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Refused Play Show In Brooklyn Garage

Posted by - 11:22 PM on 04/23/12
Refused played a secret show tonight in a garage called The Acheron in Brooklyn, N.Y. If you check out tweets, you can see some pictures that people took. Only about 100 people saw the set. Our good friend Tym (vocalist, Daytrader) managed to catch the show, so you can expect a guest blog from him about it on AP.net within the next couple of days. Sounds like it was a good time.
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11:52 PM on 04/23/12
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iamgorse's Avatar
i was at the show sunday in the city and it was surreal. i can only imagine what the show was like in brooklyn. such a tiny place.
11:54 PM on 04/23/12
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screenhead's Avatar
good god i wish i lived in brooklyn
11:58 PM on 04/23/12
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TerrancePryor's Avatar
I heard about this on the way back to NJ from Terminal 5. Ha. Tonight's set was wild. Whether it was in front of 3,000 people or 100 people,Refused nailed it.
12:57 AM on 04/24/12
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in short: seriously, holy holy holy fucking shit.

in long form: the thing to really and truly note about this run of shows is that unlike a lot of "reunion shows", where bands well on in their years try to specifically recreate what once was, we have a band that is in a truly unique situation; they were trying to finally realize what never was. when shape of punk came out, it was an album that was simply not particularly well received, it was challenging and different from their contemporary and didn't really find a home. they were attempting to sell a grand statement to an audience not ready for it, and maybe as a band with a struggling lineup, they had an album they arguably weren't even ready to actually play. anyone who's ever tried to play a backing track in a new jersey basement with a shitty crate PA knows that never ever ever works (crunk core bands: FUCK YOU, BREAK UP) (except tower of gopal, that shit is brilliant).

but all these years later, everyone had their reservations. the band, the audience, the critics, the scalpers. but what was delivered to us was a band, "reunited", that is the best version of that band that ever existed. hands down. and good goddamned they fucking KNEW IT too. expertly practiced, flawlessly presented, ambitious and daring, and feeding rabidly off everyones sweat in the room into an outright fucking tornado of bravado and confidence and total FURY. thats what made these shows special, we were seeing what they spent YEARS dreaming about, in a place they dreamed about playing, you could see it in their faces as they played. this was a milestone finally realized.

all that being said, i drove in from boston specifically for these shows and to do some art related happenings (if you're still in brooklyn, stop by the Cotton Candy Machine) as a little vacation away from, well, everything. i went with exclusively OLD friends, people i knew from that era, people i've been in bands with, high school friends who accompanied me through the discovery of punk rock in the first place. for both terminal 5 shows i was right up against the barricade, squeezed of all but a faint breathe and just floored at how perfect everything around me was. the bonus of not drinking is that you don't give ANY kind of fucks about $8 beers, so it doesn't ruin your evening. turning around and seeing the vaguely thunderdome-esque venue, on the same page (except Cerebral Ballzy, i have NO idea what page they were on), and cobwebs coming off a lot of kids who thought maybe this would be a huge disappointment like everything in the lives of your average 30 year old seems to be; it was something special.

so bruised and battered we left and took the train back to brooklyn, glowing, but the glow slowly transforming into the realization that my ankles arent what they used to be and my 2012 neck is unfamiliar with this "whipping hair back and forth" thing. despite rumors, constantly unfounded about a "secret show", we all decide to call it a night. then the previously mentioned Tym sends me a text. "its happening." so my friend and i run out the door, booking it full tilt the entire way through back streets of brooklyn to the venue, as fast as our feet will take us, nearly hopping over a literal train that blocked our path to trim off some time. me, in my infinite wisdom, chugging a bottle of coke the whole time because fuck you dad, thats why. people were there. the line grew, more and more taxis arrived, people nervously walked past everyone up front, knowing the farther they walked the less likely they were getting anywhere near the door.

and then we were inside. dennis said that the terminal 5 shows were our gift to him, and that this show was his gift to us. briefly holding my cellphone camera like a goddamned asshole, i realized "what the fuck am i doing?", threw it in my pocket, shoved my hat into my pants for fear of losing my favorite hat, saluted my friends behind me and tore myself to the front, up and off the stage to get things going with a solid leap. and off we went. as always, it wouldnt be a real punk show if there wasnt a problem with a makeshift PA. outside i hugged Dennis, telling him thank you for an amazing two days and that i was so happy for him*.

full disclosure: in 2000 i bought an X belt from Dennis. i still wear it today, it is my favorite belt. this transaction did not bias my review of the Refused reunion shows.
01:09 AM on 04/24/12
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tomcode's Avatar
"One Last Go At Youth"


Starting with the announcement that Refused was reforming for Coachella I was skeptical. For one I thought they would never reform and figured it was all about the money for finally enjoying the fruits of "New Noise" and the constant references to "The Shape of Punk to Come". As the date neared I stayed away from any video online and only watched the 1998 performance that I witnessed in North Carolina days before their break up. Watching the tweets, photos and words expressed since Coachella I had peaked interest to see that maybe, just maybe, this band would live up the hype again and replace those memories of seeing the band tired, burnt out and and ready to head home.

The day arrived and anticipation and available tickets that were so scares were now abundant. Better for all as those people who were shut out could get in. As I walked into Terminal 5 there were many familiar faces from the old days at Coney Island High, CBGBs or Continental. It felt like a hardcore show but except there were 5,000 folks with ya. As the first note hit and Refused played, I was completely hooked again. Not only did the band sound good, it felt good. Plowing through old and their latest release, the audience was there every moment. Dennis had mentioned his love for hardcore and how their band was a rip off of NY hardcore and now here he was performing in front of all of an audience in NYC. You could see it in their eyes that they were enjoying this moment. To top it off they invited Lou from Sick of it All to sing on "Clobbering Time". More smiles and genuine "Holy shits, we are doing this with Lou!!" You got the sense they knew the importance and wanted to give it their all. Not a bad first swing.

The 2nd night was filled with the fans that had bought tickets "first" as Dennis had mentioned and in my eyes and ears, albeit ringing, was true to form again. As a friend leaned over and said, "I'll come the whole week if they want to keep playing each night". No one wanted it to end, no one wanted to see this band leave the stage. And for some who were patient and lucky got that chance.

Towards the end of the night I received a tweet from a friend. He said there was a rumor of a secret show in Brooklyn tonight. I didn't believe it at first. I looked around as Refused was backstage hanging with friends. I leaned into a friend and asked seriously "Is this seriously happening, or what?" At this point, no one had an answer. Then there was a silence and everyone looking at each other for a quick meeting. I heard "Let's do this", then the wheels turned with transportation, directions, etc. I want to stress all I saw on the band's faces were smiles and excitement. This wasn't a job, this was fucking punk rock and fun. Why not play tonight in Brooklyn? Sure it may have been planned as an idea but what better way to end a two night stand in NYC.

As the group I was with settled up at Terminal 5 and headed out by cab, the unknown creeped in. Did we miss the set? How many people were there? Are we going to even get in? I will for probably the last time mention that this felt eerily similar to 1998 when I saw them. I wasn't planning on going and a friend convinced me to stay and go. The show in NC was in a cafe or something at a college which we subsequently had trouble finding, the sound was horrible but the place was packed. Fast forward to tonight where the line was down the block, we were on our phones figuring out the location, I didn't know if I was getting in and again the vocals were shit. To quell my fears quickly, I made it in just as the first notes hit. I was young again and complete. Refused then ripped through a short set of hits including your favorites like "New Noise" and "Everlasting" though some documenters that couldn't put their damn phone down for one song reminded me it was 2012 and not 1998. With that said, it couldn't have felt more real.

Refused may get flack for taking a paycheck but the one thing that makes this different is their passion and heart. You can tell when a band is into it and giving everything for the scene. Their music was a touchstone that spurred so many bands, sounds and many many covers by nu metal bands but since 1998, that album is still talked about. That is a revolution. "The Shape of Punk to Come" is a record that no Grammy or award could recreate. Their moment in the sun was taken too soon from us as their set was cut short in Harrisonburg, VA and they soon flew back to Sweden. We were left with cassingles of "New Noise" with unfinished tour dates. This music mattered to so many people worldwide and slowly that word got louder and louder. That is what music is about and it's not a bad thing that your jock friend likes Refused or that your little sister does too. It's about getting your message out there to the masses. Their lyrics may reflect on angrier times but they still ring true to people and will continue to as more find out about them and how their influence inspired many.

There are times in your life where you see things full circle in life and tonight was one of those moments. From a basement show to a venue packed to the gills with fans to then finish it where it started at a small venue in Brooklyn for 120 or so folks with a shitty PA and not a care in the world. Their music brought us there and it will continue to bring us together for years to come.

Thank you Refused.
04:56 AM on 04/24/12
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hurricaneoflion's Avatar
It was AMAZING!! They were so tight. Hard to believe after all those years and after playing such an amazing live show only an hour or so before. So happy I missed the train back to Long Island.
05:00 AM on 04/24/12
Zack Zarrillo
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POZ has sponsored like two or three shows there. Kinda crazy
06:12 AM on 04/24/12
Chemical Love
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Chemical Love's Avatar
That sounded so awesome. Would have been a once in a life time experience.
06:22 AM on 04/24/12
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InaGreendase's Avatar
This is what I get for not taking off work and going to the Sunday show instead. FML
07:11 AM on 04/24/12
EVR Tech Guy
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Gigantor's Avatar
This is what I get for not taking off work and going to the Sunday show instead. FML
same here man.. you're not alone
07:25 AM on 04/24/12
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damn this would have been amazing.
07:49 AM on 04/24/12
Old Fears New Frontiers
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circletheworld's Avatar
so incredibly jealous
07:54 AM on 04/24/12
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PrincssDinosaur's Avatar
WashedUpEmo.com posted video from the show with a review.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NPk LZx2CPgY
08:32 AM on 04/24/12
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low_rising's Avatar
fuck, i'm staying like a 20 minute drive away from there...

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