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River City Extension - Don't Let The Sun Go... Album Cover

River City Extension - Don't Let The Sun Go...

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River City ExtensionDon’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger
Record Label: XOXO Records / Anchor & Hope Music
Release Date: June 5th, 2012
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
River City Extension have never been a little band. Other than, you know, the fact that not many people are aware of their supersized approach to indie-folk/bluegrass. With a membership that outsizes some Midwestern towns, the New Jersey group are one of those classic, every-person-has-their-place sort of collectives. Leader Joe Michelini already cemented himself as a storyteller on 2010’s The Unmistakable Man, but here things feel fuller. They feel like the words of someone who isn’t just telling stories, but living through them.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger, while being robust (14 songs clock in at almost an hour), is neither heavy nor dragging. It’s always an ambitious thing when a band claiming roots to the punk and hardcore scenes of the Northeast do something completely different and just expect people to take hold. But the pacing works so well that you’re enthralled from second one of opener “Glastonbury” to the side-B star “Ballad of Oregon” (a drum-driven, good-feeling singalong) to the sparse and spiritual closer “Lord, I Have Changed.” It’s the type of album where you get lost, letting things wash over you, yet somehow take in every word and strummed acoustic guitar with a fervor not out of place at a Southern Baptist church.

The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, etc. These bands have found their foothold (one, in my opinion, in much more interesting ways than the other) by believing that all we want is to escape. Songs like the horn and piano-led toe-tapper “Point of Surrender” and annoyingly-named single “If You Need Me Back In Brooklyn” remove us from our surroundings. They throw us around, tornado-style, and drop us in an airy room with our closest, most meaningful friends. They are the songs that make you wish you were someone else – not out of sadness, but out of beautiful nostalgia. You hear lines like, “Find your path is not as narrow as it seems / You have grown / You are free,” from the dusk-swept, violin-studded “The Fall and The Need to be Free,” and it’s easy to understand why sometimes in 2012 we just need something that feels like it’s from 1912.

Really, the beauty of an album like Don’t Let The Sun… is that in between the rickety monuments to group songwriting, there is a simple and subtle message of camaraderie. The saloon stylings of “Down, Down, Down”, the twang and harmonies of “Slander,” or the yearning of lines like, “Strange to think my friends will die” on acoustic-only “Golden Tongue (Thanatopsis)” – I could find a moment on almost every track that reeks of real life. Sigh, but perhaps there’s nothing better to say than this is a truly organic record. At least, as organic as it probably could be. You don’t turn a record like this off, look out onto your depressing cityscape and think, “These guys are really full of it.” River City Extension shows us we’re only a few steps away from creating a band of our own. We have the friends, the memories, the determination. Just give us the instruments.

Recommended If You Like: The Head and The Heart, Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, David Schultz & The Skyline (whoa!)

The low roadwww.rivercityextension.com
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11:55 AM on 06/05/12
Grace and Peace
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inthemidst's Avatar
Great review. I'll have to check this out, for sure.
09:56 PM on 06/05/12
Regular Member
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No Avatar Selected
I miss the upbeat, trumpet based songs like Mexico.
10:14 PM on 06/05/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
The lack of faster songs threw me off at first but I loved the last record so much that I know I'll be coming back to listen to this more.
11:15 PM on 06/05/12
"Look mom, no hands!"
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Miketheunicycle's Avatar
gonna have to check this out soon their last record had a few tracks that perked my ears
05:33 AM on 06/06/12
no-goodnick lower middle class brat
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dnljryn's Avatar
Great album, great review
05:48 AM on 06/06/12
Winnie Cooper is a goddamned whore
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themagicrat's Avatar
This record is ridiculously good. I already want more music from this band.
05:48 AM on 06/06/12
So it goes...
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roche's Avatar
Loved it.
05:55 AM on 06/06/12
get up kidd
Blah Blah Blah
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get up kidd's Avatar
The lack of faster songs threw me off at first but I loved the last record so much that I know I'll be coming back to listen to this more.
Agreed, but after the first listen I got over it. Great fucking record.
05:57 AM on 06/06/12
Christian Wagner
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No Avatar Selected
Excellent review Blake! These guys are great musicians and great people and I wish them nothing but the best.
07:15 AM on 06/06/12
easy come and easy go, whatever
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Jeff_Ryan's Avatar
I really enjoyed their set both times I saw them live (opening for Brand New once and for Lydia once), but their album itself didn't really do anything for me. I might check this one out anyway
09:39 AM on 06/06/12
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JJW319's Avatar
Thanks to Brand New for having them open for them last year...
09:52 AM on 06/06/12
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
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ACA's Avatar
I saw them in double digits supporting their debut, and just the other day for the first time supporting this record.

Everything about the first record, from studio to tour, is more fun. Part of this band's appeal was their fun factor.

The songwriting seems to be just as solid this time around (I've played the debut countless times, but have only touched the new one a few times.. so I need to let it sink in), but it's almost night and day between where they were and where they are.
01:02 PM on 06/06/12
Here's your punk rock back
User Info.
mattdefillippo's Avatar
Really great review. Reading it I was thinking "Yes, exactly!". Gonna spin this bad boy once again.
03:04 PM on 06/06/12
Second Best
User Info.
gman610's Avatar
Good review. I love this album and the direction they took. I'm seeing them tonight in Atlanta and looking forward to seeing the new stuff and how that works out live.

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