Far-Less - 10.09.07

Interviewed by
Far-Less - 10.09.07Please state your name and what you play in Far-Less.
FL: I’m Brandon. I sing lead vocals and I play some guitar.

For people that aren’t too familiar with your band, can you give us a quick story about how the band got together?

FL: A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….Jordan and Joseph started jamming with our old drummer and another guitar player. Somehow I ended up in the mix…then Mark…then Todd…and now Elizabeth. That’s the quick version anyways.

How did you guys sign to Tooth and Nail?
FL: Tooth and Nail ended up with five copies of our first album. After using the first few copies as coasters, John Frazier actually listened to it. He liked it and so he called us up and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

What do you feel was the “big break” for you guys?
FL: We are still waiting for our “BIG BREAK” really. We were on MTV last year and that was a huge deal for us… you know? Since we were kids, that was always the dream in the back of our minds. It freaked us all out and made our friends and family care more about our band again. Like, “Oh wow! You guys actually did something.”

What influenced the sound on the new record?
FL: The biggest influence was the fact that everyone in the band had tons of ideas and different influences. This record wasn’t just one person’s vision — it was one unified vision. Everyone in Far-Less listens to different genres of music, from 90’s alt rock (Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins) to Philip Glass to classic rock (The Beatles, Pink Floyd) and they all had an influence on our sound.

We all know that critics have attempted to classify you guys, and many have failed. But if you were asked to describe yourself, how would define your unique sound?
FL: These days I would say that we are an alt rock band with some ambient and pop tendencies. We’ve been getting a lot of comparisons to Brand New and Muse recently.

From what I've heard from their new CD, it seems like there has been a change in musical direction with the new release. What caused this move away from the heavier parts of their previous sound, and how do you feel about your earlier material, which incorporated very heavy parts?
FL: When I listen back to the older songs… I like them. We were just at a point where we were sick of the “heavy scene.” All the other bands looked “cooler” than us and acted tougher than us or whatever. I wanted to save my voice as well and I cant do that if I continue to scream like a banshee. Not that I don’t like heavy music. I do. It’s just not for me.

For the band as a whole, we have been listening to way more of the stuff we grew up on. Classic rock, Alt rock, Soul, R&B and jazz. Music that is much mellower than what we were playing and it was very inspiring for us. We were traveling and finally having a great time listening to the same music together and I guess it was just natural that we would pick up on that vibe or “borrow” from it.

How do you feel about your previous lesser-known releases, such as Broken Hearts Unite, Turn To The Bright, and everything before that? Do you still ever perform any of these songs?
FL: Sometimes we will play a song or two from our E.P. We just aren’t really into the music we were writing for “Broken Hearts”… I mean.. We were kids. I was 18 at the time, and the last record is so far removed from anything that we are doing now that it just seems to kill the vibe of the new material.

You guys have put out some sort of album every year; do you find it hard to do that without repeating yourself?
FL: Not at all. We love to reinvent ourselves as much as we like to play shows. That’s the best part about being an artist. We try to create and break our own molds with every album that we release. It keeps life fresh and exciting.

Have you guys given any thoughts on what direction your album will be in?
FL: I have had a few ideas for the next record and late at night on tour, someone always wants to talk about what we are going to do next. We haven’t had a full on band discussion or anything. The new record isn’t even out yet. I can guess there will be more piano and louder guitars as well… but who knows?

Is it hard to make that transition between recorded songs and your live show?
FL: If we didn’t have Elizabeth as a full time member I would say yes. Because we do have her in our band full time, I’m going to have to say no. We are at the point where we can pull off almost anything on our album in a live setting.

What are some things you look forward to while out on the road?
FL: Eating at Uncle Jones’ in Orlando and seeing old and new friends at shows. Plus, there is always that hope of making new fans.

What are some memorable tours that you guys have been on?
FL: Our first with He Is Legend was fun. They are friends of ours so that really helped us to get more comfortable being on the road. Some of the best times of my life have been spent on the road with the House of Fools and Paulson.

You guys are from Virginia. What was it like trying to promote the band and getting attention from other fans around the country compared to bigger cities like Los Angeles and New York?
FL: It’s really hard. I mean, it would be easy if we were on big tours, I’m sure. We still don’t have too many fans in those bigger areas, but we can thank the internet for the support that we do have.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of being in a band?
FL: As cliché as it may sound, my favorite part is the art first of all. I also love the fact that being in a band is like a “get out of society free” card. We just kind of sit right on the outside

What are their favorite albums of 2007 so far?
FL: Queens of the stone age – “Era Vulgaris”
Smashing Pumpkins- “Zeitgeist”
As tall as Lions – S/T
House of fools – “Live and Learn”
And the new Yosemite Mudflap – “Slaughter”

What was your favorite childhood memory?
FL: I really enjoyed hanging out at my aunt and uncle’s place when I was little. They had a bunch of land and animals. I used to ride their Lab around and play with chickens. I would do that now if I could, actually. I’m just too big to hop on a dog’s back.

What would you do with a million dollars?
FL: I love this question. I would build a big ass house with a decent amount of land surrounding it. I would build a nasty studio in it, as well as a totally secure bomb shelter for when the world ends. I also assume that my band mates would move in with me as well so we could write all of the time. We would have awesome gear and we would be able to afford to tour as well.

Any last words for the readers of absolutepunk?
FL: Brain Power!
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03:30 PM on 10/22/07
joshy hizzle
Rocky Top
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joshy hizzle's Avatar
great review man.
I'm going to see them tomorrow in Johnson City.
03:55 PM on 10/22/07
Registered User
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thisismyname's Avatar
This is pretty much the only band from anywhere near me that is getting any type of attention nationally... I was never into there older harder stuff. But this interview definitely makes me want to check out some of there newer stuff.
04:05 PM on 10/22/07
Registered User
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xqueenofheartsx's Avatar
This band is just truly truly truly good. So refreshing and I can't wait to pick up the album tomorrow.
05:26 PM on 10/22/07
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Yeah, this band NEEDS to be heard! And now!!!!! I'll be picking up their new album tomorrow!
06:08 PM on 10/22/07
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an0n's Avatar
ap magazine gave their new record 4.5/5 stars... and THAT is awesome.

its a great great record, so go pick it up!

good interview too!
07:54 PM on 10/22/07
Resident New Yorker
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saysmydoctor's Avatar
ap magazine gave their new record 4.5/5 stars... and THAT is awesome.

its a great great record, so go pick it up!

good interview too!
I always assume the opposite is true with AltPress reviews because I generally despise the opinion Scott Heisel and his fellows at that shitrag of a magazine.
08:06 PM on 10/22/07
After Hours
and Monday, too
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After Hours's Avatar
Yeah, really good album. I like their new sound much better.
10:08 PM on 10/22/07
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carlosonthedrums's Avatar
Despite how they may feel about their heavier material, these guys actually put out one of my top 3 favorite albums of '06, because they managed to be heavy without being cliche and still kicked it up a notch. I look forward so much to listening to the new one in its entirety tmw. Such a shame I've only seen them once, and they were practically flawless that day.
10:45 AM on 10/23/07
is fucking rad
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enossel's Avatar
Hey, you used both of my questions!

Kind of disappointing that they do not write heavier stuff anymore. I do agree on the fact that they are one of the few bands that can write heavier material without being cliche.
02:39 PM on 10/23/07
Watch your back
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SaoMattie's Avatar
Their EP is one of favorites. I'm liking their new album so far more than their last.
01:18 PM on 11/05/07
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No Avatar Selected
excellent band
09:28 AM on 11/06/07
AP's Resident Theology Student
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micahistheballs's Avatar
i just saw them and they did very well.

i think that the new cd, without screaming, just opens up different doors for them that weren't before. it's different, but still distinctly far-less.
10:03 PM on 01/03/08
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
This review was nice.When I first heard this band I thought they sounded alright but didn't really get into them more until now.

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