12:04 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
incognitojones's Avatar

12:20 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
secretsociety92 for last.fm & Xbox
secretsociety92's Avatar
Male - 23 Years Old
Young Rebel Rico - Running Rebel

17 year old rapper from Canada who is unsigned, sounds like a terrible recipe however he sounds way older than he is and because he is unsigned he can go any direction he likes which he pretty much does on this album. Sounds really old school but easily fits in with the times, Top 5 album of the year so far. (8.5/10)

Recommended tracks - It Is What It Is, Without You, I Say Peace, Practice Makes Perfect.
12:32 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Kyle Huntington
Kyle Huntington's Avatar
Kent/London, England
Staff Member
Interpol - Antics

After receiving this on vinyl about a month ago I've loved revisiting it. The band's first two albums are some of my favourites ever and whilst Turn On The Bright Lights gets a justifiable amount of love and attention, I still really think this record is another great release. Their debut is still my favourite but with tracks like "Next Exit", "Evil", "Narc", "C'mere", "Slow Hands" and "Not Even Jail" it's hard to deny how good this is too.

RIYL: Echo and The Bunnymen, The National, Joy Division

King Krule
- King Krule EP

Quickly becoming my favourite EP of all time, I enjoyed his work as Zoo Kid, but this EP can literally be played on repeat for me about 20 times in a row and I will never get tired of it. He's got such a unique "drone" quality to his voice which I know would put a lot of people off combined with his heavy South England accent, but it really grabs me. Plus the guitar work and lyric content are great.

RIYL: Morrissey + Jamie T x Jazz x New Wave
12:39 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Registered User
_veges_'s Avatar
Subbin' cause this is a cool idea. Will be posting about Beach House and/or Silversun Pickups later
01:04 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Jake Jenkins
Jake Jenkins's Avatar
St. Louis, MO
Male - 23 Years Old
Staff Member

fell in love with Dreamchasers a few months ago. Very excited to dive into this. Meek is fucking awesome
01:25 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Listen to Dave Hause pls
No Avatar Selected
Genderfluid - 27 Years Old

Really (really, really) looking forward to Exister, so I've been going through the HWM discography over the last few weeks. This album came out right when I started listening to music seriously, but my taste was much simpler back then and I really didn't enjoy this when I heard it. It was also the first HWM stuff I'd ever heard, and that really put me off the band for far longer than I care to admit. But since rediscovering this album really just last week, I've been pretty hooked. As someone (prefix-core?) said in the HWM thread, this album seems like the perfect set up to their new one, which I think is going to be great.

It also continues a cycle of "Holy shit I should've listened to that album (5,6,7) years ago when I first heard about it" music that I've been listening to a lot, lately. Which is frustrating.
01:30 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Listen to Dave Hause pls
No Avatar Selected
Genderfluid - 27 Years Old
Sigur Ros - Valtari

I totally wasn't expecting this album from Sigur Ros. After Med Sud and then Jonsi's solo stuff, I was expecting this new album to be the poppiest stuff they've ever done. Instead they went down the ambient route and made an album more reminiscent of ( ). It's an album where I can't pick out individual songs as highlights, they all flow together to make what sounds like one 40 minute piece of music. If there's one complaint I have with this album is that Jonsi's voice is not used enough. He has one of the best singing voices around, but on this album the vocals seem pushed back a bit to let the instrumentation take over. It's a small gripe, and overall I love this album.
I'm excited for this, but I'm also super lazy with post-rock and I'm only through ( ) in their discography, so I'm mostly certain that I'll just download it soon and then not listen to it for a long time.
01:32 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Regular Member
VanMastaIteHab's Avatar
Hoboken, NJ
Male - 23 Years Old

It's only recently that I've come to appreciate this one. While I've loved BTMI for a while, I was pretty much always a Scrambles/Adults/Vacation kind of fan. I still can't get into all of their catalog, but this album has been getting a lot of plays from me lately. It's a little off-putting at first, and spastic, but in the most perfect way. There are the hard and fast songs (King of Minneapolis, 5 Funerals), but also the laid back jams (Side Projects, Sorry Brooklyn) to keep it in balance. It represents all sides of BTMI, and has some of their very finest moments. Could be tied with Vacation for their best album in my opinion.
01:36 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Yell Like Hell to the Heavens
Asadcow's Avatar
Seattle, Washington
Male - 25 Years Old

Awesome album, been listening to it almost non-stop . Huge step up in the lyrics from Post-Nothing but still has a youthful and raw feel to it Only song i'm iffy on is the the Gun Club cover, everything else is a great anthem Fire's Highway may be the best song I've heard all year. Doesn't overstay it's welcome, it's the perfect length for music like this. Really just a better version of everything they've done before, can't recommend it enough.
01:48 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
I don't like sand
Kiana's Avatar
Female - 23 Years Old

I thought it was a solid album, though I liked the back half more than the first. I was a bit put off by the synthier stuff just because when I think of Rufus I tend to think of more stripped down songs. Song Of You showcased his vocals so beautifully. It was a huge standout on the album for me. His voice just flowed so wonderfully for me in that one. I also really liked Montauk and Candles. I've only listened to this once through so I can't offer anything super insightful or whatever, but I could see it being a grower. As always his vocals just slayed, and I can see this having replay value. It didn't click with me instantly like Want One, which is still my fav Rufus album, but it was good. I could listen to him sing anything and love it though, lol. Song Of You, Candles, and WWIII were great songs to close it out.

7.5/10 if I were to rate it by the first listen...
01:48 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
georgedcc's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
I'm excited for this, but I'm also super lazy with post-rock and I'm only through ( ) in their discography, so I'm mostly certain that I'll just download it soon and then not listen to it for a long time.

Their 2 albums after ( ) aren't really post-rock. I'm not sure exactly what genre I'd call them, but they're really poppy and are a much easier listen than ( ) or Valtari. So I'd definitely recommend checking them out if you find the time. You've probably heard Hopippola, a track from Takk on adverts or during films or something.

I have no idea what to call this sort of music really, but I'm not sure post-rock fits. ( ) and Valtari are probably classed as post-rock though.
01:51 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Regular Member
zporter92's Avatar
Navarre, FL
Male - 23 Years Old
Just listened to The Horrible Crowes' Elsie. First time I listened to it a while back, I didn't like it. I just re-listened to it last night, and it just clicked with some of the stuff that's going on with me right now. Awesome album, I really don't know why I didn't like it before lol
01:56 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
ACA's Avatar
Thrice - Major/Minor

Probably Thrice's weakest effort aside from their debut, but a strong album nonetheless. The only songs I want to hear live (with the presumption that adding one song means subtracting another song) are "Yellow Belly" and "Anthology", and I think that's my biggest issue with the album: very few of the songs are amazing, and Thrice has a discography filled with amazing songs, so this only dilutes it.

Obviously, if you don't agree with my assessment that these are the band's weakest tracks to date, I think you'd probably love Major/Minor. If you want to discuss, I'd like to know which songs you really love on MM and why you love them.
01:59 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
lyrical theology
Regards's Avatar
Male - 27 Years Old

Still my favorite album that's come out so far this year, David Crowder Band shatters the perception that Christian Music has no musical merit, all while providing what might be one of my all time favorite albums. Not only does this shatter the perception of Christian Music, it goes on to do so over the span of 2 discs, all while hitting on almost all style of music you can think of, all while seemingly making it flow near flawlessly. Seriously, CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS JUICY PIECE OF GOODNESS.
02:04 PM on 05/07/12 
User Info.
Yeezus season approaching.
daftpunker45's Avatar

Snow Patrol - Final Straw

It's been a long time since I listened to Snow Patrol. This album is probably the best album this band has released, but is close to Eyes Open. It doesn't necessarily have some of the greatest songs of their career, but is consistently strong, and its standout 3 tracks ("Spitting Games", "Chocolate" and "Run") are high on my list of my favorite SP songs and 5th, 6th and 7th on the track listing. 9/10

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