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08:06 AM on 04/07/12
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"The blind lead the blind into bottomless pits; still we smile and deny that we're cursed. But of all our iniquities, ignorance may be the worst."
- Thrice, "All the World Is Mad"

"I tried to move you, but you just wouldn't budge. I tried to hold your hand, but you'd rather hold your grudge. I think you know what I'm getting at; you said goodbye, and I just don't want you regretting that! No, I don't hate you, don't want to fight you. Know I'll always love you, but right now I just don't like you - 'cause you took this too far."
- Relient K, "Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet?"

"We were soldiers then, our bodies in the sand. And like that sand, through our hands go our grandest plans. And just to see your face for one moment, I'd cross the ocean again. The end is not the end. I'll be by your side on the other side."
- House of Heroes, "By Your Side"

"I've grown tired of chasing, convinced I was in need. And now the years I've spent, only a slave to this! Tomorrow may fall, and today is already gone. I will no longer adore these things that will never satisfy me. I've seen my world change, and then go back to where it came. In this vicious circle, we are all brought back to life, only to die again; but without these barren obsessions, I am simply free."
- As I Lay Dying, "I Never Wanted"

"This is side one, flip me over. I know I'm not your favorite record. The songs you grow to like never stick at first, so I'm writing you a chorus, and here is your verse."
- Fall Out Boy, "Dead on Arrival"

"You're sick, sick as all the secrets that you deny. Sins, like skeletons, are so very hard to hide. You're suffocating me, so very hard to breathe. My mask is growing heavy, but I've forgotten who's beneath."
- Anberlin, "Reclusion"

"It's only temporary, that fleeting feeling of warmth. Just a flash before the line gets blurry between a longing for more than what the body wants now and what the body wants now more than anything. Was it integrity that kept my hands to myself, or just the thought of getting too far ahead of you? Was it that I got too tired of the consequence? Or was I just scared? I only know I never wanted to get left behind."
- La Dispute, "The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit"

"I was raised up believing I was somehow unique, like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes, unique in each way you can see. And now, after some thinking, I'd say I'd rather be a functioning cog in some great machinery, serving something beyond me."
- Fleet Foxes, "Helplessness Blues"

"There we were, dying of frustration, singing 'Lord, lead me not into temptation.' But it's not easy when she turns you on. Sin, stay gone. If you'd only say, if you'd only say yes. Whether you will's anybody's guess. God only, God knows I'm trying my best, but I'm just so tired of this loneliness."
- Coldplay, "Yes"

"My mind is programmed to have a routine. They tell me to get myself in line but never cross it. I could be living a lie, I could be living a dream. I am part of a machine. And it is killing us, I am the evidence. "
- Failsafe, "Routines"

Excellent topic, Jason.
08:25 AM on 04/07/12
I got a lion in my pocket I'm lying
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Since I never played an instrument but enjoyed writing I've always chose bands off of lyrics and vocals. Since it would be absolutely ridiculous to go through my music and find my favorite lyrics I'll have to go with the ones that stick out.

Brand New - Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Doesn't
"Oh, we're so c-c-c-c-c-controversial. We are entirely smooth. We admit to the truth, We are the best at what we do. And these are the words you wish you wrote down. This is the way you wish your voice sounds, Handsome and smart. Oh my tongue's the only muscle on my body That works harder than my heart."

The Matches - Scratched Out
The entire song is great just go listen to it.

Weatherbox - Atom Smash
"My strings grow wings and hands."

Say Anything - Yellow Cat/Red Cat
"I'm skinny when I'm standing and I'm Buddah when I sit, and if I'm so enlightened why'd I waste your time on it."

Joanna Newsom - The Book Of Right-On
"I killed my dinner with karate, Kick em' in the face, taste the body"

Freelance Whales - Hannah
"Hannah takes the stairs and I usually take the elevator, Every now and then she offers me a lemon now and later, Please don't play the match maker, please don't be a player hater, if you dig her recent work, than you should go congratulate her."

That's all I can think of right now. Some lyricists I couldn't pick songs from are Richard Edwards, Andy Hull, Isaac Brock, James Mercer
09:08 AM on 04/07/12
Soft sound
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11:11's Avatar
Of course all of yours are great. Bastard.
I try
09:19 AM on 04/07/12
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Every lyric from The Wonder Years. For real.
09:55 AM on 04/07/12
Death Before Decaf
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Pretty much agree with everything Jason posted.
09:57 AM on 04/07/12
Chris Collum
Goddamn those shaky knees
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I seriously spent like two hours drafting up my post. Haha. Do it!
Okay fine. It's not like I have anything at all better to do. I'm definitely going with the one lyric per artist restriction though...I think that will simplify things.
10:05 AM on 04/07/12
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Curious as to any lyrics people have inked on them...

Savor it -etid and "may gods love be with you always"from Joseph Arthur's in the sun.
10:40 AM on 04/07/12
Ser Ben Wyatt
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Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart
"How I wish you could see the potential, the potential of you and me."

10:43 AM on 04/07/12
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super cool discussion topic man
01:25 PM on 04/07/12
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I had a good amount of lyrics picked out, but after reading through everybody's inputs, there are just so many lines. Too many, even. Jason how the hell did you narrow down a Top 10 list of this?

"I will never end up like him; behind my back, I already am. Keep a calendar, this way you will always know the last time you came through, oh darling I know what you're going through"
-Fall Out Boy - "Headfirst Slide" (There are far too many lines from them that I love and that are worthy of mentioning)
01:27 PM on 04/07/12
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brutal father/son relationship breakdown:

ensign - 15 years

Running around in circles
Always trying to please you
I just wanted you to see
My life had meaning and
I was doing something real
I tried explaining
But it fell upon deaf ears
So many years have passed, and you
You don't know who I am
I'm still caught up in that phase
Did I really throw my life away
How can you look me in the eye
And say you're proud
When you know it's all a lie
15 years
Do you know how they were spent
So far from wasted
But you just don't get it
Face to face
Without a thing to say
What's the point when it won't ever change
Time and time again
I blame myself
Never good enough
I was never good enough for you
But now I know who I am
Even though you never cared
I'm better off just standing on my own
02:01 PM on 04/07/12
Recommend me new music
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"I speak in many tongues to many men. I argue with angels and I always win. But I don't know the first thing about love."
Moving Mountains - Thrice

"All I've seen is just a glimmer in a shadowy mirror, but I know one day we'll see face to face."
In Exile - Thrice

"Why do we fight over who owns the seas and the stars when none of them are even ours?"
Crimson Solitude - Kaddisfly

"Oh you, pious and profane
Put away your praise and blame
Said, "A glass can only spill what it contains"
To the perpetually plain, the incurably inane
A glass can only spill what it contains

What new mystery is this?
What blessed backwardness?
The Immeasurable One is held and does not resist!
Struck by wicked words and foolish fists of senseless men
The Almighty One does not defend"
A Glass Can Only Spill What it Contains - mewithoutYou

"Well I'm an optimist but only in a perfect world; I think I'm too stained from all the negativity from all the people in my way."
Weathered - The Dangerous Summer

"When I die, will they remember not what I did, but what I haven't done? It's not the end that I fear with each breathe, it's life that scares me to death."
Rumours of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated - Rise Against

"It won't make an impact unless it's fucking armageddon."
Impact - Against Me!

"We try to find the life at rainbow's end; It finds the end of us instead."
Beyond the Visible Spectrum - Thursday

"Mother, you know I'm sorry, but sorry's pregnant with remorse; and when remorse is born, remorse won't see an ounce of child support."
Muther - Letlive.

"Through our symbiotic co-existence we can thrive."
Midnight in Shanghai - Kaddisfly

"Was it a metaphor for all the subtle ways we would grow apart?"
As He Climbed the Dark Mountain - Thursday

"You say I'm your backpack caught on a chain link fence, but dear I'm a thank you card in the future tense. I'm jumping out of cakes serving divorce papers. I'd say I love you too but I'm all out of favours."
Talk About - Dear and the Headlights

"Eat, sleep, fuck and flee, in four words that's me."
The Futile - Say Anything

I guess I went overboard haha. Just so many amazing lyrics to choose from.
06:44 PM on 04/07/12
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Originally Posted by Deaf Havana - Youth In Retrospect
Oh retrospect, It’s a curse we can’t prevent
And the days we loved the most have all been spent
Speaks for itself really. We always look back at our youth as the best days of our lives and never look forward to the future.

Originally Posted by Deaf Havana - Hunstanton Pier
In my heart and in my soul are all the people I have known
And the places I’ve called home
But in my head and in my mind they’re all just places that I left behind
Reminders of the changing times and these aging bones of mine.
These lyrics remind me that even though people leave and I leave places, the memories and scars I have are there to remind me of the times and people.

Originally Posted by Deaf Havana - The World Or Nothing
We're a self-destructive generation
Those obituaries will be,
Due to excessive boredom, the body gave in,
To liver failure and heart disease it seems.

This is particularly relevant because as a student I drink alot, and I survive off pizza, kebab and noodles. The combination of which must be killing my body. But I don't stop despite this knowledge. And it sums up our entire generation. We abuse our bodies for no other reason than we can, and we don't care while doing it.

Originally Posted by Deaf Havana - Fifty Four
We’d sleep until the evening sun had burnt
And stay awake until the neighbours left next morning for work
The first time that we slept I felt my life rewind
And a nervous child replaced the ageing fool I left behind

I think this is one of them verses, and songs, that so clearly encapsulates the early days of a relationship when everything is special and there is not a worry in the world.

Originally Posted by Brand New - Jesus
So do you think that we could work out a sign
So I'll know it's you and that it's over so I won't even try

I know you're coming for the people like me
But we all got wood and nails
And we turn out hate in factories

The whole song is beautifully written and I love the way is speaks about the fear and mystery of death, with the first two lines I quoted standing out. The last three speak to me about us all having the ability to commit even the greatest sins, and that struck home.

Originally Posted by PMtoday - Composing A Commercial Product
I'm not quite sure where to begin
My ink and time is limited
I used to be a man of certainty and confidence but
Now every word that I spit out tastes of insecurity and doubt
Later in the same song
What are you still doing in this place?
Your peers have gone and found a way
To educate themselves so they'll grow old and have something to show
But you still live at home
You're twenty-one and currently jobless and alone
You're wading in and out your past
You think too much due to lack of life experience
You need something to fill the gap
You're floundering in thoughts that kept you thinking you were right when you were wrong
You should've quit while you were still a kid

The whole of this bands In Media Res album strikes home, and finding specific lyrics was hard. This s ong, as well as being one of their best is genius. The background music is rather happy but these lyrics about the disallusionment of growing up struck a particular chord with me. The first part simply reflects how a few years back I was more confident than I am now.

Originally Posted by The Dangerous Summer - Siren
Through the rain
In the morning I see may
The seasons starting over
I don’t mind waking up alone
As long as you still feed that dream
Of moving out to angel city
No, no one’s stopping you
Nothing’s holding you back honestly
Oh, ‘Cause I still care

To me, this is simply a great break up song.

Originally Posted by Senses Fail - New Year Eve
Hell must be a view watching everyone you knew
Move on without you like you never lived

Originally Posted by Motion City Soundtrack - Skin And Bones
What if there's nothing more to me?
I'm just skin and bones.
What if there's nothing more to you?
What if there's nothing left for us?
Will anyone remember?
Does it all just simply turn to dust?

Similar to Brand New's Jesus Christ, but this reflects my atheist viewpoint while getting the same message across.

Originally Posted by "Motion City Soundtrack - Hold Me Down"
You're the echoes of my everything,
You're the emptiness the whole world sings at night.
You're the laziness of afternoon,
You're the reason why I burst and why I bloom.
You're the leaky sink of sentiment,
You're the failed attempts I never could forget.
You're the metaphors I can't create to comprehend this curse that I call love..

I'm sure everyone can relate to these lyrics at some point in their life. The fact that they are what brings the best out in you and you love them but they cause you pain is something everyone can relate to.

Originally Posted by Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me
I’m not saying that I’m giving up
I’m just trying not to think as much as I used to
Cause "never" is a lonely little messed up word
Maybe I’ll get it right some day
For the first time in a long time I can say
That I want to try
I feel helpless for the most part
But I’m learning to open my eyes
And the sad truth of the matter is
I’ll never get over it
But I’m gonna try
To get better and overcome each moment
In my own way

I so want to get back on track
And I’ll do whatever it takes
Even if it kills me

These lyrics give me hope when ever I feel down and have helped me out so much over the last few years, and that's why it's my favourite lyrics and favourite song. It's as simple as that.

Sorry if I rambled.
08:35 PM on 04/07/12
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Copeland - California

"You know I won't mind if you monopolize all my time, I won't say a thing at all, I won't say a word, no."

Marvelous 3 - Cigarette Lighter Love Song

"All that I do comes back to you, so I'll just think about you til there's nothing in my head. All I can do is try not to screw this up again, and just be friends, I'd rather be dead."

Park - Conversations With Emily

"So here is my advice to you: it should have turned out different, but it didn't, so get over it. But don't you find it reassuring, that one consolation growing, my darling boy, it won't snow where she is going."

Name Taken - We Give Up Sometimes

"Hold your breath, you know how long. Do what you can to forget you were wrong. Is it okay if I don't care anymore? We give up sometimes, and I guess that should be good enough for me."

Bright Eyes - Poison Oak

"And I never thought this life was possible. You're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for."

Brand New - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

Pretty much every line.
awesome list joe, JEW-23 and The boy that blocked his own shot are 2 of my all time favs
08:52 PM on 04/07/12
I was kind of hoping you’d stay
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btown4life's Avatar
Curious as to any lyrics people have inked on them...
I have:

The sound of an old guitar is saving you from sinking- Dashboard
Time is always running, it will always guide you home- Valencia

and a few more ideas for future ones.

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