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Senses Fail Talk About Their Future

Posted by - 04:33 PM on 06/04/12
Senses Fail are planning a new album and have a DVD update.
From the InterviewYeah. Itís definitely changed. There was talk of doing that and now itís just that a DVD or a documentary or a thing like that costs a lot of money to do. Itís just not something that you donít really know how much you are going to get out of putting a lot of money into it. We talked about doing a Kickstarter, but I really hate the overuse of Kickstarter from well known bands. Itís a tough argument on how it can be perceived and what it should be used for. We were throwing around the idea of how we were going to fund this thing. Does the label want to fund it? Are they interested? How many people are really going toÖ I think a lot of people would be interested in seeing it. I donít know how many people would be interested in buying it. So thatís kind of what we ran into with how we fund it and how we make it happen. The thing is, we caught a lot of footage. Over 8 terabytes of footage literally dating back to the first time that we ever practiced. Up until, I donít knowÖ we just played a show in Starland. That was kind of the last footage we have of us playing in Starland with Saves The Day over the holidays. We literally have thousands of hours of video tape documenting every tour weíve ever done, every video weíve ever done, recording processes from a lot of different records. So we have a lot of stuff to put together. But we want it to also include interviews with people that were a part of all of it, you know? Old managers, people whoíve worked at the labels weíve been on, obviously the band members, ex-band members. Thatís where the money starts to be an issue. Like how do you fund that? Right now weíre at the point where basically my mom has had all of this footage and sheís going to start putting it together. I donít know whatís going to come of it. If what she puts together ends up being good, weíll put it out. If it ends up being something we think is just kind of throw-away, we probably wonít put it out. Itís just hard. Weíre not fuckiní Pearl Jam. Weíre not Soundgarden, weíre not Nirvana or Foo Fighters. We donít have this legendary story. A band that started from nothing and went on to be one of the biggest bands in the entire world that spanned over twenty years. Weíve been a band for ten years and I think weíve accomplished a lot, but itís not this overwhelming story arc. I think if you like Senses Fail, youíd enjoy watching it, but Iím not sure if itís going to be the type of thing where if youíre not a fan of the band, are you going to be interested in it? I donít know. So right now itís very much loose. Weíre going to start doing some interviews to piece together the timeline of what weíre going to put together. Iím not really that involved with it because I have a lot of other stuff going on. We all do. Thatís not our focus. Thatís another reason why this thing is taking a lot of time. Itís something that could happen but hasnít happened because it takes a lot of work, takes a lot of time, takes a lot of money, and weíre just not sure how good of a thing weíre going to come up with. So until we kind of piece that together with some of the interviews and it starts to take shape, weíre not going to know if weíre really going to release it. Worst case scenario, itís something that weíll just put up online, just for people to check out.

Submitted by zack-182
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04:40 PM on 06/04/12
But I Won't Waste A Second
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Oskarr's Avatar
hope this comes to fruition, i'd definitely be interested.
04:42 PM on 06/04/12
Regular Member
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scott!athedisco's Avatar
these guys sound really level-headed and content with what they've achieved and where Senses Fail is at, I like that.
04:48 PM on 06/04/12
Registered User
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_veges_'s Avatar
After War Paint I'm very excited to hear more new stuff from them
04:52 PM on 06/04/12
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gregplaysdrums's Avatar
After War Paint I'm very excited to hear more new stuff from them
Wrong band.

My bad. War Paint made me think of Dangerous Summer. I apparently don't follow SF's career that closely.
04:56 PM on 06/04/12
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PerfectChaos337's Avatar

Right band. SF's new song from very recently.

04:58 PM on 06/04/12
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DCART's Avatar
very well said, would be interested
04:59 PM on 06/04/12
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steve187's Avatar
i've always loved reading/watching buddy's interviews. he is what "real" is not and the waste of life nevershoutnever dork

uh, no.
05:03 PM on 06/04/12
Registered Member
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Stephin_DC's Avatar
This band's ability to stay relevant is really impressive, especially when most of the bands that got big during that era are all dead and buried
05:20 PM on 06/04/12
Back from '09
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WakeUpBlondie's Avatar
I seen nothing wrong with kickstarter as long as they refuse donations after their goals has been reached, and offer legitimate incentives (versus a tweet, like some of which I've seen)

I'd totally love to see SF do something new
05:22 PM on 06/04/12
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AussieBoy's Avatar
What's a kick starter?
05:35 PM on 06/04/12
Regular Member
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No Avatar Selected
I don't particularly like Senses Fail but I would actually be interested to watch this!
05:36 PM on 06/04/12
Regular Member
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What's a kick starter?

It's a nifty little move you do to get your car working if it doesn't want to crank.
05:50 PM on 06/04/12
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No Avatar Selected
would love a documentary dvd from these dudes
their live dvd was awesome & worth the wait
05:55 PM on 06/04/12
Guide Yourself
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DontCare's Avatar
This is something I'd gladly sink money into. So much love and respect for this band and what they put out.

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