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08:08 AM on 11/15/12
we were born for battle
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EndSerenading's Avatar
Great album. I've been a deftones fan for over 15 years and they have yet to truly disappoint. This album is a bit of a grower because it has a slower tempo at times but the atmosphere and textures on this album are amazing.

From an atmosphere standpoint, they haven't put out an album this cohesive since White Pony. As far as comparisons to ATF, I think some individual riffs may reference that but I definitely do not think this album as a whole is anywhere close sound-wise to ATF. ATF had this raw sound without all the layered textures that WP or this album have. This album is flush with dreampop and almost new wave synth and electronics. I love both ATF and this album but I see them as very different animals.

I really don't get why some people are hating on the production. It is a little different for a deftones album but I think it works really well with the sound on this album. I'd probably give the production an easy 7 and the album is easily an 8/10.
08:56 AM on 11/15/12
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ChaseTx's Avatar
So, is this a good place to start listening to Deftones?
09:02 AM on 11/15/12
sept. 18th
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sept. 18th's Avatar
Great album. Am i the only one that thinks entombed in the beginning sounds like the intro on Matchbook Romances, Stories and Alibis?
09:15 AM on 11/15/12
look at my cliche avatar
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love_american_style's Avatar
So, is this a good place to start listening to Deftones?

No. Start with Adrenaline, then Around the Fur, White Pony, s/t, .... It's important to watch how they have progressed
09:16 AM on 11/15/12
look at my cliche avatar
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love_american_style's Avatar
Drew, this is a great review. You've touched on everything that I think is great about this album.

Here I am.
09:39 AM on 11/15/12
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carlosonthedrums's Avatar
It's been a real honor to watch this band's journey over the years. Seeing their latest interviews and how much a of a simpler process it is for them to get together and write compared to a decade ago, it really comes through in the music over these last two records.

There's an interesting throwback in the bridge of "Graphic Nature" where Abe plays the exact same beat from the chorus of "Digital Bath." Clever little rascal, that Cunningham.

Stellar review, Drew.
09:49 AM on 11/15/12
Digitally Bathing
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live4music's Avatar
The production really brings this record down a notch or two. It sounds compressed as hell. Abe's drums get lost in the mix. Sonically doesn't have the impact it should.

But still a great fuckin' album... just loathe the production.
10:08 AM on 11/15/12
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Stuckinvhs's Avatar
this is the album that will finally get me into the deftones.
10:21 AM on 11/15/12
awake my old dry bones.
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whiterussian's Avatar
The record is amazing, loved everything the first time listening to it.

What's so bad about the production? I like it.
10:52 AM on 11/15/12
blown from the hinge
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fearthesloths's Avatar
great review for an amazing album. i'm so glad that deftones are fully back on their game. they never completely lost it, but i'll admit that Saturday Night Wrist was kind of a miss for me. I was weary when Diamond Eyes was being released but then blown away by how well they had come back to form. Koi No Yokan proves to me that they are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
11:05 AM on 11/15/12
Playfully witty sign-off
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PetitnaindesÎles's Avatar
I love Romantic Dreams, Gauze and What Happened To You but it seems like some songs don't go anywhere which makes them too long (Entombed that tapping riff never ends, Graphic Nature) and bore me. anyway i've never loved one of their albums on the first listen (excepted Diamond Eyes) so it might be a grower as usual.
11:28 AM on 11/15/12
All my love to long ago.
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letdownagain's Avatar
Great review! Definitely got me excited. it's good to hear someone say what I'm hoping for. I just checked out "Graphic Nature" and "Entombed" and I'm pretty stoked.

Also, for anyone really bothered about the production, there's a hi-res, less compressed release here. Warner Bros. has been doing this bit with their recent releases. Left (top) channel is the CD version, Right channel is the version I linked to. Check out the difference.

11:39 AM on 11/15/12
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" I didn’t realize music could be so intricate, emotional, and devastating all in one swoop. White Pony consumed me and turned my interest in music from casual encounters to a passionate love affair."

The exact same thing happened for me, but it was Adrenaline that did it for me when it came out (I was 14 at the time).
12:16 PM on 11/15/12
Witness me bloodbag! Witness me!
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nowFace's Avatar
Nice review sir.
12:36 PM on 11/15/12
lordsaveusfromourscene.co m
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kittypants's Avatar
Drew, I think you use "sinister guitar riff" in most of your reviews

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