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Fiddler Records - 10.16.03This interview was done via E-mail, Jay Parkin is the co-owner of Fiddler Records. If you do not listen to the Fiddler Records bands, you must! They are a like a blinding, brilliant light from Heaven. Listening to them is like looking into the face of God and seeing him smiling back saying "You are my most wonderous creation". They will make you re-examine your life, and/or see the world for the first time. Without further "ado" i give you Jay Parkin, who is know for his fantastic performances consistently, and without having an interview with him on this website, I would be doing a disservice to you, and myself. Thank you, you are glorious!

1. Where are you from, where have you lived, and how did you end up in Los Angeles?

Born in Memphis, TN., But I'm from FLINT FUCKING MICHIGAN!

2. You're a guitar tech, what bands have you teched for, and how did you get into that?

I've WARKed and helped a bunch of bands too many to write down...mostly Midtown, H2O, Juliette and The Licks, Toad The Wet Sprocket and Slayer...and of course others like Mos Def, Recover, Thrice, Thursday, RCH, The Bled, The Higher, Poulain, Salem, Hot Rod Circuit, Saves The Day and even Face 2 Face!

3. How did you and Amy meet? Was Fiddler a label before you met and joined forces?

We just met somehow...I actually think we had met about 2 or 3 different times...in different cites across the US. Amy used to WARK at Vagrant and often we were at the same shows...I'd be tour managing or WARKing on guitars and she'd be taking pictures of Vagrant bands...and Yes, Fiddler was a dream of a 16 year old [Amy] (ran out of her bedroom at her parents house in Miami, FL) since 1996.

4. How did you find out about The Bled, The Higher, Poulain, and Salem?

I actually stole an unmastered copy of The Bled's "His First Crush" from someone when Midtown and I were on the Blink 182/NFG tour two years ago...at the same time our publicist Jessi stole one from The Impossibles(who she used to Tour Manage). We fell in love with them! The Higher well...I was on my way down to Newps., to finish mixing The Bled's "Pass The Flask" LP with Beau Burchell...when I met these little kids named September Star. Beau and I kept looking at each other in disbelief when Seth was one taking every vocal track. I kind of just sat there, chill, because I knew that there were a few labels interested...One day Amy yells to me across the office and says "Hey fuckin' Jay...have you heard of this band September Star?" I replied with "Yeah, that little fucking kid can sing right?"...so yeah basically that's it the rest is history...what? (oh yeah and to answer the big question. Yes, we did hold them at sword point and made them change their name...JUST KIDDING) Hmmm, Poulain(POO-LAWN) well, Amy and Isaac have been friends for a long time...we were both feeling a little weird about WARKing with him...until one day I looked at Amy and said fuck it Isaac has something, he doesn't even know about yet...trust me America...YOU WILL BE A Poulain fan soon! That leaves Salem...They just fucking rule! So good live, such good song writers...this band definitely gets it...whatever "IT" may be!

5. Have you ever signed a band by getting their demo sent in?

No..not to say we wouldn't, but...not a lot of demos show a band's potential(sure they show song writing ability). Bands need to start showing a label what they can do for themselves...wait we did get a couple demos recently that Amy and I fell in love with! In fact we been to see a couple bands play.

6. I've noticed all of your new releases are produced by Beau
Burchell, what do you think of his work?

Actually it's a funny story. My friend Drew of Death Do Us Part Records introduced me to Beau...I'm big on WARKing with producers that have a lot of heart in the project! Beau is awesome, he truly puts his all into the production. It's not that we will always WARK with Beau...but right now we just WARK so well together.

7. Why is The Bled so good? Not only are they amazing musicians, but they have the power to unite people and make family-like friendships.

Because they WARK hard...when not on tour they practice 6 to 8 hours a day. They are actually aliens with panda hearts that have the power to unite the world as one...huh?

8. Where did the name Shreddler come from?

Aucccchhhh our good friend Mark Makers came up with that shredtastic phrase.

9. What are your favorite records...currently, and of all time?

I'm currently loving: Give UpThe Ghosts' "We're Down", Every Time I Die's "Hot Damn", the new Outkast records, anything by The Jealous Sound, holy shit wake up...the new Saves The Day is incredible give it time...just listen! Anything by Maiden, oh' Thursday....I'm gonna stop...because there are so many good records....hhmm The Darkness!

10. What are your favorite movies currently, and of all time?

The River's Edge, The Corn Dog Man, Old School and anything that is oozing with sarcasm.

11. Where did you get your "nick name" Ted Danson, you once

said I could call you anything, except "Late For Dinner". Haha.
The Bled have come to the conclusion, that I look like good ole' Ted...in his Becker days...no WARK...don't call me late for "The Great Wall Of Chocolate"

12. What's your favorite curse word?


13. Do you have any cool touring stories from all the tours you've been on?

Midtown actually interviewed me before I got the job...they said they wanted a Tour Manager/Guitar Tech that :
-A) Has been shot...I have...for real!
-B) Has been in combat...I have (army)...for real!
-C) Has a tattoo of a zombie Abraham Lincoln...I do...for real!
So basically Midtown and I are one big funny tour story!

14. What was the worst thing that's happened during a performance as a guitar tech? What was the worst thing that's gone wrong?

Nothing (wait Tyler's shoe came untied once)!

15. What's the funnest thing about running a label; What's the hardest?

You are the funniest thing Jon Wark...the hardest: benching 300lbs

16. Do you have any advice for kids that wanna start their own label?

Take it slow...so eventually you can really take care of your bands...follow the legal rules (contracts)

17. What turns you on?

Peanut Butter Pie from Denny's

18. What turns you off?

Roses that smell like poo ooo ooo ooo

19. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Nice hair...the bar is that way

20. Why is SARS so gay?

Oh Wark....homophobia is gay!

21. Do you hate me?

Now who at Fiddler can hate you...you love The Bled so much so ask at least one question about them in every interview you do...so yes I hate you...clown!
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11:35 PM on 10/18/03
Jon Wark
Wishes Do Come True!
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The craziest thing is that Parkin's really been shot, this is one of the smartest people in the world. He told me the whole story behind it, and it was one of the most insane stories i've ever heard... this guy is one of my heroes.

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