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Colin Frangicetto' To Battle, To Bed Art Show

Posted by - 12:28 PM on 07/16/12
Colin Frangicetto (Circa Survive, Psychic Babble) recently had his first big art show, To Battle, To Bed. Pictures from the show can be seen here. One of the prints from the show is available for purchase here. A statement from Frangicetto can be read in the replies.
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12:28 PM on 07/16/12
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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Artist StatementAs a child I became a true believer. In magic, happy endings, true love, the supernatural world and the importance of valorous acts. I researched these things on a daily basis. This research took place almost anywhere I would travel but in no two places did I feel their resonance more than in the woods and in my bedroom. Quite often my unraveling reality would be set in a battle that had no name, no beginning and no end. Any time the wind picked up or rain began to fall it was the beginning of a fantasy scene inside of my mind’s eye. As the ever present protagonist within a neverending tale these simple environmental changes would cause my chest to puff out, my hands to cling to my hips and my chin to lift towards the sky. I was always ready for an adventure especially one that involved a battle between good and evil.

My friends, my siblings and I would spend our entire summers and every free moment in between constructing vast fortresses inside of the woods behind my childhood home. When they tore those woods down to build 200 something new homes and roads we built forts in the dirt mounds instead. Those were sacred grounds and as we saw it they were ours. I saw a potential use for almost any object I would come across in those days. Pieces of scrap wood, plastic bins, glass bottles, loose string, etc. They all had some use in our structures and in our battles. We sometimes fought each other in pretend wars, making weaponry from sticks and garbage and even making “dirt bombs” to hail at each other from opposing bases. But most often we were working together…building stronger, more efficient fortresses and weapons to protect us from an invisible, unknown, sometimes not yet in existence, enemy. There was never a discussion about which side of right & wrong we were on and there never seemed to be any doubt that both we and ‘the good’ would prevail. At the end of the day these battles never really seemed to halt but rather just changed shapes and setting once I was inside of my bedroom.

Within sleep I’d find a whole new set of friends and imaginary enemies inside of the dreamscapes and nightmares. Supernatural creatures and abilities that I’d design in the daylight would come to life at night. What was real and what was make believe seemed to bleed together seamlessly making what I knew as the world.

My battles are different now as an adult but I often drift back into the mindset of my child self whilst fighting them. I still believe in magic and monsters but am aware of the painful truth that ‘the good’ does not always overcome. I still believe in true love but I know that even true love needs to be fed care & effort like water and sun for plants. I still believe in the importance of valorous acts too, now more than ever actually. While my own definition of valor has evolved I still see many soldiers/warriors of past, present and future to be giving meaning to that word. I am also aware that unlike my childhood self, they do not always make it to their bed after their battles. I have never been to war myself but am more aware than ever that they are out there happening and that they are not glamorous fantasies I imagined as a child. I admit that I often feel torn about my own subject matter and messages as an artist in such tumultuous times. Some say that there is a responsibility placed on artists not unlike that bestowed on the press… to report on what we are seeing and what we feel about those things… Sometimes I just want to go back to those woods.

Sometimes I long for those makeshift fortresses whose walls never had clocks. Sometimes I want to go back to the place where I was always on the right side and ‘the good’ were always winning… where all warriors get to see their beds after battle.

I am continuing my journey through painting and drawing but have also re-discovered my love of creating structures and objects. There is nothing more exciting than not knowing what’s coming next.

This show is dedicated to the memory of my grandparents. Edwin, Albert, Doris and Lena.
01:29 PM on 07/16/12
Social Justice/Wayne State Warrior
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Excited for my print to come in!
03:09 PM on 07/16/12
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This show show was top notch, If you are in driving distance of philly I suggest checking it out. he has come pretty far as an artist... His shit is all over my walls
04:27 PM on 07/16/12
Up all night, and down all day
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Colin's such a nice guy, hope he gets some success off of this and Psychic Babble. Album's great, and from when I've spoken to him he had such a positive attitude. All the best to him.
05:35 PM on 07/16/12
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Good shit, but To Bed, To Battle > To Battle, To Bed
07:22 AM on 07/17/12
Sic Transit Zeb
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Good shit, but To Bed, To Battle > To Battle, To Bed

Lol, yup!

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