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Get Scared Reunite With Original Vocalist

Posted by: Jack Appleby (11/20/12)
Get Scared have parted ways with vocalist Joel Faviere and reunited with original vocalist Nick Matthews. Read their official statement in the replies.
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10:58 AM on 11/20/12
Jack Appleby
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Band StatementSince the beginning of Get Scared we have had the most amazing and loyal fans. We all are so grateful to have all of you by our sides through all the changes we have been through.

A little under a year ago, our original singer Nicholas Matthews decided to leave the band. We were all devastated by the fall out. But due to the circumstances Nick was facing at the time, being in Get Scared was not what was best for him. What a lot of people don’t know is during the time of our 2011 headlining tour, we were told towards the beginning of the tour that our label would be dropping us. This was after they sat on the record for almost a year. All of us were very sad and frustrated and were in a tough place to communicate properly while at the same time trying to make the best of this tour for you, the fans.

When Nick left, we did not want to slow down at all. We were extremely lucky to find Joel Faviere. We jumped into moving along with Joel in Get Scared. With this new EP we had amazing possibilities ahead, but unfortunately things just never felt right within the band. We felt like we were missing something. After speaking with Nicholas for a small period of time we came to the conclusion that it was him we were missing. We went back and forth for a while contemplating how crazy the idea would be of bringing him back. We made the decision to take a risk and follow our hearts and guts. We have all been best friends for too long to hold grudges and not be in each other’s lives forever. Lloyd and Nick have been best friends since 3rd grade. We've always had the same mind set about how we imagined Get Scared to be. The chemistry we have together will never be recreated with anyone else. Nick has been and always will be our brother. We are ecstatic to have Nicholas back in Get Scared.

We want you to know that we truly love Joel, and were upfront and honest with him about our decision. We felt doing a 3-week tour with Joel, knowing in our hearts and minds we were thinking of bringing Nick back, would have been the wrong thing to do. We will support whatever he chooses to do next, and are going to be remaining friends. Nick and Joel have even hung out and we want people to know there is absolutely no drama between them. We are very stoked to be touring off of “Built For Blame, Laced With Shame” and will be playing a few songs off of this EP. We hope you all trust and support our decision, because we are going to give you everything we have so be READY!

-Get Scared
11:00 AM on 11/20/12
Steve Alcala
"Counting Fish"
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Bad move. Joel added a nice edge.
11:13 AM on 11/20/12
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Bad move. Joel added a nice edge.
Disagree, and while this is my guilty pleasure band. I enjoyed their original EP and their full length. Lost interest with the new guy on the new EP

Edit - Well after giving it another listen, I do like their new EP, but I think I still liked Nick better.
11:23 AM on 11/20/12
Registered Member
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Raarzipan's Avatar
Bad move. Joel added a nice edge.
Truth, Joel is a better musician then nick and all around great person.

Disagree, and while this is my guilty pleasure band. I enjoyed their original EP and their full length. Lost interest with the new guy on the new EP
Nick left the band to marry a bandwhore and then it just happens to end not long after he left the band, they really shouldn't have let him back in. The guys in the band even said he is more Autotune and Cowrites then an actual musician. Nick left them mid tour and forced them to drop off the tour, then proceeded to shit talk the other members.
11:33 AM on 11/20/12
Je suis l'Alpha et l'Oméga
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Bad move. Joel added a nice edge.
Heard the name of this band before, RIYL?
11:52 AM on 11/20/12
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Heard the name of this band before, RIYL?
The Used is the first band that comes to mind.

Also, I'm surprised this band is still going.
11:56 AM on 11/20/12
Steve Alcala
"Counting Fish"
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Heard the name of this band before, RIYL?

Yep, a darker The Used. I'd say their newest EP is what Drugs tried to sound like? Except this has far less electronics.
12:50 PM on 11/20/12
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i've given these guys a few shots over the years and the latest EP with the guy they just kicked out was their best work by far mainly because they dropped the scene goth makeup and sound of their previous efforts... it's nothing amazing but like previous comments have said very The Usedish and overall a decent effort... sad to see them kick this dude out and most likely revert to their old ways.... if the kicked out singer starts a new band I would def give it a listen because he had a good voice
05:20 PM on 11/20/12
http://youarerocksolid.tumblr.co m/
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08:28 PM on 11/20/12
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I really dig Nick's vocals so I think it is awesome he is back in Get Scared,Joel had some great ones as well and will be missed singing with them not to mention he is so fan friendly that dude is constantly talking to fans.
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