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AP.net Staff Feature: Bands To Watch on Warped 2012

Posted by - 12:26 PM on 06/14/12
In conjunction with today's Thursday Discussion about summer songs, the AP.net Staff has assembled a feature of 26 bands we think you should check out on this year's Warped Tour. The tour kicks off this week in Salt Lake City and will snake around North America for about two months, so whichever date you go to, check out some of the bands we've listed below if you're unsure of who to watch! Take to the replies to discuss who you're excited to watch this year and how you think this year's lineup compares to recent Warped Tours.
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12:27 PM on 06/14/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Bands To See on Warped Tour 2012Bayside
Catch Them: 6/16-7/30 on Tilly's Stage
I have said it time and time again: Bayside is one of the most consistent bands in our scene. Whether its live or on album, the band always delivers great, punk-inspired alternative rock. This will be their fifth stint on the Warped Tour, so they know perfectly well how to pack a full set's worth of energy into their allotted time. If you can't get enough of his unique croon, you can also catch frontman Anthony Raneri on the Acoustic Basement stage.

Brian Marquis

Catch Him: 6/16-8/5 on Acoustic Basement
The Warped Tour was built on loud, in-your-face punk music, but sometimes its nice to get away from the throngs of people, loud noise and blistering sun. This year, you can do so and still see some of your favorite bands at the Acoustic Basement. The tent/stage was produced by Brian Marquis, who will also be playing there all summer long. Marquis formerly played guitar in the post-hardcore band Therefore I Am, so his singer/songwriter venture may catch you off guard at first. His solo efforts include elements of acoustic, folk, blues and country music. He will also be throwing a few great covers into his set.

Chuck Ragan

Catch him: 7/19-7/29 on Acoustic Basement
Chuck Ragan is one quarter of Hot Water Music. Oh, you want more? After honing his craft year in, year out on Revival Tour, Chuck has become a harmonica-wielding, gravel gargling behemoth of an acoustic act. Best enjoyed in baking heat in the middle of the day, this gentleman is the perfect antidote for an oh-so-likely pop-punk overdose.

Every Time I Die
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on the Monster Energy Stage
It's not a real rock and roll takeover until the guys in Every Time I Die show up. Warped Tour veterans now, the Buffalo quintet will show the younger bands how it's done: a lot of sweat, a lot of beer, and songs that'll leave sonic craters in the venue. After releasing the best album of their career this past spring, expect ETID to mix in some of their new riff-heavy songs like "Revival Mode" and "Partying Is Such A Sweet Sorrow" in with classic dick rippers "Ebolarama" and "The New Black." If you are only going to see one band this summer at Warped, make sure it's the best metal band on the tour.

Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Ernie Ball Stage
I've never seen a Fireworks set that wasn't full on energy on both sides of the microphone. I've also probably never seen a group of guys look like they're having as much fun playing music as this band. Whether it is the pop-punk leanings of their earlier work or cuts from the band's latest Gospel, Fireworks' set encourages pretty much anything you could expect from a pop-punk band without inherently always sounding like such music. Maybe if we're lucky, we could get to hear something about that new album they're working on too.

Four Year Strong
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on the Kia Rio Stage
Okay, so In Some Way, Shape or Form wasn't the best album Four Year Strong has put out. The good part about that is you probably won't have to hear much of it during their Warped set. "Just Drive" and "Stuck In the Middle" may be there, but those are two of the better songs on that record, and I'm personally hoping to see "Fairweather Fan" on the setlist as well. The rest of FYS's performance will be riddled with Rise or Die Trying and Enemy of the World songs, the type of stuff that was made to be listened to in the heat. If you're going to get wild for one band, it might as well be this one.

The Ghost Inside
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Monster Energy Stage
If there's any "heavy" band to watch on this year's tour, it's without a doubt The Ghost Inside. The band will start the tour just days away from releasing their extremely powerful third-full length album, Get What You Give. If you love intense breakdowns, but also love meaningful lyrics, then it's absolutely paramount that you be in attendance for the 30 minute war zone that will break out.

I Am The Avalanche
Catch Them: 6/16-7/3 on Tilly's Stage
It's damn good to have I Am The Avalanche back in our lives, isn't it? After their frustrating 6 year hiatus/delay, Vinnie Caruana and his Brooklyn released the album he had been waiting to put out his whole life. Avalanche United is one of the more remarkable punk records to release in the past few years, and what better way to celebrate the return of IATA than by igniting the pit when burners like "Brooklyn Dodgers" and "Holy Fuck" are unleashed.

I Fight Dragons
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Tilly's Stage
Take a break from the Warped staples, nostalgic bands and hardcore homies by catching some seriously great pop/rock with a twist. The chiptune-infused tunes should be a nice contrast to the typical stuff, giving the tour a ridiculously fun break from the norm. Don't let the dance pads and Guitar Hero controllers scare you - these guys utilize their interesting instruments to enhance their fantastic songwriting and great live show. You would be hard-pressed to find a more original act on the tour this year, and these geeks deserve your attention.

Into It. Over It.
Catch Them: 6/16-7/7 on the Acoustic Basement Stage
You may recognize Into It. Over It. as the full band effort that rocked your 2011 with its fantastic album, Proper. But the brain, brawn, and voice of IIOI is Evan Weiss, whom made this outfit into what it is today by starting out with the acoustic guitar. Weiss will reprise that role for a few weeks in the Acoustic Basement on Warped, so if you want to hear your favorite IIOI songs stripped down, make sure you catch this set when it hits your town.

Living With Lions
Catch Them: 6/16-7/3 on Kevin Says Stage
Warped doesn't stop in western Canada anymore, but one of the region's best pop-punk bands will still be represented during this year's tour. If you're looking for an alternative to the big headliners, definitely consider them in your plans. And if you're already a fan, you'll probably be interested in seeing original vocalist Matt Postal on stage with them again, especially when they launch into "A Bottle of Charades." Whether it's the first or tenth time you've seen them, Living With Lions are guaranteed to deliver a fun set.

Make Do And Mend
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on the Kevin Says Stage
After you make their upcoming album Everything You Ever Loved your new summer anthem, make sure you catch the Connecticut quartet on the Kevin Says stage all tour. Vocalist James Carroll has one of the most distinct voices in the genre, as the band balances between the melodic and the punk sound throughout their discography. They are the next big thing in the scene; make sure you'll be able to say "I was there when..." this summer.

Man Overboard
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Tilly's Stage
Man Overboard may not be the best musicians you'll see at Warped Tour. They might not hit every note with perfection. They probably don't need three guitarists. Regardless, their performance is sure to bring back memories of Warped Tours of yore, with fun and energy being valued highest. Be sure to listen closely, as they often change their lyrics to include raunchy humor a la Blink 182. Fan favorite "Love Your Friends, Die Laughing" is ideal for a sweaty singalong among pop punk defenders. For a more intimate performance, you will also find the band at the Acoustic Basement.

Mod Sun
Catch Him: 6/16-8/5 on House of Marley Stage
After proclaiming "I'm so Warped Tour" back on his 2009 mixtape, How To Make A MOD SUN, he's more than come through on his promise since then, making appearances on the tour over the last few years with artists such as Jonny Craig. Although he's not unfamiliar with success, this year's tour is arguably one of the biggest moments for him so far in his career, so look for him to go the extra mile to make sure you enjoy yourself while checking his set out. It's hard to be bummed out while watching MOD SUN jump up and down on stage, so if you're feelin' a bit overwhelmed or bogged down, be sure and come out to the party MOD SUN will be throwing daily.

New Found Glory
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Kia Soul Stage
If you claim to be a diehard pop-punk fan, and yet don't find the time to see New Found Glory, you may need to re-evaluate a bit. New Found Glory is ready to bring a "greatest hits" set full of songs such as "Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing" and "My Friends Over You", in which vocalist Jordan Pundik describes as a "30 minute aerobics workout". So make it a priority to crowd surf, circle pit, and have the greatest time you've ever had, because New Found Glory has an absolutely commanding stage presence that ensures a good time. You never know what sort of surprises the band has up their sleeve for the summer, so keep a watchful eye on them.

Of Mice & Men
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Kia Rio Stage
Another band that has worked hard on side stages in the past, Of Mice & Men have arrived this year with a well earned Main Stage spot, ready to make crowds across the nation rock out to their catchy brand of metalcore. Lead vocalist Austin Carlile has plenty of experience on the Warped Tour, and definitely knows how to get people off their feet and move. Don't expect to stand around when watching these guys, as they rip through tracks such as "O.G. Loko" and "Second & Sebring".

Patent Pending
Catch Them: 7/6-7/12, 7/21 on OurStage.com Stage
You may not find Patent Pending's name on Warped Tour's iconic inflatable schedule, but do yourself a favor and seek out their set. Fresh off a performance at the Billboard Music Awards, the band will bring their infectious pop punk tunes and seemingly endless energy to a handful of dates. With no regard for crowd size, temperature or his own well-being, frontman Joe Ragosta will bounce around the stage and the audience as his band members follow suit. I personally guarantee that it will be one of the best sets you see all day.

Pierce The Veil
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Kia Soul Stage
After highly successful appearances on the tour in 2008 and 2010, Pierce The Veil is back and better than ever, this time on one of the Main Stages. When asked about his thoughts on being on this year's lineup, vocalist Vic Fuentes states that they're all excited for this tour, and expect it to be the best tour they've done as a band so far. You can also expect to hear new material, such as their brand new single, "King For A Day". There's lots to see and soak in when you're watching Pierce The Veil, so definitely be fully alert and ready to expect the unexpected.

Polar Bear Club
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Tilly's Stage
Something happened to Polar Bear Club when they released Clash Battle Guilt Pride. They became a wholeheartedly better live band. Maybe it's just me being biased because I think those are their best songs, but watching Polar Bear Club play these days is a spectacle. Jimmy Stadt is some sort of mixture between a punk frontman and Luke Skywalker with those mic tricks, and the group is tighter than ever before. If I were on this entire tour, Polar Bear Club is one of the only bands I'd be able to watch every day.

Streetlight Manifesto
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on the Kia Soul Stage
There's a lot of pop-punk on this tour, but a great way to break up your day and throw in a little variety is by seeing a ska band. Streetlight Manifesto is the best one on Warped this year and the guys always put on a raucous live show. If you've never seen them live, even if you're not a fan, it's worth checking out. Warped is about exploring as much as it is watching your favorite bands, after all.

Senses Fail
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Tilly's Stage
Senses Fail is a band that has massively improved its live performance as it has aged as a band. Buddy Neilsen seems to be having more fun on stage than ever before, and that comes across in waves when you see the group perform songs from Let It Enfold You or Still Searching. After a decade as a band, it's great to see Senses Fail out on another Warped Tour.

Tonight Alive
Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on Kevin Says Stage
One of the best things about this tour is that you get the opportunity to see a lot of bands that you might not have the chance to see again for a while. Tonight Alive, being from Australia, might be one of those bands. While they have done a good job of touring the U.S. over the past year, they could very well have a long dry spell from the States when they bunker down to write a new album, so it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity to see them on Warped. Plus, Jenna McDougall is a sight for sore eyes after staring at numerable sweaty dudes with beards, and all of What Are You So Scared Of? was meant for the summertime.

Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on the Ernie Ball Stage
Seriously? The Ernie Ball Stage? After releasing Listen and Forgive, there's no way this band doesn't deserve a bigger platform, but that shouldn't bother the Boston natives too much. They proved on the Glamour Kills Tour that they're just as good live as Polar Bear Club or The Wonder Years, and they should have no problem dominating the crowds that will prove to be much larger than the Ernie Ball Stage is used to. Joe Boynton has great charisma on stage and Transit always delivers a fun set.

Twin Atlantic
Catch them: 7/10-8/5 on Kevin Says Stage
Already well on the way to the stratosphere in their native UK, Twin Atlantic return to the modest surroundings of the Kevin Says Stage for their stint this summer. Those who caught them on tour with You Me At Six and The Swellers earlier this year will already know about their unmistakeable Scottish brogue and a catalogue bursting with originality (can you name another band on the tour that uses a cello live? Didn't think so). With all of this plus an outstanding live show in their armoury, this band might, just might, be the breakout act of the tour.

We Are The Ocean
Catch them: 6/16-7/18 on Kevin Says Stage
I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure that losing your lead vocalist less than two weeks before embarking on Warped is at the very top of the list marked "NO, NO, GOD NO"; gone is their traditional dual vocal attack in favour of a softer, more radio-friendly approach. Nevertheless, the new-look Brits are set to cross the Atlantic hoping to find their feet as a four-piece and recreate their intense live show. It's make or break time for these boys, here's hoping it's make.

Catch Them: 6/16-8/5 on the Kia Rio Stage
Nothing could remind you more of the Warped Tour of yesteryear than having Yellowcard, New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday playing the main stage. Full U.S. tours for Yellowcard don't exactly come a dime a dozen, so be sure to check them out while you have the chance on Warped. We know they'll play "Always Summer," and maybe they'll throw in another song from the upcoming Southern Air if we get lucky. Ryan Key has a better stage presence than just about any pop-punk frontman and Longineu Parsons behind the kit is something you must witness in person.
12:35 PM on 06/14/12
Forgive me, Nashville
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ParkwayTom's Avatar
I'm gonna be on the whole tour this year. I'll be catching ETID every day.
12:35 PM on 06/14/12
All that wander are not lost
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irthesteve's Avatar
This list seriously should shut up all the annoying "Warped sucks now" people. If you can't find 5+ bands this year that you like, then you're probably hanging out on the wrong website anyway
12:36 PM on 06/14/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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This list seriously should shut up all the annoying "Warped sucks now" people. If you can't find 5+ bands this year that you like, then you're probably hanging out on the wrong website anyway
Well put.
12:37 PM on 06/14/12
Holly HoX!
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Holly HoX!'s Avatar
Trick question. I'd be awesome to see IATA though. Streetlight killed it at the last Warped I went to as well
12:39 PM on 06/14/12
I know...
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runningohfive's Avatar
I'd go to this one.
12:44 PM on 06/14/12
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brandon_260's Avatar
Mod Sun is not anything anyone should watch ever.
12:45 PM on 06/14/12
Regular Member
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I'm gonna be on the whole tour this year. I'll be catching ETID every day.

I'm going to sit through 8 hours of being in the sun just to watch every time I die play for 30 minutes. Its going to be worth it
12:48 PM on 06/14/12
Jake Jenkins
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why is mod sun on this list
12:48 PM on 06/14/12
The Starship Renegade
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guitarguy211's Avatar
There's enough bands this year to justify going to 2 dates. I'm stoked to see:
All Time Low
Taking Back Sunday
Pierce The Veil
New Found Glory
Sleeping With Sirens (full set and acoustic)
Mayday Parade
A Loss For Words (full set and acoustic)
Transit (full set and acoustic)
I Fight Dragons
Man Overboard
We Are The In Crowd
Tonight Alive

Plus more that are possibilities.
12:48 PM on 06/14/12
We dance to all the wrong songs
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prettyLUSH16's Avatar
Love how old etid jams were refered to as "classic dick rippers" haha

Keith would approve!
12:51 PM on 06/14/12
Registered User
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I don't think anyone can complain about the line up this year. Its such a diverse lineup that everyone should be happy
12:54 PM on 06/14/12
Regular Member
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Shaymojack's Avatar
I would definitely go to two dates this year if I could. Hell, I could spend a pretty good part of the day at the acoustic tent alone.
01:01 PM on 06/14/12
Reconnect This
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Xiegfried's Avatar
Psyched to see Yellowcard for the third time. I totally agree that Longineu has to be seen to be believed. The dude's an animal on drums.

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