasy With Me
User Info.
FeynmanWannabe's Avatar
12:59 PM on 09/19/07
User Info.
mattybobviously's Avatar
Top 5 material for sure.
01:04 PM on 09/19/07
...all we fight for
User Info.
meeotch's Avatar
Spot on. Brilliant music.
03:45 PM on 09/19/07
Fear of growing older
User Info.
rickmo's Avatar
I cant get enough of this album. I didnt even know it was coming out, that made it all the more exciting, i was skeptical about it being able to hold a light to Animal Years, but I love it.

1st and 4th tracks are my favorite
07:29 PM on 09/19/07
notMcLeod either
User Info.
notdarren's Avatar
good album. good review, tony.
10:25 PM on 09/19/07
Dan CiTi
User Info.
Dan CiTi's Avatar
This interests me so much. Similar artists?
10:48 AM on 09/21/07
Chris Reynolds
I want to see both worlds as one...
User Info.
Chris Reynolds's Avatar
I was a bit skeptical when I bought this CD, but after the first song I was hooked. This CD is just spectacular on every level.

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