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Contest: No Room For Rock Stars

Posted by - 12:18 PM on 04/04/12
Today we are giving away a prize pack in celebration of the iTunes release of No Room For Rock Stars. It has a tote bag, branded trucker hat, gift card for a free Vans Custom Shoe and Vans coffee table book which includes a chapter on the history of The Vans Warped Tour. We are asking you to write a response, statement, or story to the question: "What does Warped Tour mean to you?" The best post will be chosen. I will close the thread on April 6th at midnight EST. Good luck and I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

Update: The thread is now closed. Thanks to all of you who participated. I will PM the winner.
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12:19 PM on 04/04/12
Christian Wagner
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12:34 PM on 04/04/12
Founder of @BehindTheCade
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TheRealJohnOC's Avatar
Warped Tour is like the summer camp you WANT to go to. Year after year, there's at least 5 bands you want to see. Of course you have some throwaway bands but the beauty of Warped is that there's always another 4 bands playing at the same time. Another cool thing about Warped is that you can find new music that you might enjoy. From personal experience, I remember finding bands like Closure in Moscow, Dinner and a Suit, Sparks the Rescue, The Casualties and more all thanks to Warped. Even if you want to take a break from the music, there are a ton of vendors and non profits selling things and spreading messages. You can't forget about some of the free stuff they give you. From sunglasses and bags, to stickers and shirts, you can go away with a lot of free "swag". There are more things I can talk about but where else can you see your favorite band, get free things, meet new people and talk to pretty much every band member playing that day?
12:54 PM on 04/04/12
Regular Member
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TenSpeed's Avatar
Warped tour, is consistently, my best day of the year for a consecutive five years in a row. Some of the best memories in my life have been there, including crying my eyes out the first time i saw Coheed and Cambria, moshing and crowd surfing at Devil Wears Prada with my friend pierce, and the long drives up and back every year. It represents something very close to me, the memory of being there, seeing all these bands, and talking with my friends about how it was going to be us someday. There was a kind of spirit of victory, being at a set of Day to Remember or Underoath with those people important to you, where the only thing that mattered was that you were there, and in that moment nothing else mattered. The only thing was the music, the bands, and that instant in time.

Warped tour is something i wouldn't trade anything for. Maybe it's because it represents my youth. Or that it's the cornerstone of my friendship with my conrad and former bandmate Pierce. I don't really know. But i know that every time i was at the stage, it was the only place i wanted to be. And for myself, I think thats something really special.
12:56 PM on 04/04/12
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O Doyle Rules
01:04 PM on 04/04/12
Craig Ismaili
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Craig Ismaili's Avatar
Warped Tour is the one day a year I don't mind standing out in 100 degree heat (on a blacktop which makes it feel like 115) for hours on end, so I can see a half dozen of my favorite bands play in the same place on the same day. Its about sitting with my best friends under the shade of the only damn tree in the festival ground, just to get a chance to rest. It's about making a list of all the bands I like that are playing, ranked in the order I'd like to see them, and then completely disregarding the list the second I see the big board. Warped Tour is about all of these things. But most importantly, it's about standing with a crowd of thousands of other kids and singing along to that set-closing song of that mainstage band who you remember playing local show. It's the look on everyone of the fans faces that says"this band has made it. They're playing Warped Tour". That's what Warped Tour is to me
01:15 PM on 04/04/12
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what Warped Tour means to me: Vans Warped Tour, to
me, is what brings all fans of music together. they all come to one place for the interest: music. music is the most important thing in my life. I don't go an hour without doing something music related. Warped Tour is that one day of the year where I can be with all the other people and bands in my region of Anerican that har the same love of music and art that I do. Warped Tour isn't just about the music. it's about the cause and art as well as the fun.
01:39 PM on 04/04/12
Registered Member
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iseejosh's Avatar
I first started going to Warped Tour in 2005, after buying the Comiplation CD, after then my life was never the same. I became obsessed with the music and the culture that came along with it, from tattoos to clothing and everything in between. During the South FL stop I remember seeing Rufio open the mainstage and thought it really couldnt get any better, then the rest of the day happened. I saw Fall Out Boy, Senses Fail and every other band I could possibly see. I remember leaving and all I could think about is, who will I see next year. When it was all over my life would never be the same. I quickly drenched myself in all things punk/alternative from this here web site to subscribing to AP, I studied it.My walls soon became endrenched with posters of Allister, Matchbook Romance, and Story of The Year. Soon after my body became tattooed with lyrics from Armor for Sleep, Bayside logos and Senses Fail quotes. Ive been to Warped every year since and each year, and each year I find new ways to love Warped Tour, from new bands I discover or memories with friends I've made. Every year I purchase my wardrobe for the following year on the few dates I attend. Warped Tour is my christmas in summer, it shaped who I am and who I will grow to be. That is what Warped Tour means to me.
01:52 PM on 04/04/12
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topsecret's Avatar
Warped Tour means the first time I saw a girl's vagina in real life! Warped Tour 1998 during Save Ferris's set. I was 15 years old. Some older guy tapped me on the shoulder & told me to turn around. There was a girl in a mini skirt sitting on top of an LBZ (clothing company) motorhome. No panties. I was in heaven. I've been perverted ever since. THANK YOU WARPED TOUR!
02:06 PM on 04/04/12
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cubsml34's Avatar
In 2009, my music tastes had been thrown in a direction I wasn't entirely sure that I would like. Only a year earlier I was under the opinion that all rock, metal, or alternative music past the year 1995 was utter crap, but bands like AFI, Rise Against, and Bullet for My Valentine really peaked my interest and my interests shifted into the new millennium. The sounds were so different than the 90's alternative and 70's classic rock I was so accustomed to. The punk energy and pace, the dire and edgy subject matter, and most importantly the screamed vocals I heard were shocking and certainly foreign to me, but for some reason I really gravitated towards this new scene. These bands brought me to Silverstein, whom I quickly grew obsessed with, and in the process of looking them up on the Internet I saw that they were playing Warped Tour this same summer. Now I had heard of Warped Tour from a few friends over the years but I wasn't entirely sure what it entailed. I believe I still had some bullshit misconceptions about the Tour being flood with crappy screamo and punk bands, but nevertheless I wanted to at least see Silverstein, and a couple of friends of mine wanted to see The Maine, 3oh!3, and All Time Low. Even though soon afterwards I found out Silverstein wasn't playing in Chicago, I had looked up a few other bands that I really dug, the main one being TAT.

Upon getting to First Midwest Bank that day, I couldn't believe just how eclectic the atmosphere was. 22,000 people from all styles, scenes, and walks of life had converged on this parking lot for the same exact purpose, to listen to their favorite bands play nonstop for 9 hours, through averse weather, brutal drives, and a myriad of other mishaps and issues. I had never felt part of a culture so large, yet so unknown from the majority of the people who asked me "Wait, what's Warped Tour?". Over the 3 year period I've been going (fingers crossed for 4 this year) the images that have been retained in my memory will stay with me for the rest of my life. Because frankly, where else are you going to line dance with members of OF&M and TWY while Bad Rabbits is alternating between their funk rock grooves and clips of The Dillinger Escape Plan's 43% Burnt? Where else are going to be tapping your toe to Deals' Gone Bad one minute and the next accidentally start a fight between two very angry 15 year old scene girls during Parkway Drive, all while watching a 50 year old mom run through the pits to try and get closer to the stage and rock out? Where else will Chris from Closure in Moscow come out in a skin tight green alien/super hero costume in full makeup, and the next witness Ben from TDEP jump off double stacked monitors and then proceed to don a lion mascot head and run into that very same monitor ten times in a row? Where else will you (unfortunately) see Jonny Craig ask the crowd "Lemme see some titties", and the next try to prevent a myriad of crowd surfers from falling on a lad in a wheelchair during AM Taxi, having decided to hazardly locate himself directly in front of the stage?

TAT, Deal's Gone Bad, Foxy Shazam, Bad Rabbits, Shad, the Aggrolites- all artists I discovered thanks to Warped Tour, and along with all of the other acts in which I had anticipated seeing, have made some
of the best three days of my life these past three years. The ability to go up to a band and talk to them for a couple of minutes, get a sense of their personality, and thank them for having a profound effect upon your live is unrivaled in any other music scene. All these things are what makes Warped an experience that's worth the 100 degree heat and humidity, the errant elbows thrown in mosh pits, the hilariously restrictive outside water bottle policies and insanely gouged food prices. To feel connected with a part of the community that you have depended on and loved the most, is simply, unmatched.
02:18 PM on 04/04/12
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Wot?'s Avatar
Warped Tour means so much to me. To me it means seeing my favorite bands and getting to meet them after their set. It means discovering my new favorite bands playing on the Kevin Says Stage or selling CDs in the parking lot. It means helping out a cause, whether it be giving blood for Music Saves Lives or getting an "I <3 Boobies" bracelet at the Keep A Breast tent. It means having the best day ever with all my best friends and making new friends in the crowd. I look forward to it every year and every year it doesn't disappoint. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
02:27 PM on 04/04/12
The Starship Renegade
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guitarguy211's Avatar
Honestly, I have only been to one Warped tour in my life. However, as I look back, seeing all the bands that got on the tour and advertised on it really affected my musical tastes and what I listened to. It has helped me see some of my favorite bands for the first (Go Radio) or the umpteenth (Relient K) time, and has also helped me to find new great bands (Shut Up and Deal, The Narrative). I love the atmosphere of Warped, where everything is about the music--bands playing, musicians walking around talking to people, smaller bands promoting, sponsors trying to sell you worthless stuff you don't need (that doesn't have anything to do with music actually...). Warped is a great time to hang out with friends, see bands you love, and to find new bands as well.
02:53 PM on 04/04/12
Registered User
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ABSOLiat's Avatar
Every year we went to Warped Tour but when I was 17, my friends and I piled into a truck and drove from Long Island to the Philadelphia Warped Tour date. That year, it hailed while bands were on stage. In fact, they had to stop Warped in the middle of the day. As kids ran under stages and back to their cars, I had a decision to make - I could either stand in the hail, or I could stay dry and come back after the hail stopped. In the end, I stood front row center through rain and hail just to see my favorite band live. And as I was being pelted with ice, it occurred to me that Warped Tour was more than just music, it was more than just a festival, it was more than just a show - Warped was a living, breathing event. Only hail could stop the show, but it didn't stop the bands from getting back on stage. The stranger who waited in the hail with me, he was my "Warped Tour boyfriend" and he may have been the best boyfriend I ever had - because he shared an unforgettable moment with me, he shared a true musical experience.
05:10 PM on 04/04/12
Jena ≈ Gina.
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Jenajena's Avatar
Warped Tour to me means seeing amazing artists, getting a weird tan, getting sunburned, and sweating like crazy and then going home knowing it was the best day ever.
08:52 PM on 04/04/12
Occasionally a fan girl
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kismet's Avatar
Warped Tour is the one day I look forward to. The minute it ends, I'm already excited for what next year will bring. I haven't gone for that long, but it still means a lot to me. I've seen so many amazing bands because of Warped Tour and met some really awesome bands that I'd never heard of before. I just love the feeling of being surrounded by people that love music as much as I do for once. I have gained so much respect for bands/artists that do Warped. The amount of endurance it takes is incredible. I admire the bands that play to maybe 100 kids, but look so happy doing it so much. My experience at Warped has changed the way I see music. It's not just the music, it's the people that make it. Those people are absolutely amazing people that I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking to because of Warped Tour. It's a great way for fans to meet their favorite artist as well as finding another band they'll love. I'm honestly counting down the days until Warped Tour instead of the days until I graduate high school because it's much more exciting than a long ceremony with too many speeches.

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