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Cadence of Sorts, A - Sink/Swim Album Cover

Cadence of Sorts, A - Sink/Swim

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A Cadence of Sorts - Sink/Swim
Released May 8th, 2007

I wish I were older so I could have a reason for looking down on bands like A Cadence of Sorts. "You're ruining the scene, man!" I just don't fucking get it, though. I really don't. This album was pegged as a dime-a-dozen piece of faux-anthemic rock garbage the minute it was pulled from the envelope. The disk's flimsy jewel encasing reads as the ultimate, "we really don't give a shit". The cover art -- a step or two above the art you'd find in your hotel room, sans the fashion-core text -- hints at a subtle air of mysticism that'll not be replicated in the least during the course of the album. Comparatively, Sink/Swim is not half as bad as most of the shit coming down the pipeline from faceless bands these days, but its nonetheless a disappointing feeling to have finished listening to an album and not being able to pin down a notable or worthwhile aspect about the last thirty minutes you've spent with the damn thing. The album title itself is even too easy a target for criticism in the context of the actual music making any sort of impression on the listener. Gurgle gurgle. Bloop bloop.

Playing the first three seconds of the first three songs in succession is a whole other paragraph in itself. I'm sparing you the rant, though. Each crunchy chord, each raucous riff comes off like the band literally stepping out of your stereo and asking, "We're a little ambient though, right? Right?" On multiple occasions, the verses and choruses can be a pretty strained affair. The guitars become white-noise in the background, most noticeably in "Drifting", and seem to be wondering themselves when the fuck they can start back up again and quit being such a lifeless part of the there-and-then. "In Her Smile" is a whole other story and the epitome of a mopey fucking ballad that's must've been contrived to compromise any spirit musically for some kind of unseen lead lyrically. A skipped track, I'm sure, on almost every occasion this album has or will be played.

It's the goddamn socially accepted standards that bands like Saosin are thought to have created and the subsequent spoon-feeding of these unimaginative influences to the huddle of misunderstood youth that happened to have picked up guitar-playing as an outlet; a way to express themselves within their own space. Call me bitter, but all I see with bands like A Cadence of Sorts is another link in the chain playing off the previous link, and so on. Unoriginal and more-or-less a complete waste of time. Where are you innovation? Why does this specific scene have such general and colorless qualities all of a sudden? Sink/Swim certainly does not help in the scene's defense.
This review is a user submitted review from Scott Irvine. You can see all of Scott Irvine's submitted reviews here.
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08:09 AM on 10/22/07
Steve Henderson
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Steve Henderson's Avatar
Haha, ouch.

Is my browser messed up or are the quotes showing up as "&quot" for anyone else?
09:08 AM on 10/22/07
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
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Blake Solomon's Avatar
it says that for me, too.

EDIT: lotta naughty words, too.
09:11 AM on 10/22/07
Steve Henderson
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Steve Henderson's Avatar
it says that for me, too.
Hm, either he copied/pasted out of a program that did it, or his browser did it.
10:21 AM on 10/22/07
Ups and Downsizing
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RockVocalPower's Avatar
Wow. Unnecessarily harsh in my opinion.
10:33 AM on 10/22/07
Use Title
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HolidayFromReal's Avatar
Wow. Unnecessarily harsh in my opinion.

Yeah, I agree, but I would also say its a pretty true review.
11:30 AM on 10/22/07
Registered User
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isae's Avatar
i like the album. like so many others, it's nothing new, but it's well done. and: you can download it from purevolume for free.
11:33 AM on 10/22/07
Not that easy to confuse
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Poochemist's Avatar
You've lost hope in the scene.
11:48 AM on 10/22/07
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Terribly written review
12:33 PM on 10/22/07
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mattybobviously's Avatar
Great review, spot on.
01:14 PM on 10/22/07
bippity boppity
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Praetor's Avatar
Haha, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this review (although the album cover looks nice.)
01:36 PM on 10/22/07
Two pumps and a swirl.
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02:04 PM on 10/22/07
thats like uh just your opinion man
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cahrishurr's Avatar
yeah i agree with you fully on this

when i first heard this album when they gave it away for free or whatever i was not impressed in the least
04:12 PM on 10/22/07
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Not exactly the best review. I had a lot of trouble following it and honestly Mr. Scott you seem to just be angry about this entire genre of music instead of angry with the specific band. I'm sure you write better reviews when you don't let your emotional rants pour out of you in a fashion quite similar to the bands you so profoundly rip into.

Funny read, but funny based on how poorly written it is. Look, I did like you. I used the album as a means for me to complain about something else.
04:29 PM on 10/22/07
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mutiny's Avatar
Wow. Unnecessarily harsh in my opinion.

i agree. just look at some of the all time low-esque shit that has been praised on here and see if it's anything unique.

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