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ABSOLUTExclusive: Less Than Jake Photo Feature & September Tour...

Posted by - 04:54 AM on 09/07/12
For those of you who don't know, Less Than Jake is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary as a band. As a part of its anniversary tour, the band played back-to-back, sold-out shows in its hometown of Gainesville, Fla., which were broadcast live via Stageit.com. Friend of AP.net, photographer Dana Burke, was on site to snap some photos for us - so head to the replies to check out about a dozen photos from the band's Gainesville weekend. In addition, we are giving away tickets to Less Than Jake's September tour dates in the Northeast and Midwest. Check out the dates in the replies, and comment in the thread to win a pair of tickets to one of the shows! Just comment with what city/date you want to go to and list one fond memory of Less Than Jake, or one personal story about one of their songs, that you've experienced in the last 20 years. Winners for each date will be notified by PM two days before their show.
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04:54 AM on 09/07/12
Christian Wagner
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Tour Dates all with A Wilhelm Scream and Junior BattlesJust comment which city/date you want to see, and list one fond memory of Less Than Jake, or one personal story about one of their songs, that you've experienced in the last 20 years. We'll pick one winner for every show and they'll get a pair of tickets! You'll be notified if you won via PM two days before your show.

**Chicago is not eligible for a giveaway because it's Riot Fest. The band is also playing Riot Fest in Toronto and Dallas. Tickets here.

All photos by Dana Burke

05:23 AM on 09/07/12
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Allentown,pa...standing in line for 5 hours to be front row on their Tour with fall out boy, punchline, and bang tango about 7 or 8 years ago. Good times would love to relive that!
05:24 AM on 09/07/12
it feels like summer in october
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screamoURI's Avatar
Pawtucket, RI!

My very first warped tour in 2001 i was 17 and started drinking vodka and orange soda prior to getting in the gates. after about 2 hours and running around in a circle pit to LTJ's set i had to go puke in the bathroom. while in the stall with the door closed but not locked, chris demakes comes in and opens the door to find me puking into the toilet. i look up at him as chris says to his buddy, "woah ho ho ho, what do we have here?" i immediately turn back around and continue to spew bright orange vomit.

Happy Friday!
05:42 AM on 09/07/12
dan solo
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i haven't seen less than jake since i was in high school (i graduated 15 years ago). since i only seem to be going to shows from bands i listened to then lately, this makes perfect sense. i would love to get the tickets to see them in allentown at the croc rock on september 12.
05:47 AM on 09/07/12
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Allentown, PA on September 12th.

I was at a local music festival walking around after seeing 3EB. A kind of drunk guy comes up to me and asks me where such and such hotel was. I pointed him in the direction and told him it was sort of confusing, and after noticing his drunkness (and being alone) I said I'd walk him across the bridge and show him.

As we're walking he mentions he was just backstage at the 3EB show. I said, "Aw man, that's awesome. I was just there too." I asked how he had gotten backstage and he said he was in the band and they were just taking a break inbetween shows on the Warped Tour and came down for the show. After asking what band he was in, turned out to be Vinnie from Less Than Jake. I hadn't seen them perform for years so it was pretty cool to meet him. He gave me his email address and told me to shoot him an email and he'd get me and some friends into a show whenever they came into town.

They were playing Philly, about an hour and a half away from me, a couple months after that and I shot him an email and he never responded. I still haven't gotten to see them since so I'd love to get the chance to catch them again.

06:00 AM on 09/07/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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Excited to see 'em on Monday.
06:30 AM on 09/07/12
Duckies Rule!!
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Edit: Nvm. I jsut realized I cant go. damnit
07:42 AM on 09/07/12
Registered User
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September 11th Boston, MA. Back in high school my friends and I used to drive around aimlessly looking for something to do after school. More often than not we had Less Than Jake on the stereo via a discman with a cigarette lighter adapter as none of us could afford actual cd players. Anyway, we lived in a boring town so listening to the album eventually became what we would do that afternoon. A lot of good times listening to Hello Rockview in my friends cars and even a couple minor traffic accidents as we were not the best of drivers. I even lost my first car while LTJ was on the stereo one day after school and had someone stop short in front of me. LTJ is still one of my favorite bands and it would be awesome to see them again as I haven't seen them live in a while.
08:58 AM on 09/07/12
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MDizzy's Avatar
Boston MA, 9/11 show.

I saw LTJ @ The River Rave in Mansfield in 1997. I had only heard a couple of songs thru various ska compilations. They played a small stage, and climbed the trees and basically tore the place up for the not a ton of people waching them. The next day i drove 68 miles down the cape to the only newbury comics around, and bought losing streak and pezcore, to which i still have in a cd booklet now. I caught them at the middle east recently (Feb 2012), and the old songs were still as fast and memorable as they were when i was in high school. I don't get to go to shows alot anymore, but it would be fun to sing like I was 17 again.
10:44 AM on 09/07/12
Have Brain, Will Travel
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Tulsa, OK September 21st. One of the first bands I was ever in, in middle school, learned Hello Rockview from front to back before ever writing an original song. I still remember our bass player being so happy he figured out Al's War. Will forever love those songs.
12:04 PM on 09/07/12
The Screaming Wind
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Bloomington, IL on September 18th.

I didn't get into Less Than Jake until a couple years ago around the time my younger brother got into ska. He made me go watch them when we were at Warped Tour in 2011. I had been a pretty casual fan of them up until that point, but after seeing them live, I was absolutely floored by how fun their show was. The humor, the fun. I remember Chris looking out at a platform where a fifty year old woman was standing and him just being like, "Wanna come over at make out with me? I'm looking for some cougars." Just the self-deprecating humor was awesome. I got even more into them after that set and I felt really bad it was 19 years after they originally became a band. I met Chris after their set at their merch table and got one of his solo demo CDs which was awesome. All around nice guy and good dude.

Look What Happened was also one of the songs that got me through a serious breakup last year. Thank for Less Than Jake for helping me get through my emo phase.
01:08 PM on 09/07/12
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10/10/12 Hollywood (not sure if these dates are up for grabs)

Memorable memory:
LTJ was playing “Shindo,” a favorite. I, along with the rest of the audience, was dancing and enjoying. During the build up to “old habits, die hard, yeah old habits die haaahhaahrd,” I, jumping, broke through the pit wall with enthusiasm at the exactly correct moment, planning to rock everyone's world.

Except, I screamed “live or diiiie” because I confused that song and Slapstick’s “February One.” I didn’t realize my mistake until much later. It may not be huge, or life-changing, but for some reason, it sticks.

I was also cool one time when they played the Palace (across the street from Capitol Records); they got the whole crowd to turn around, flip them off, and scream obscenities at them.

I still go see them every time they’re in town, and always will--even if I don’t get the tickets.
01:26 PM on 09/07/12
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September 19 @ the firebird
less than a Jake was one of the bands I listened to growing up that shaped my musical taste. seeing them at warped last year was like a dream come true for this kid. their crazy on stage shenanigans just set them apart as one of the best live bands. The most memorable was being brought up on stage and them shaving a Mohawk in my head.they said my hair was too girly before they did that to me lol.
06:36 PM on 09/07/12
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September 13th @ the Grog Shop in Cleveland!! Some time around 1999, I was in 8th grade and my brother played Hello Rockview in his car..ever since I've been a huge fan. Their music will always remind me of the good times with my brother and rocking out in his car. So many of their songs mean so much to me, but "history of a boring town" is what really got me into the band and it was the reason I bought a guitar because I wanted to be able to cover that song. Nobody puts on a better show and nobody can do punk/ska better than LTJ. They're the only band to continuously put out awesome music over a 20 year span and stay true to their craft and fans. I've got nothing but love and respect for the band, and I'm forever grateful my brother got me into them!

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