Night Verses - 05.25.12

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Night Verses - 05.25.12Night Verses seems to have a wicked strategy for their music. The name, the imagery, and the minimal information all have lead to a shroud of mystery that surrounds the band. I poked and pried frontman Doug Robinson (ex-The Sleeping) for details - here's what he had to say on the eve of the band's first show.

It's been 10 days since your debut EP released - how's it feeling in Team Night Verses?

Without revealing too much... Things just seem to be lining up very beautifully for us. The hard work we've put into this band in such a short amount of time has really been going a long way and the music has been speaking for itself. This band has been nonstop before we even announced ourselves. People we've met throughout our pasts and people we are just meeting now can see that this project is 110% full force no matter who jumps on board.

Most bands aim for five or six song debuts with a $5 price point - Night Verses went with four songs, free to the world via your website. What inspired those decisions?

We wanted to introduce ourselves through the music but also beyond the music. We wanted to show people what we are about as individuals. Everyone in this band grew up listening to bands that made music to make a change without any limitations or restraints. So, we felt it was best to give our first batch of songs away in homage to those bands and fans who still believe in that change. We want to make our mark in a big way and we want to do it the way we grew up listening and believing.

It feels more appropriate to call it a mini-album than an EP. The music shifts dynamics several times over, and the lyrics seem to be a thematic narrative. Tell us about the story behind the lyrics.

I like to keep the lyrical explanations to a minimum so that people listening can take the lyrics and relate in their own way. However, I will say that the lyrics are very specific stories to me but very relative to what all of us go through in life... just not as typical of situations. There's love, fear and many other emotions on this record but they're just not expressed in typical fashion. Something I want to address that I've actually never mentioned before is that I don't technically "write" lyrics either. After The Sleeping ended, I wanted to find a way to transform myself into the person I've been striving to be since as far back as I can remember. I wanted that connection to bridge the gap from the old me to the new me and I found that within Night Verses. The band will send me a song, I'll upload it to my phone and just disappear. I'll head into NYC and just walk the streets for hours and hours in my own world until I start coming up with melodies. The first lyric that emerges out of melody always winds up being something that's relative to a situation occurring in my life. Once I pinpoint what issue I'm specifically trying to express then I walk around even longer until most of the song is complete. I'll head back to my apartment and track until I feel that I have completed what I set out to create. Writing feelings on paper is a beautiful thing but I speak for myself when I say that I'm too much of an over thinker to ever be comfortable with that process again. You can't throw your words away if you don't have paper so you have to remember everything quickly or else it's gone. What you're reading are things I can't hide from and when music becomes therapeutic then why would anyone want to hide?

It appears Night Verses is slow playing its hand - a short release, a few highlighted shows, and not much else announced. Most bands bombard fans with information, but you're releasing details on a need-to-know basis. Why the mystery?

We don't want to just give away everything and leave nothing left for excitement. Music is an art form and art is exciting. Think about when a painter isn't finished with a painting. They don't want to show anyone. They want it kept away until it's complete and it makes you want to see it even more. It just comes with the nature of creating art. We want to reveal our pieces when the time is right.

You recently shot a music video for "Be Happy With Yourself, I'm Staying Here In Hell," the slow-builder among three more aggressive tracks. How did this song win the honor?

When we released these four songs we all agreed that nothing specific was set out to be a "single" track. We want people to have their own favorite. So, we sat down, discussed a video and asked ourselves what we thought would be the best possible song for creating something equally as strong on a cinematic front. All of them have their own descriptive imagery but there's just something about "Be Happy..." that we feel can truly capture the exact vibe we're going for. We looked to a lot of early 90s videos for inspiration. Those were the videos that stuck with us as lovers of music before our full transitions into who and what we've become. Once we sent over our thoughts to director, Dannel Escallon, he came back with something that we really believe is going to capture the eye.

The EP's 18 minutes won't fill up a full live set. Will we be hearing more new songs at your debut show tonight? And has anything else been recorded, either as a b-side or for a future release?

We will definitely be playing a new song at The Roxy (on Sunset) and we will be playing about eleven songs in NYC on June 29th at The Studio At Webster Hall. If you live in NYC and the surrounding areas then you should come out. It's our first east coast show ever with our friends in Tidal Arms, Sainthood Reps and Sleep Bellum Sonno. You can order tickets on our website at www.nightverses.com.

As for when and where the songs will be released... that's a secret.

What's next in the diabolical world of Night Verses?


Anything you'd like to add?

I just want to say that I speak for all of us in the band when I say how thankful we are to all of you for the positive feedback.

If you haven't heard, you can download our EP for free at www.nightverses.com. Please spread the word and share it with all of your friends. It's free... make it viral.

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram for exclusive photos, contests and updates. (@nightverses)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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03:15 AM on 05/25/12
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canvasofwinter's Avatar
Great interview. I'd be really surprised if those extra seven songs don't surface soon enough. I have a feeling an LP release might come sooner than we think.
08:01 AM on 05/25/12
Jack Appleby
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Great interview. I'd be really surprised if those extra seven songs don't surface soon enough. I have a feeling an LP release might come sooner than we think.
We can only hope.

I assume the EP's goal was to gauge interest and assist in label pitching. Obviously have no idea as to how many downloads it received, but there sure seems to be significant hype. Their Facebook page is incredibly active for a band that hasn't even played a show.

They better play Cali again soon.
08:01 AM on 05/25/12
Steve Alcala
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Steve Alcala's Avatar
Fantastic interview, Doug seems like a cool guy
11:54 AM on 05/25/12
Midtown Saves.
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RiCCioLi's Avatar
Album of the year thus far. And its going to be hard to top. Which says a lot since it is only 4 songs.

Miss The Sleeping a lot, but very very satisfied and then some with Night Verses
11:55 AM on 05/25/12
Playfully witty sign-off
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PetitnaindesÎles's Avatar
really excited to see what they put out next. i wouldn't be surprised if these 4 other songs are some 2010 demos reworked with Doug, when they were still called The Sound Archives
06:02 PM on 05/25/12
Two pumps and a swirl.
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I assume the EP's goal was to gauge interest and assist in label pitching. Obviously have no idea as to how many downloads it received, but there sure seems to be significant hype.

their servers crashed the night downloads were available. that's a fairly big sign.

been wearing this EP out! so good.
03:54 PM on 08/21/12
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06:14 AM on 04/26/13
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