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Lostprophets - 06.14.12

Interviewed by: Andy Biddulph (06/19/12)
New album? Check. On Warped Tour? Check. Huge UK tour? Check. It's no exaggeration to say that Lostprophets are in for a gruelling end to the year. I caught up with bassist Stu Richardson to discuss new album Weapons, which is out in the US today and Warped Tour, where the band will be on Tilly's Stage at from 7/12 to 8/5.

has been out for a while now in the UK and is set for a US release this month. How would you say it differs from anything else that you've released?

That's a tough question. It's fucking awesome, just a different flavor of awesome to the other records. With every record, you gotta just follow your instincts. People tend to tell you that your band has changed for the better or worse, but I believe that if a band has the talent to change and grow record to record it's a pretty special thing. If you go into making a record thinking that you know what it's going to sound like, you'll find you're always wrong. It's what keeps things exciting. We have been a band for 15 years, and there are days when you can easily write five songs in a row and days when you couldn't write a song if a gun was held to your head. There's no rhyme or reason to it. At this point, it's almost fucking fate - with each record, you try to improve on the last and explore new directions. I can think of nothing worse than having to repeat the formula of your hit record.

How did you find having new(ish) drummer Luke record his first album
with the band?

Luke fits the band perfectly. He is working class scum like the rest of us and gets where our heads are at. As we have said before, we are a band made up of best friends, and having someone fit in with the gang is of upmost importance. The 22 hours of a day when you aren't playing a show would be miserable if you had a cocksucker in the band, no matter how good they are on their instrument. Luckily, Luke is an amazing drummer as well as a top lad (and a right propa fucking cockney Brummie). He brought a lot of good ideas into Weapons and played his ass off - what more could you want?

What did producer Ken Andrews bring to the table?

Ken brought the big widescreen sound we were after, while still managing to keep a hold of the rough edges that can sometimes get
smoothed off. I've been a really big fan of Ken's work - from his band Failure, to his solo projects, to his previous producing and mixing gigs. The biggest draw for me was that he is a songwriter and guitarist, and I felt that having someone else's input in the studio - input that I would trust - would be beneficial after going at it alone on The Betrayed.

With the album release and an extended run on Warped tour coming up, are you glad to finally be back in the US?

It's really good to tour the US again. We haven't played there in six years! Some of our best times have been had on American soil - I met my wife there, settled down, blah, blah. We toured the shit out of it for most of 2001-2006. It's gonna be great to see some old friends and eat at fucking Denny's at 4am.

What're you most looking forward to on Warped?

Sounds boring, but just meeting new people and seeing some great bands everyday. Oh and free shoes, there had better be free shoes.

If you had to choose, would you rather be on a regular tour or Warped for the rest of your career?

Regular tour. I love all our own fans too much... apart from that one.

Was it frustrating that The Betrayed didn't see a US release? How glad were you to sign to Fearless Records to put out Weapons over there?

I'm so stoked to be putting Weapons out in the US on a label that gives a shit. There was talk of putting The Betrayed out, but at the
time, the labels were in such a fucking mess that we decided not to. There is absolutely no point in putting out a record with a label that can't serve the band right. I just figured that (thanks to the good ol' innernetz), anyone who wanted The Betrayed in the US could have it without us having to jump through the hoops of signing a deal and selling our buttholes for use on the black market.

The deluxe edition of Weapons features tracks from your "Garage sessions" with John Feldmann. Is there any chance of any more of those tracks being released at some point?

For the record, those are demos of the songs we did before we even met John. He didn't record them. I think most of those "garage" songs have been used for The Betrayed and Weapons. We've picked the fucking bones clean from those sessions. There are probably demos of "Next Stop Atrocity" and a few other songs in existence. If people want to hear them, I'm sure we can put them out there someday.

What was the thinking behind playing Start Something in full at your Cardiff show last month. Is it something that you'd be open to doing again, maybe with other albums?

Never say never.

The "rock revival" that yourselves and people like Hundred Reasons fronted ten years ago seems to be happening again today, with bands like Twin Atlantic and Lower Than Atlantis playing bigger and bigger shows and getting an awful lot of radio play. Why do you think this is?

It's all a big fucking cycle. When we came out, rock music was flourishing and exciting. The punk and indie labels were starting to get more recognition and slowly, people were getting hip to the music we had all been listening to for years. The flip side of this is when something steps into the forefront, it becomes imitated and diluted and ultimately becomes unlistenable and a parody of what was cool about it in the beginning. It then dies a death, and maybe a few years later, with the blessings of sweet lady time, people start to remember the good parts and use that as a new jumping off point.

Who's your favourite UK artist right now / what're you listening to at
the moment?

Right now I'm writing and producing, so I've got my head into that. But, the last song that took my breath away was "Ill Manors" by Plan B.

What's up next for you guys after the November UK tour and London Warped

Tour, tour, more tour, tour for breakfast, making records, doing time, beer.
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03:30 AM on 06/19/12
We can gallop upon the sea...
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The deluxe edition of Weapons features tracks from your "Garage sessions" with John Feldmann. Is there any chance of any more of those tracks being released at some point?

For the record, those are demos of the songs we did before we even met John. He didn't record them. I think most of those "garage" songs have been used for The Betrayed and Weapons. We've picked the fucking bones clean from those sessions. There are probably demos of "Next Stop Atrocity" and a few other songs in existence. If people want to hear them, I'm sure we can put them out there someday.

best part
04:08 AM on 06/19/12
Impossible Soul
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LetterBomb31's Avatar
This guy talks like a 13-year-old boy
09:01 AM on 06/19/12
Kyle Huntington
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"and a right propa fucking cockney Brummie"

...wut? Cockney Brummie?
12:48 PM on 06/19/12
We can gallop upon the sea...
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Mario57's Avatar
This guy talks like a 13-year-old boy
yet he's the oldest of the band at 39... that's weird
09:03 AM on 06/21/12
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LGFUAD21's Avatar
This guy talks like a 13-year-old boy
If you watch any interview with LP or meet them in person you'll see that they really are just 5 old friends (and one brummie) that joke around like this.
09:16 AM on 06/21/12
Impossible Soul
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LetterBomb31's Avatar
If you watch any interview with LP or meet them in person you'll see that they really are just 5 old friends (and one brummie) that joke around like this.
So what? Doesn't change the fact that he sounds like a childish moron in this review.
04:47 PM on 06/23/12
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LGFUAD21's Avatar
So what? Doesn't change the fact that he sounds like a childish moron in this review.
Maybe. Im just saying he is who he is. The guys have a real camaraderie and that's better than just trying to look cool. Being yourself.
08:21 AM on 07/06/12
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08:48 PM on 08/08/12
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06:01 AM on 09/20/13
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