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Technology Round-Up: May 14th, 2012

Posted by - 11:17 AM on 05/14/12
Check the replies for last week's Technology Round-Up. If you're interested in a more consistently updated tech (and politics and other shit) round-up, check out my blog (RSS, Twitter). I updated it often with stories I think are worthy.
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11:17 AM on 05/14/12
Jason Tate
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‘I Can’t Go For That’
Ads are likely not the future, or the answer, because as readers we have many, many, tools that allow us to ignore, gloss over, or outright remove ads from content. Even if an advertiser still registers a page view on their ad, when they stop seeing returns on their advertisements they will no longer desire to pay publishers. This is where the market is beginning to head — the race to the bottom.
Slideshow Magic
This isn’t rocket science or magic. Shit content works in a pageview-driven environment (which like it or not, we’re in). In fact, it often works better than great content.
Google Infringed On Oracle Copyrights, Jury Finds
Seriously though, this sounds like a mixed bag. A loss for Google, but not a full loss. This is probably going to take several more weeks/months to fully play out.
2007’s Pre-M3 Version of Android: The Google Sooner
When Google first showed off Android, they showed it running on a device very similar to Blackberries or Nokia E-class devices of the time. This device was the Google Sooner - an OMAP850 device built by HTC, with no touchscreen or WiFi. This was the Android reference device, the device they originally built the OS on.
‘Wake Up. Be Bold.’
I’m sure RIM’s new “You’re either in business or you’re not” campaign won’t be ironic at all two years from now.
The War on Drugs
Julie Watson and Kevin Freking, reporting for the AP on a college student who was locked up by the DEA for four days in a cell with no food, no water, no toilet, and no human contact.

What the fuck? - JT
iPad Keyboard Prototype
Quite clever iPad text editing concept video by Daniel Hooper. I am not convinced that this is a solution that Apple would actually consider, but the problem it tries to solve is very real.
Not Getting It
Amazon’s most recent quarter: $192 million in profit. Apple’s: $11.6 billion. The quarter was 90 days long. That means Apple made $128 million in profit, on average, per day. Let that sink in: Amazon made $192 million in 90 days. Apple made $128 million per day. Methinks Apple will stick with its focus on hardware profits.
I Just Called Yahoo’s 24-Hour Integrity Hotline
Yahoo’s Code Of Ethics clearly prohibits things like falsifying biographical and resume information. Page 13 of that linked document, for example, urges employees to make sure that any information disclosed is clear, truthful and accurate. The legal department should be notified, it says, of any inaccuracies.
Mark Zuckerberg Will Personally Sell ~$1 Billion Worth Of Facebook Shares At IPO
The hot details: the company is selling 337.4 million shares at a price range of $28-$35. — And part of the share sale is insiders selling, and that includes CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

That is so much money. I can barely comprehend it. - JT

Yahoo admits CEO falsely claimed to have computer science degree, calls it ‘inadvertent error’
Embarrassing. Come on. - JT
Why Did You Even Write The Article?
Its powerful components should hopefully make it a very swift device. We’ve not had enough time with the new phone to make any firm conclusions about its camera and software tweaks, but we’ve got high hopes for good performances all round.
Welcome to Zynga; I Hope You Like Shoving Shit at Your Users
Here’s how the game works: Pick a word from a list of three, then create a drawing so a Facebook friend can guess that word and you can win points. For the ad product, imagine inserting words like “Doritos” or “Coca-Cola” in among “golfer,” “bikini” or “fireworks.”

Let's see how this goes for the game ... - JT

Samsung S-Voice
Love that purple tint. Where do they come up with such innovative designs?
While We’re Talking About iPhone/Android Market Share Numbers
Meantime, here in 2012, the iPhone once again accounted for a majority of Verizon’s smartphone sales, and Apple earned 73 percent of the total profit in the handset industry. That’s a nice niche.
Sales Versus Surveys
If I wanted to be a dick, I’d suggest that these surveys skew toward Android because Android buyers are more likely to be dumb enough to waste time answering market share surveys. But I don’t want to be a dick, so I won’t.

Feisty John Gruber is the best writing on the internet. - JT

Bing Strips Down Results Page To Make Google Look Like “Search Overload”
I'm almost willing to start using bing. Almost. Google's results are polluted with shit I don't want. - JT
Employee Of The Month Grabs $25k In Costco Shopping Spree
Angela Wong won employee of the month at WhaleShark Media (crunchbase), and with that came a three minute grab everything you can at Costco shopping spree.

Wong did a practice run the day before, which paid off. She managed to grab $25,000 in stuff in the three minutes, including three big screen TVs, 10 Nikon cameras, three Dyson vacuums, two Roomba vacuums, two HP computers and a case of Dom Pérignon champagne.

And the best part – “The company allowed some extra time on the clock so that Wong could pick up 10 cases of beer for the entire staff.”
The Google+ "Dickhead" Problem
The problem, as Wheaton points out, isn’t that Google+ is a bad product — with the latest redesign, it’s actually pretty well done — it’s that Google is being way way way way too aggressive in shoving it in everyone’s face.


The Next iPhone’s Name
Regardless, I think logic dictates that the next iPhone will simply be called “iPhone” and be referred to by Apple as “the new iPhone” just as, at this point, none of Apple’s other products use numbers.
Jeremy Keith on Website Optimization
Well, here we are fifteen years later and thanks to the rise of mobile, bandwidth is once again at a premium and we can be pretty sure that plenty of people are accessing our sites on slow connections. Yet again, mobile is highlighting issues that were always there. When did we get so lazy and decide it was acceptable to send giant unoptimised images down the pipe to our long-suffering visitors?
12:52 PM on 05/14/12
Spencer Control
i am orange and i can grow wings
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Lawlz at the Yahoo! CEO.
09:45 PM on 05/14/12
Regular Member
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Interesting stuff. I would disagree with the first article. Advertising is the sole reason most media even exists.
10:03 PM on 05/14/12
We're a band.
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Lots of sarcasm
06:53 AM on 05/19/12
Format, The, Format, The
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Too much Google/Android dissing. Biased. Shitty news source.

You guys can do better.

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