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Verse Premiere Song + Exclusive Track Explanation

Posted by - 02:39 PM on 05/17/12
Today, we're bringing you a brand new song from recently reformed hardcore outfit Verse. The song, entitled "The Selfless of the Earth", is off of the bands forthcoming full-length Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace, available July 17th through Bridge Nine Records. Verse vocalist Sean Murphy has also given us his reflections on the song. Both the track and write up from Murphy can be found in the replies.
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03:06 PM on 05/17/12
Jason Gardner
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From VERSE vocalist Sean MurphyThis song is mostly about how we react to the heavy burdens we all face in life; understanding that we have the potential to take the wrong path no matter who we are, also knowing we can take the right path in life for us. 

Every human plays a role in where we are heading, and the mother teaching the lesson believes that there is always a way to approach everyone with understanding. Even if it is futile and and far too utopian.

She wants us to understand that she already lived through all of the highs and lows of life, and that she is hesitant to pass it down to generation after generation. But, at the same time she is forced to hand down her burdens to let us know how to cope with loss and hostility. 

This is just a small part of the story line. There's a bigger picture to the record for sure. 

With Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace, we want people to take whatever they want from the meaning of our songs. If they can fit into your life, and you can relate to it, that's wonderful. If you want to twist it into something negative, that's your choice, but we probably wouldn't get along.

Thanks for listening. 


-The Selfless Of The Earth-

"Do not, for one second, think that you will escape the same hell as me."
She never wished that on anyone. Watching her life unfold in a new one was a dreary thought that crushed all hope of the future; a conclusion to escape personal responsibility: the underlying fear within you and I. A false sense of hope, lingering underneath all transcending doubt, still shines. The masochist in all of us forces a divide. The broken home passed on, guilt, more or less, is our connection worldwide.
This is something we can't deny to ourselves, only to others. The lesson: knowing that you are always freer than someone else. To her this is the truest form of empathy and something that must never leave us. This is the key to keeping dignity between "us" and "them". The predetermined alpha and omega path of men that serves to conquer and destroy all that is within should be considered manufactured. There is no true wealth; nothing, when it comes to money, spent. So, here's another lesson from a broken home passed on:
“In love;

power is temporary.
In love;
pain is reactionary.”

Her love will never slip away.
Everything she has, she gives to me.

Unarguably promoted to saint-hood in my mind, whatever that means. We are talking about something that came from nothing; a squandered breath that gave me a strong ocean breeze. Inspiring every thought to have the past put into consideration. Even if I’m not willing to admit it to the world.
 “I am nothing without all of you.”

"Take these gifts and live, they will protect you until you're ready to die." 

A life too low to live. A life too high to die. The broken home passed on is her little way of putting some kind of delicately balanced twist on a typical tale, our tale. We will sit awestruck with thoughts of what any rational person would consider impossible and nearly useless.
Even still, these are the gifts we need, the gifts we deserve.  

Everything she has, she gives to me: love, misery, and all things in between that give us all the chance to see our own potential to be patient lovers, or irrational monsters.

She has taught us that this very potential, is the thread that weaves the warm blanket that we will use to comfort and cover, or strangle and blind.

If it takes retrospect to manifest this realization, then we will find the time to find truth. A hero's return to the giving nature that is somewhere in all of you.
03:07 PM on 05/17/12
Two pumps and a swirl.
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03:14 PM on 05/17/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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So good.
03:22 PM on 05/17/12
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I love the 108-ish part.

FYI, this whole album totally rules. Maybe their best. Despite my bias, I say that as someone who's been following them since I was a naive 17-year-old watching 9 dudes run back and forth in a rundown Providence basement singing along to them in late 2003.
04:13 PM on 05/17/12
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Goddamn, this is good. When are preorders going up?
04:17 PM on 05/17/12
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It makes me a little sad to see only a handful of comments on this news. The song is cool and I can't wait for more.
04:26 PM on 05/17/12
Hot Topic
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Good stuff, cant wait for this album
04:42 PM on 05/17/12
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nice song. got really good towards the end. definitely looking forward to this.
04:42 PM on 05/17/12
Eurotrash Drock
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04:46 PM on 05/17/12
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Good anthem.

Anyone else hear the part after 1:00 that sounds like the screaming in Stars by Glassjaw?
05:17 PM on 05/17/12
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Terrific, terrific
05:20 PM on 05/17/12
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Aggression's in my favourite albums ever list, and I really wanted to like this more... Either way, I need that new album, I'm sure I'll love at least half of it.
05:27 PM on 05/17/12
Playfully witty sign-off
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Good anthem.

Anyone else hear the part after 1:00 that sounds like the screaming in Stars by Glassjaw?
yep i thought the whole song had a similar vibe to Stars
06:05 PM on 05/17/12
<("<) ^( " )^ (>")>
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Still one of my favorite hardcore bands to exist. One remarkable lyricist at that, pretty much makes the band. I can't believe there is no hype or talk about this band's return, or the fact that this is at the top of AP and has almost no response. This song is lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally on point and just tore the hardcore scene a new one.

But everyone is in the Chiodos thread flipping out over Craigery. It's a sad time in the music scene.

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