05:48 PM on 08/15/12 
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Hey, are you a dreamer?
DylanPPPP's Avatar
Midland, MI
Male - 22 Years Old
And here it is folks: the ranking portion of The (Un)Official AP.net Fantasy Band Draft!

To see the actual draft process, visit THE DRAFT.

Here's the rules of this part:
Each participant in the draft will rank his or her top 8 favorite bands in order, with 1st being the top pick.
You may use whatever criteria you like to decide your rankings.
You may not vote for your own band.
Each 1st place vote will count for 8 points, 2nd place = 7 points, 3rd = 6 points, etc.

Below you will find each person's completed band, along with their band name (bolded) and their description/sales pitch/bio.
Once you have ranked your top 8, post them in a comment in this thread. Please use the username AND the band name in your rankings.

Once the Top 5 bands have been determined, we will open the voting up to the entire AP.net community to determine an overall champion.

If you didn't participate, feel free to comment here and say which band you like!

Let's begin!

CURRENT BIG BOARD: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...RTTBLVVE#gid=0
05:48 PM on 08/15/12 
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Hey, are you a dreamer?
DylanPPPP's Avatar
Midland, MI
Male - 22 Years Old
1) Phaynes1's Band:
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails/How To Destroy Angels - production/drums/tape loops/guitar/bleep-bloops
Tunde Adebimpe of TV On the Radio - Vocals
Keeley Davis of ex-Denali, ex-Engine Down, Sparta - Bass/Guitar
Dave Turncrantz of Russian Circles - Drums
Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire -Vocals/multi-instrumentalist

2) SophGod's Band: Touche Amore Fucking Sucks
Josh Scogin of The Chariot - Vocals
Milouze Lemiere of Aussitot Mort - Guitar
David Haik of Pianos Become the Teeth - Drums
Ditow of Birds In Row - Bass
Charles Baudelaire of Sed Non Satiata - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Fuck Touche Amore is a message. A manifesto. A call to arms.

Actually, it's none of these things. Simply put: it's the best hardcore music to ever come out. While on tour in Europe with Pianos Become The Teeth, Josh Scogin, frontman of The Chariot, chatted with members of Aussitot Mort, Sed Non Satiata, and Birds In Row during the tours stop in France where these bands opened/came out to see the show. Scogin and co all felt generally unenthused with the current state of American hardcore music. So they did what anyone would do in their situation: they started a new band. A band that takes the aggression of The Chariot and Birds In Row, the emotion of Pianos Become The Teeth and Sed Non Satiata, and the spaced out sludge of Aussitot Mort to create hardcore music that knows no bounds. Touche Amore, take notes. This is how it's done.

3) DjWildefire's Band: Smooth As Silk
D'Angelo - Vocals/piano/keyboards/organ
Eric Clapton - Guitar
Erykah Badu - Vocals
Danger Mouse - Drums/Production
Owen Biddle of ex-The Roots - Bass.

Expect Smooth as Silk, a supergroup featuring D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Eric Clapton, Owen Biddle, and Danger Mouse, to sensually massage your eardrums with soulful, funky, sexy melodies. After working on his comeback album for God-knows-how-long over the past decade, D'Angelo decided to sidetrack himself once more by forming a neo-soul supergroup featuring the genre's king and queen -- respectively, himself and Erykah Badu. Once Erykah agreed to the idea, the two realized they needed a killer back-up band. They contacted Owen Biddle for his bass playing first, knowing he'd have some free time after his departure from The Roots. He'd lend just the kind of jazz and hip-hop sensibilities to perfectly complement the duo's sultry vocals. Next, they reached out to Danger Mouse, as all three are huge fans of his work with Gnarls Barkley. He'd be able to add some funk and production skills to the mix. Then these four came together to discuss the final missing piece -- a guitarist. Everyone came to the same conclusion; Eric Clapton was the man for the job due to his blues and rock roots, years of experience, and pure skill. When Eric agreed, the five came together to rehearse; the chemistry was immediate and palpable. Make sure to look out for an album from Smooth as Silk, as it's rumored they've been jamming and writing in the studio for the past couple months.

4) Bobsheiskawy's Band: Eyes Focused Forward
Anthony Raneri of Baysid - Vocals/Guitar
James Carroll of Make Do And Mend - Vocals/Guitar
Jeff Kummer of The Early November - Drums
Nick Beard of Circa Survive - Bass
Bryan Czap of The Dangerous Summer - Lead Guitar

my band's really cohesive and sounds good. they can do harder rock things and more stripped-down stuff. one higher voice, one lower voice, etc, etc... here's a playlist. the first half is the harder side of things, the second half is the softer. good shit.

Eyes Focused Forward

5) EndlessPrisoner's Band: Wyldefyre
Kendrick Lamar - Vocals
Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga - Vocals/Piano
Annie Clark of St. Vincent - Guitar/Vocals
Alexander Sowinski of BADBADNOTGOOD - Drums
Esperanza Spalding - Upright Bass/Bass

Rumors went crazy when Lady Gaga was spotted backstage at Kendrick Lamar's set at Pitchfork Festival in 2012. Were they dating? Were they just friends? The truth is now out; they were forming a band together. Kendrick would lead the group with his signature spitting deliver and smart lyrics, while Gaga would knock out gorgeous piano lines and bring her fantastic voice to enormous choruses. The pair enlisted world class musicians Annie Clark of St Vincent (Guitar), Alexander Sowinski of BadBadNotGood (Drums), and Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding (Standing Bass and Bass Guitar) to assist in creating the jazzy landscapes that Kendrick thrives in front of. Spalding and Clark will assist Gaga on vocals, allowing each vocalist to take control of some songs, adding their own personal touch. The five artists are all accomplished songwriters as well, and this is one hip hop group unlike any seen before.

6) KenneyBN's Band: Destruction On Namek
Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett of Death Grips - Vocals/ Lyrics
Jesse F. Keeler of Death From Above 1979- Bass Guitar/ Synth
Matthew A. Tavares of BADBADNOTGOOD- Piano/ Synth/ Analog Synth
Christopher Tsagakis of RX Bandits and Technology- Drums/ Drum machines
Omar Rodríguez-López of The Mars Volta/At The Drive-In - Guitar

Destruction On Namek is a alternative experimental hip-hop group fronted by MC Ride. Their sound can best be described as an aggressive, bass-riff heavy type of hip-hop. Keelers bass talents combined with Tavaress' piano ability bring an eerie and dark vibe to the music. The violent sound of their heavy bass riffs mesh perfectly with the strange piano and synth progressions brought to you by Tavares. Omar Rodríguez-López brings a very unique aspect to the group with his extremely technical guitar work over the record. Christopher Tsagakis and Matthew A. Tavares often bring an almost jazzy type influence to these aggressive tracks. Tsagakis work behind the kit is the perfect bridge to connect all the other aspects of the music. His electronic abilities with drum machines are also put to great use on the record.

Their first record, "Earth Under (Saiyan) Reign" drops November 28th 2012. Rolling Stone Magazine has said that it is the greatest record of all time.

7) iamthealex's Band: The Dusty Frames
Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin - Vocals/Piano
Nick Wakim of Stay Ahead Of The Weather/CSTVT/Into It. Over It/etc., - Drums
Matt Rubano of ex-Taking Back Sunday/Patrick Stump Band - Bass
Duane Okun of Socratic - Guitar/Vox
John McCauley of Deer Tick - Guitar

Fronted by accomplished singer/pianist Andrew McMahon, his signature punk-infused pop tunes form the base of this group's material, but this time it's darker, more dynamic, and more aggressive than ever. Providing the foundation for the sound are bassist Matt Rubano and drummer Nick Wakim, whose bass lines and drum beats provoke interest but don't distract from the rest of the band. Filling out the group are guitarists John McCauley and Duane Okun, the latter of which also provides supporting vocals.

8) DylanPPPP's Band: Amygdala
Justin Vernon of Bon Iver - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead - Lead Guitar/Piano/Multi-Instrumentals
SBTRKT - Drums/Drum Machine
Pj Harvey - Backing Vocals/Guitar/Saxophone/Trumpet/Cello/Violin
Simon Gallup of The Cure - Bass

Justin Vernon is a man known for his cool, collected vocal style and a certain sense of relaxation. Everything about his style is focused on the calmer side of music. But Vernon is bored. Bon Iver is going great for him. But even with all the grammy nods, Vernon still needed an outlet to unleash all of his creativity when one vessel just wasn't enough.

That’s where Amygdala comes in.

Pronounced uh-mig-duh-la, the amygdala is a group of nuclei in one’s brain that serves a primary function in memory and emotional reactions. Vernon's innate ability to create a heart-warming melody coupled with the same ability of SBTRKT via beats and drums was a match made in heaven for the themes Vernon wanted to be prominent in Amygdala. Add in PJ Harvey’s contributions of chilling harmonies as well as an assortment of other soul-warming instruments coupled with Simon Gallup of The Cure’s soothing bass tone, Vernon knew he had assembled a near-perfect team.

But something was missing. Sure Vernon and Harvey’s guitars were in sync. SBTRKT and Gallup combined for a subtly brilliant rhythm section, but something was still missing. Something that would allow every creative element to be sewn together into one brilliant piece of mellow rock music. That something was Jonny Greenwood and his many talents. With Greenwood being the thread that holds the quiet beauty of Amygdala together, there wasn’t much else to do but sit down and record a record.

9) Erik the Orange's Band
Jamie xx - Drums/Production
Tim Hecker - Production/Piano
David Bowie - Vocals
Aphex Twin - Guitar/Synthesizer/Multi-Instrumentalist
Brian Eno- Bass/Keyboards/Multi-Instrumentalist

10) ChaplainTappman's Band:
Patrick Stickle of Titus Andronicus - Vocals/Guitar
Joe Easly of The Dismemberment Plan - Drums
Brian Kingof Japandroids - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Damian Abraham of Fucked Up - Vocals
EMA - bass/electronics/backing vox

11) M.Lee's Band: Airwolf
Mike Hadreas of Perfume Genius - Vocals/Guitar/Synth
Suzie Zeldin of The Narrative - Vocals/Piano
Johnny Jewel of Chromatics - Bass/Production/Programming/Everything
Julia Holter - Backing Vocals/Keys/Organ/Harpischord
Corin Roddick of Purity Ring - Drums/Additional Production

Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) is no stranger to anguish. Penning lyrics about abuse, molestation, addiction and underage relationships makes you question his view of the human condition. Songs such as "All Waters" and "No Tear" encapsulate this idea of tons of misery and sadness surrounding small moments of victory. But it's not the triumphs that make his music sympathetic-- it’s how he deals with such issues, with resilience and self-awareness and courage and even a recurring sense of hope.

Hadreas' complex melodies combined with his warm acoustic guitar sets the tone for this group; it all begins with him. Zeldin's haunting, airy voice perfectly compliments singer/songwriter Hadreas' style of chamber pop.

Jewel's analog synths and crisp bass tones touch on the already present spectral, orchestral sound to bring the band to further heights. But to relegate Jewel to just instrumentation would be a disservice. He is a mastermind producer with a touch for the cinematic (see: Themes for an Imaginary Film and the Drive soundtrack) and using music to tell stories. Holter is no stranger to blending her classical instrumentation with a more upbeat, poppy, electronic sound. Her brand of ethereal pop manages to be quite engaging and dramatic without being ostentatious which fits her role in the band perfectly. Roddick's ambient beats and fluid drumming add a different dimension; a new layer of sound that brings the whole group together..

12) Theseventhson's Band:
Phil Elverum of The Microphones - Multi-Instrumentalist
Dean Wareham of Dean & Britta/Galaxie 500 - Vocals/Guitar
Steve Garrington of Low - Bass
Chris Brokaw of ex-Codeine - Drums
Sarah Balliet of Murder By Death - cello

13) Jaytothesyg's Band:
Greg Barnett of The Menzingers - Vocals/Guitar
John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday - Vocals/Guitar
Daniel Frazier of Transit - Drums
Jason Black of Hot Water Music- Bass
Ted Stevens of Cursive - Guitar

14) StephenYoung's Band: Bastard Son
Reba Meyers of Code Orange Kids - Vocals/Guitar
Meghan O'Neil of Punch– Vocals
Meghan Minior from Ampere/Retch/a bunch of other bands - Guitar
Kathy Coppola of Circle Takes the Square - Bass/Vocals
Jeffrey Salane from Orchid - Drums

Bastard Son is a 5 piece hardcore band from a bunch of different places and different bands. Combining the heaviness of Code Orange Kids, Punch who both share members with this band, and contemporaries such as Enabler, Full of Hell and Pulling Teeth with the chaos of old school bands like Orchid, Circle Takes the Square, Converge and newer bands like Gaza and a Pre-I.V. Loma Prieta. But Bastard Son is far more than just five people playing intense, chaotic hardcore. They are a vegan, anti-capitalist, feminist straight edge band and a living, breathing "eat shit" to the fucked up Patriarchal society that bred the band. The Quintet is led by lead screamer Meghan, best known for her work in California heavycore band Punch. She's backed up by friend and guitarist Reba from Code Orange Kids and Adventures providing sometimes growls, sometimes pretty singing. Adding colour to the mix are bassist Cathy from CTTS and guitarist Meagan from Ampere, who bring that old school experience and the chaotic and complexity found in their respective (And legendary) bands. Rounding out the mix is resident token dude Jeff Salane from one of the most well-respected bands of the past two decades, Orchid. Their first self-released album Femicore and Then Some deals with equal amounts social and political issues ranging from sexism in songs such as "In Preserving (Rape) Culture", "No Means Fuck Off", Animal Rights in songs like "Slain Doe" and Patriarchy in what's by far the album's heaviest jam "Emergency! Emergency! Rick Santorum Has Been Stabbed in the Heart (With Broken Shards of the Glass Ceiling). Catch them on their first tour with Edmonton, Alberta's Rape Revenge this fall.

RIYL: Capitalist Casualties, Converge, Infest, Rorschach, Rape Revenge and Orchid

15) incognitojones' Band: Banger in the Mouth
Ellie Goulding - Vocals/Guitar
Kele Okereke of Bloc Party - Vocals/Guitar
Barry Burns of Mogwai – Bass/Keyboards/Synth/Violin
Calvin Harris - DJ/Production/Jamz
Dominic Howard of Muse - Drums/synthesizers/

NME recently spoke to Kele Okereke about his upcoming project 'Banger in the Mouth':

“It’s a weird project, we worked out a couple songs together and I didn’t think it’d work, and it probably didn’t, but I liked em a lot and we’ve played em to a few people and they liked em so what do you know. I thought it was just gonna be a weekend in the studio for a couple tracks, but we liked them so much we came back and spent about a month on it, ended up with like fourteen. They all sound a little different, we’re all dark one minute then upbeat and dancing the next, but all have a sort of crisp thickness about them, you’ll just have to hear em. Was a hell of a weird group but we were all pretty happy to spend some time doing something different from the norm. No tour plans for the moment because we’re all busy, but if the album does well Glastonbury will probably splash out to get us to play so we could do that. We were calling it ‘Mind the Bollacks’ as a laugh, but ended up using that, so what have you.”

16) CheckeredFloors' Band
Jenn Ghetto - Vocals/Guitar
Peter Silberman of The Antlers – vocals, guitar, harmonica, harp, accordion, keyboards
Active Child - Harp/Piano/Vocals
Oliver Tank - Production/Programming/Soundscapesatmosphere/Ambience
Evan Abeele of Memoryhouse - Drums/Composition

17) Mr. November's Band: Sire
Val Saucedo pf Loma Prieta - Drums
Brian Cook of Russian Circles/These Arms Are Snakes/Botch - Bass
Adam Wentworth of All Pigs Must Die/Bloodhorse - Guitar
Blake Connally of Dead in the Dirt - Guitar/Vocals/Beard
George Clarke of Deafheaven - Vocals


18) Fame<Infamy's Band: Street Countdown
Jamie Rhoden of Title Fight - Vocals/Guitar
Matt Ebert of Joyce Manor - Bass/Vocals
Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker - Guitar/Lyricist
Mike Kinsella of Cap'n Jazz - Drums
Andy Williams of Every Time I Die - Guitar

My band was formed one day when Blake Schwarzenbach decided he wanted to make good music again, so he called up his buddy Jamie Rhoden. Jamie contacted his uncle, Andy Williams, via Twitter. Andy agreed to join the band as long as his favourite bassist in the world, Matt Ebert could join. Mike Kinsella just kind of forced his way into the band, and nobody had the guts to tell him that he was wasting his talents and would have made a better guitarist.
They've been playing emo inspired hardcore ever since.
'Street Countdown' is a bad-ass game that was featured in an episode of 'The IT Crowd

19) toby_newsboys' Band: Music Kills Rockstars
Vocals/Synths/Keys/Production/Acoustic Guitar - Derek Webb
Lead Guitar - Alex Rosamilia of Gaslight Anthem
Bass/Vocals - Garrett Tierney of Brand New
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals - James Bowman of Against Me
Drums - Nate Young of Anberlin

Music Kills Rockstars is more than just music, it is a movement and ideology. With their debut “Empty Heroes” Music Kills Rockstars tells the story of how the current music industry is destroying musicians and feeding us with one dimensional fake musicians that are just here to chase the almighty dollar.

Empty Heroes is a rock album, but is not afraid to experiment and push boundaries it explores themes musically previously touched on in members other projects like “Daisy” and “Stockholm Syndrome”. But at the same time still delivers a thunderous rock album.

20) Kyle Huntington's Band: Life On Air
Damon Albarn of Blur/Gorillaz etc. - Keys/Guitar/Production/Songwriting/Vocals
Orlando Weeks of The Maccabees/Young Colossus - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Songwriting
Ernest Greene of Washed Out - Production/Synths/Samples/Bass/Backing Vocals
Channy Leaneagh of Poliça/Gayngs - Vocals/Percussion
Bryan Devendorf of The National - Drums

Imagine capturing the essence and sound of nature in a band, each member bringing what feels like an element, or a quality of an element, to the table and combining it...collaborating with the other elements to create a landscape with music in the truest sense of the term. Damon Albarn acting as the ringleader or composer of the elements, directing the flow whilst offering his vocal and instrumental input throughout. Channy Leaneagh's wind-like vocals/effects and percussive additions sweeping in and out of the multi-layered process all the while complimenting as a beautiful harmony for the lead vocals. Bryan Devendorf's almost tribal like, authoritative drums being the fire that everything dances around. Orlando Weeks' combination of the most delicate and subtle guitar parts, jagged and in-your-face riffs plus his warm and Earthy lead vocals holding it all together on Ernest Greene's water-like qualities and synths, deep bubbling bass, and samples that provide the waves and current to wash and carry everything along.

Life On Air started when Damon Albarn heard Orlando Weeks' Young Colossus project and wanted to expand on the idea and themes with new musicians, a full live band that could stretch the soundscape as wide as it could go whilst each bringing something incredibly unique to the table. The two quickly started brainstorming a list of artists that they are not only great fans of from across the pond but that would also fit the bill perfectly, which is when the remaining three members were recruited, all of whom were instantly interested and on board after knowing what an innovative and influential force Albarn can be. The group soon found a house closer to nature in its surroundings and rented this property in Colorado to write, record and spend months working on their debut album together. The final product is a modern masterpiece of indie rock x electronic music + specks of folk without pretense or forcing their initial naturalistic inspiration on the listener. It's a concept that will only continue to evolve and grow once the band take their show on a world tour, incorporating stunning lights, visuals and art with their live performances to really display the beauty of Life On Air.
05:51 PM on 08/15/12 
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Are we all lost like you?
toby_newsboys's Avatar
Kitchener, Ontario
Male - 26 Years Old
06:18 PM on 08/15/12 
User Info.
man I'm pretty
M.Lee's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
ok dylan
06:20 PM on 08/15/12 
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Hey, are you a dreamer?
DylanPPPP's Avatar
Midland, MI
Male - 22 Years Old
First post is updated. Start your rankings.

Sorry it was a little later than anticipated. Shit happens.
07:23 PM on 08/15/12 
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Hey, are you a dreamer?
DylanPPPP's Avatar
Midland, MI
Male - 22 Years Old
Thought it over and here's my ranking:

1) M. Lee's Band - Airwolf
2) EndlessPrisoner's Band - Wyldefyre
3) SophGod's Band - Touche Amore Sucks
4) Erik the Orange's Band
5) KenneyBN's Band - Destruction On Namek
6) DjWildeFire's Band - Smooth As Silk
7) Phaynes1's Band
8) Kyle Huntington's Band - Life On Air

If you didn't make my list you either don't have an interesting band to me or I'm just too unfamiliar with your band.
07:27 PM on 08/15/12 
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man I'm pretty
M.Lee's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
I take back half the bad things I've ever said about PPPP

07:30 PM on 08/15/12 
User Info.
Hey, are you a dreamer?
DylanPPPP's Avatar
Midland, MI
Male - 22 Years Old
I just really love Perfume Genius/The Narrative/Julia Holter and I think they make a perfect band. So much sad.
07:33 PM on 08/15/12 
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Hey, are you a dreamer?
DylanPPPP's Avatar
Midland, MI
Male - 22 Years Old

Sorry Check bby but until you finish your band you aren't really valid to vote for.
07:35 PM on 08/15/12 
User Info.
StephenYoung's Avatar
Châteauguay, Quebec
Male - 23 Years Old
People, love my band.

Or don't, they couldn't give a shit.
07:35 PM on 08/15/12 
User Info.
man I'm pretty
M.Lee's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old

Sorry Check bby but until you finish your band you aren't really valid to vote for.

Checkered picks:

Evan Abeele of Memoryhouse - Drums/Composition

07:36 PM on 08/15/12 
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Hey, are you a dreamer?
DylanPPPP's Avatar
Midland, MI
Male - 22 Years Old

Ah didn't see that. Good catch. Fixing it.
07:42 PM on 08/15/12 
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Regular Member
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College Park, MD
1) M. Lee's Band - Airwolf
2) KenneyBN's Band: Destruction On Namek
3) CheckeredFloors' Band
4) DylanPPPP's Band: Amygdala
5) Phaynes1's Band:
6) iamthealex's Band: The Dusty Frames
7) Kyle Huntington's Band: Life On Air
8) Bobsheiskawy's Band: Eyes Focused Forward

Sophgod would be my #9, just not enough into heavy music, and I'd listen to these other bands before that one.
07:42 PM on 08/15/12 
User Info.
Jake Jenkins
Jake Jenkins's Avatar
St. Louis, MO
Male - 23 Years Old
Staff Member
thx dylan, fuck you "chris"
07:45 PM on 08/15/12 
User Info.
Regular Member
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College Park, MD
So no spreadsheet this time?

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