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Wednesday Spotlight: Brighten

Posted by - 08:36 AM on 04/04/12
Do you ever listen to an album and discard it, only to revisit it at a later time and completely blow you away? Whether you weren't emotionally ready for it or didn't give the record the proper listen it truly deserved, somehow it suddenly clicked with you. I recently came across this issue with Brighten's latest EP, I'll Always Be Around. For myself, I don't think I was mature enough to listen and actually get the music. Yes, it was only released in August 2011, but the world moves so fast, seasons change and so do we. I've gone in and out of relationships, been through some of the most incredible experiences I've ever seen, and am about to make life-altering decisions regarding my future.

Brighten has always seemed to be an overlooked band in the modern music scene. Whether it's because they were involved in legal disputes with labels or because lead singer and guitarist Justin Richards is playing in A Rocket To The Moon, the band has never been able to stay active enough to capture and hold onto its audience. This shouldn't be a band restricted to the blogs and zines, this should be a group we hear on the radio along with the likes of John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw, and others. Their pop-rock frame that is accentuated with hints of soft country rock make Brighten an easy and accessible listen for anyone looking for that soothing blend of beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics that don't border on cheesy and cliche.

Maybe the love and admiration for this EP only come from being a product of the environment I created for myself. However, Justin Richards and company create such a heartfelt and intimate record that deserves at the very least an inkling of recognition that their peers get every day. Head to the replies to check out my two favorite tracks from the EP, "I'll Always Be Around" and "Your World."
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08:37 AM on 04/04/12
Christian Wagner
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08:43 AM on 04/04/12
Registered Member
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luqmanhakim's Avatar
It's actually crazy how overlooked they are.
08:47 AM on 04/04/12
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TimMcGreevy's Avatar
Absolutely fell in love with thiis EP when it came out over the summer. Last year I read the review for Be Human on here and fell in love with the band. The track on this album that hit me the most was "Home" because it came to me at a time when the idea of "home" was changing to me. It was the first summer I didn't live at home with my parents (In fact I lived two states away with a friend, 5 miles from the ocean). It was comforting to hear the chorus "I wanna know when I go back home and know I'ma have somebody/ I wanna know what it feels like when you don't need nobody else/ gotta go back home/ gotta go back home to know/ I've got a good life it's a good day" and know that I had all these things when I went home.
08:57 AM on 04/04/12
Died from an accident.
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blimpcityhero11's Avatar
It's actually crazy how overlooked they are.
So true... I always feel like these guys put out consistently great stuff.
08:58 AM on 04/04/12
Regular Member
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gameguru990's Avatar
I absolutely love this band.
08:59 AM on 04/04/12
get up kidd
Blah Blah Blah
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get up kidd's Avatar
Same Band? Weird

09:19 AM on 04/04/12
It's good to be back
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falafelmywaffle's Avatar
forever in love, forever in love with you
09:21 AM on 04/04/12
Regular Member
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Mikeallover's Avatar
Was that the guitar player from Number One Gun/ The Make in those videos?
09:22 AM on 04/04/12
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sjb2k1's Avatar
best EP of 2011. i fucking LOVE these guys.
09:22 AM on 04/04/12
Matthew Moore
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Matthew Moore's Avatar
Have always really liked their stuff. My favorite song of theirs is "Where We Belong."

09:24 AM on 04/04/12
Regular Member
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hahasnorlax's Avatar
Cool to see Jeff from The Make/Number One Gun singing with them.
09:32 AM on 04/04/12
whispered east
ThisGlassEmbrace.bandcamp .com
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whispered east's Avatar
I had the same experience. The last three Brighten EPs have underwhelmed me at first, only to have me rediscover them months or years later and realize that I was a crazy person and Brighten gets better with every record.
09:38 AM on 04/04/12
Registered User
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ruptured's Avatar
i had a friend try to force me to listen to the early love ep and nothing about them seemed to stick for me. about a year ago, i gave it a listen and fell in love with them. they're such a good band and i wish that they were more active, or that they'd tour again so i'd have a chance to see them live.
09:42 AM on 04/04/12
Purple Monkey Dishwasher
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t00latef0rr0ses's Avatar
This band deserves a lot more love than they get. This EP is spectacular and people NEED to hear it.

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