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Breathe Carolina -- 08.15.12"Never judge a book by it's cover". Too bad I made that mistake with Breathe Carolina, until I got to meet them at the beginning of last summer and see what cool and genuine dudes they are. From that point on, Breathe Carolina have charged ahead at full speed towards radio success, and they first met that goal with their single "Blackout". Now, fresh off the release of a successful new single, "Hit and Run", the band looks to hit the radio once again. I sat down with vocalists David Schmitt and Kyle Even at the Seattle, WA date of the Vans Warped Tour, just hours from their headlining spot on the Kia Rio Main Stage.

Breathe Carolina: Facebook, Twitter. David Schmitt Twitter, Kyle Even Twitter.

So Warped is essentially over, how has this year been for you guys? Especially since this is your fourth year on the tour, and being on Mainstage for the first time...

Kyle Even: This is our third, yeah. It's been great, everyone's been real supportive of what we're doing out here, and that's all we could ask for, seeing the love being reciprocated.

I've seen some of the crowds, and Denver being your hometown show, what a massive turnout!

Kyle Even: Yeah, it was really rowdy.

What's the one thing you'll walk away with from this tour this time around?

David Schmitt: Just a lot of good memories, man. We have a LOT of friends out here -- a lot of old friends, met a lot of new friends, just knowing you made some really good relationships with people, and hung out and chilled.

What's a new band you've checked out on this tour?

Kyle Even: Well, personally, Born of Osiris, those guys are cool...

David Schmitt: Yeah, those guys are sick...

Kyle Even: Getting to see MGK (Machine Gun Kelly), I haven't been able to see him before this tour, he kills it everyday, really nice guy too, real chill.

I've noticed that the production on this tour was just through the roof, with the American flag, the fog machine, the lights. What inspired the decision to make this a part of the set? Did you guys all sit down and make a decision to be intentional with that?

David Schmitt: We just wanted to make it fun, and make it more than just us playing on stage. It's cool, I feel like the kids can feel our vibes on stage when we have that stuff going on. I think it let's them know that we're thinking about them, in a sense that we're trying to give you the best possible show right now.

You guys just re-released Hell Is What You Make It a few weeks back, and you re-did "Last Night (Vegas)". What prompted the re-worked version?

Kyle Even: I think it was just wanting to push it a little bit, and wanting to see if we can push it to be a radio track. We had a bunch of songs that we were working on as well, and "Hit and Run" ended up being picked by the label. I'm so stoked on how the re-done version of Last Night came out, it's just more energetic for the live performance. We were playing it live before it even dropped on the record, so it's nice to have people hear what we were playing, and why we did it that way.

"Hit and Run" and "Reaching For The Floor" -- can you guys breakdown those two new tracks?

Kyle Even: Yeah man, "Hit and Run". We were working both of these tracks in January/February of this year, and they're just fun songs man, just a good time, that's all I can really say. I kind of just like for people to listen and make their own judgments of what the songs are all about, as opposed to me telling them what they're about -- I feel like I'll ruin it for them, if I tell them what it means to me really.

But it still tells a story regardless, though...

Kyle Even: Oh, for sure!

These are two of your most radio friendly tracks to date. Are you guys pushing for the radio for the future, or are you still looking to keep that same vibe as you always have?

David Schmitt: I think it's both, trying to push it harder, but not forgetting what we do, that old school BC feel.

I mean, right after the last time we talked, "Blackout" blew up on the radio, and I saw it a few times on MTV and FUSE, etc. The last 12 months have been huge for you guys, especially since signing to Columbia Records. What have been some of the most significant moments since signing to the label?

Kyle Even: I think just pushing the next single, and having the drive to keep the radio stuff alive. We weren't to have "Blackout" to do as well as it did, and it's exciting, and it pushes us to drive another one, and to write the best songs we possibly can write?

You're currently writing for album number four, right?

Kyle Even: We are, constantly.

What sort of lyrical ideas have you been writing?

Kyle Even: Lots of stuff! You name it, it's in there. We were thinking about The Godfather yesterday...

David Schmitt: Yeah, we were thinking about writing a song about mobsters and stuff, just for fun.

Kyle Even: We have our movie themed songs -- "Get Off Easy" was based on a movie called Wonderland, and "I'm The Type Of Person To Take It Personal" was based off a bank robbery, a set-it-off type of feel.

How have you grown as songwriters since the last album came out?

David Schmitt: Constantly experimenting, you know? That's the way we grow, trying new things and getting into different directions, but keeping what we do in mind.

I've been told that you're on a U.S. headliner in the fall or winter. Who is on that tour, and what can you tell us about it?

Kyle Even: You know, I think we're doing a bunch of fly dates, so that's kind of our mission while we're in the studio. We're not sure on who's on the shows yet, there's some names up in the air right now, just seeing what all hits...

What's one band that you'd like to play with that you haven't yet?

Kyle Even: AFI, yeah! There's a ton...Blink 182 -- we were supposed to play three shows with them, and they sadly got canceled. That's still our dream, you know?

Next 12 months, where do you want to be?

David Schmitt: I dunno man, I just want to do as much as we can. We're going overseas, and we're writing and hoping to have the new album out soon, that'd be a huge thing. Atleast have new music out...

Kyle Even: Keeping up with more singles, we definitely have tracks on deck...

Have you guys entertained the idea of an Acoustic EP? A few bands are doing that right now

Kyle Even: We may do that, we have so many things that we'd like to do right now.

The BVTV recording, that turned out well, you know? I think you guys could turn something similar like that into a session or something.

Kyle Even: That was our first time doing something like that, that was cool.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Kyle Even: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and check out our tour dates and updates on BreatheCarolina.net, hit us up online, that's what it's about!
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11:56 AM on 08/15/12
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butrfli1234's Avatar
Cool dudes =/= good music
01:38 PM on 08/15/12
The Starship Renegade
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guitarguy211's Avatar
After seeing them both days at Warped I can say they really do put on a good show and sound good live. Not usually my top choice for music, but they seem to be doing what they love and I hope they can get the radio play theyre going for.
05:21 PM on 08/15/12
New album out on Itunes & Spotify!
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SupMikecheck's Avatar
im happy for emm

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