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AP.net Contest: Triple Crown Vinyl Giveaway

Posted by - 01:50 PM on 11/26/12
O'Brother, Moving Mountains, and Caspian are currently on the road together for the Triple Crown Tour 2012. Today, we're giving away some vinyl (O'Brother's Basement Window, Moving Mountains's New Light, and Caspian's Waking Season) because we're in the holiday spirit. To win all three records, tell me a story from your Thanksgiving festivities this past week and I'll pick my favorite ones. Don't forget to check out this tour too when it comes to your town. Good luck!
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01:50 PM on 11/26/12
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
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TCR Tour 201212/4 -- Washington, DC -- Rock and Roll Hotel
12/5 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Northstar Bar
12/6 -- Hoboken, NJ -- Maxwell's
12/7 -- Cambridge, MA -- The Sinclair
12/8 -- Hamden, CT -- The Space
12/9 -- New York, NY -- Bowery Ballroom

01:58 PM on 11/26/12
Ran Away From Home
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zbrmike79's Avatar
Thanksgiving at my house is always pretty great because within the last couple of years my mom and aunt have grown tired of putting on any sort manners and just get obliterated drunk and act ridiculous. Normally it's just a few comments here and there but what really set this holiday dinner apart from the others was that my mom broke glass into the mac &cheese and thought no one would notice. 5 minutes into the meal i saw my mom at the other side of the table picking it up and bringing it into the kitchen and told everyone to hold off on it. so basically my drunk mother fed our entire family glass - which i thought was hilarious.

sidenote; my cousins and i got my grandmother to say "rise up lights" which sounds like you're saying "razor blades" with an australian accent - go on, try it, it's real fun.
02:00 PM on 11/26/12
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alexxxisonfire's Avatar
You guys remember that game "500"? Where someone would throw up a football or, I don't know, other object, and then give it an arbitrary value and whoever caught it would "win"?

Well, my brother and I have a bunch of cousins because our mother is one of 17 children. So a lot of our cousins were over for Thanksgiving. Everybody's having babies these days, so we have 6 cousins under the age of 10. Those cousins brought their friends because it's a small town, yadda yadda. Point is, we had like 8 kids out there playing 500... then my brother, who is 6'1".

He (Andrew, my brother) is extremely competitive, like me. We're out playing 500 with our family, running around on my mom's ranch because it's Florida and everyone has a ranch (factual).

I threw up a ball, and he definitely tackled a kid a third of his age just to get to a ball. I had to remove him from the game. He gave the kid a bloody nose and didn't apologize. It was kind of awesome.

I don't really care if I win anything (I still want to, c'mon), but I needed a forum to tell this story. I'm still laughing about it as I write this right now.
02:02 PM on 11/26/12
Trent Powers
Registered User
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I cooked the entire Thanksgiving dinner this year. A few of my family members hate the taste of cheese, I secretly put cream cheese in the mashed potatoes to make them great. Nobody could tell and they loved the potatoes.

02:02 PM on 11/26/12
Regular Member
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still super mad that i have three exams the three days after this show, so i can't go.
02:03 PM on 11/26/12
throwing punches at ocean waves
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positiv-o's Avatar
My thanksgiving tradition, since some time in high school, has been to invite my best friend Scot over for dinner. Despite living in Los Angeles his family is very Canadian so they never celebrated Thanksgiving in November. This year was a little different. Scot is going to Princeton while his parents moved home to Ottawa over the summer. As a treat, his family flew him out here.

Even though he was only here for two days, it wouldn't be thanksgiving without him! My dish, the green beans, had mold on them so I couldn't make them. other than that we had a crazy moist turkey and a shit ton of crescent rolls. Perfect thanksgiving.
02:08 PM on 11/26/12
Regular Member
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brennanisarealboy's Avatar
My Colombian roommate came home with me for the weekend so I finally showed the guy a good Thanksgiving meal. The next night I visited some friends at a college near where I live, and while walking back from a party we found an around 20 year old girl passed out against a garage about 50 feet from a bar with a bloody nose/face and her pants pulled halfway off. We woke her up and got her something to drink, but she was so out of it that she could barely formulate a sentence (to the point where she was obviously drugged) when we asked what happened. Eventually we had the police come and also called one of her friends who showed up. All of this happened in >30 degree weather at 2 in the morning. Good deed for the day? I think so.
02:10 PM on 11/26/12
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cubsml34's Avatar
Thanksgiving week was beautiful. I finished my last final paper on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, went back home on Monday, and spent a lovely Thanksgiving brunch with my grandma and dad and a also lovely Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family, doing such exciting activities as debating Obama and Rommey's foreign policy and the election results with my uncle and aunt in the strangely most civilized manner possible, capitalized by everyone understanding each other's political views afterwards.

Black Friday was also riveting, largely due in part to not having to work my 12 hour shift at a department store that I did last year and the 10 hours shift I worked the year before. After sleeping in I ventured back to my Chicago apartment to attend a party with high school friends, many who I haven't seen in a while and one of whom I hadn't seen since high school. The night contained such festivities as people streaking through the apartment, taking showers, snapchatting candid photos and ruining them with drawn on genital parts, and agreeably punching each other in the face (resulting in one of the punched parties receiving a sizeable bruise on the cheek) in order to "feel human" as my severely drunk friend claimed, who had also hugged me for a good 30 seconds ias thanks for introducing him to Dikembe and the Chicago Bowls EP this week ("Scottie Spliffen has made me cry"). I also found out from my friend that his roommate (of whom I and all my friends at the party graduated with from high school) is likely going to jail for getting caught selling ecstasy and acid at a suburban party this past week. The night ended with my Ghanaian cab driver and I having a zealous and informed discussion on Ghanaian politics and history (due to an oddly specific 18 page research paper I did on Ghanaian independence and post independence history this fall) to which he was impressed on my unordinary knowledge of his country's history.

Saturday was less eventful due to being hungover and enjoying the never before achieved feat of being the only one of my four roommates to occupy our apartment alone for a 24 hour period, and I then drove to pick up my roommate flying in from New Hampshire, only to drive him back to the airport less than 24 hours later to fly via Paris to Cameroon with his professor for an all expenses paid for research trip(courtesy of the DePaul University) to the West African country, complete with an also paid for 48 hour sightseeing layover in Paris on the way back between Xmas and New Years. After dropping him at the airport I headed back to the suburbs where between taking my dog out, eating, and listening to the new Silverstein song, I write this extremely, long, detailed, and I swear on my life accurate summary of my past week.

I really love all three of these records, please consider me! haha
02:12 PM on 11/26/12
Social Justice/Wayne State Warrior
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brook183's Avatar
Thanksgiving dinner is always held at my parents' house. My mother's side of the family all lives in the metro-Detroit area, and we are a very tight-knit bunch. My mom has three older sisters and a younger brother, each a full-blooded Italian with the temperament of an active volcano. One of my aunts works for our city's school system, and she decided to ask a few of my cousins (aged 12-16) how they feel about sex education classes, specifically whether they would prefer to learn about sex with the boys and girls of the class separated or together. This spiraled into several full-scale debates on everything you could possibly imagine: abstinence-only vs. teaching safe sex, the age-appropriateness of sex education, and even the age at which kids are losing their virginity these days vs. the 70s. After hours of screaming and name-calling (and awful mental imagery, courtesy of my aunts' storytelling), we gathered for an excellent meal of traditional Thanksgiving grub, and it ended up being, surprisingly, one of the tamer holiday family gatherings in recent memory.

O'Brother is undoubtedly my favorite band at the moment, would love that EP on vinyl!
02:16 PM on 11/26/12
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Ate a LOT of turkey and pie on Thursday, worked early Friday morning, and then ate some turkey taco casserole that night. Saturday and Sunday, I tried not to leave the house. Couldn't ask for anything better!

Oh yea... Except for some sweet vinyl!
02:19 PM on 11/26/12
get up kidd
Blah Blah Blah
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get up kidd's Avatar
Went over a friends house for thanksgiving because my parents had just moved out of state. Had a good time. Went home, got drunk and high.

Pick me?
02:25 PM on 11/26/12
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baton's Avatar
just wanted to say - such an amazing line up! I wish they'd make this tour in Europe,.. I've already seen movmou and caspian in Poland, and for that I am really thankfull.. However, if it comes to thanksgiving, we don't have anything like it here, maybe that's not too cool seeing as we adopt halloween etc. anyway,.. but still I have some traditions going on; checking some music and art blogs to see what people there would write during this period... seriously ; ) ..and this year I was happy to read Andy Kehoe's blog and see that we've got something in common : ) ...anyway, I'd recommend anyone that has an oppurtunity to go and see this tour to do so!
02:28 PM on 11/26/12
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randys950's Avatar
i played minecraft all night with my little bro and friend all night. closest thing to a family event for me all year. suppose i win we will play minecraft some more while listening to the vinyls
02:34 PM on 11/26/12
Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
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Jamos4184's Avatar
My birthday is November 22nd and as a result, it occasionally falls on Thanksgiving day. This year was one of those years. My band got together early on Thursday morning to practice before enjoying some time with our families (and myself off to work at Starbucks). I had gone out and bought some donuts and milk for everyone, I suppose more for myself. Not one of my bandmates told me "Happy Birthday", but I just let it go, because who wants to be that guy who says, "Hey, today's my birthday." I went to work for 6 hours, which was completely not worth it because we were dead, but I can't complain too much as I made time and a half for my troubles of working on the holiday. After work, I was going to meet up with my lead singer's family for some leftovers, but they were invited to another families house for dessert. I was told to meet them there and that they would bring me a plate of food. Upon my arrival, I was informed that no one had brought food for me, but that the mom of one of the families had run back to their house to get me some food. I was then sung "Happy Birthday" but a group of strangers. All in all, a pretty good Thanksgiving/birthday.

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