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01:27 AM on 11/29/12
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It shows insecurity in your own beliefs if you can't handle dissenting opinions. That's why the fundies are threatened by any information outside the funnel the view the world through.
01:36 AM on 11/29/12
lloyd boners
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Aww cute
01:38 AM on 11/29/12
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Wow... Song was fantastic!
01:45 AM on 11/29/12
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love the song and video. to be honest when i was 12 i really disliked the gay community and homosexuality but the older/wiser/open minded i get the more i grow acceptable to this.
01:47 AM on 11/29/12
It's A Secret To Everyone
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That was an amazing song, first time I've heard this guy.
I seriously can't fathom how those superintendents can justify suspending that teacher, other than the fact that they're total homophobes. Did they even hear the song before deciding she was out of line, or do they just suspend people who bring up the topic of homosexuality/phobia on principle?
02:12 AM on 11/29/12
Rock The Casbah
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No mention of Christianity anywhere in story; AP.net members make fun of all Christians.

yep sounds about normal. common people. I think it's dumb too, but do we really have to stoop that low?
Find me a non-religious person who cares about denying gay people rights. Christians the strongest community actively hating gays in the States. Non-religious people more actively support them OR don't care, so they're not going to bother getting in anybody's way to deny them human rights.

You can believe in Christianity and not believe in Christians as a whole because a few bad apples are scummy hypocrites. I've been doing so for years. Just don't be blinded by faith to pretend that religion isn't the main part of the problem on this issue.

*End rant*

In other news, pick up Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's The Heist if you haven't yet. Best hip-hop record of the year.
02:31 AM on 11/29/12
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upthepunx's Avatar
how long before somebody blames this on obama
its only a matter of time
02:38 AM on 11/29/12
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phillipjacob's Avatar
Michigan is supposed to be a progressive state, yep real progressive there.

But let's be real here, the school might have been too drastic with their actions
though that playing the middle card between respecting all beliefs and supporting gays is a hard precedent to set.

I fully support the teacher and don't think she should have been suspended, maybe a talking to behind closed doors.

We take a few steps forward in this country, but a small minority of people push us back.
It's 2013, it's time we start accepting the fact chance in social norms is inevitable

If the world ends, it's not because God hates gays, it's because we hate each other so much we destroy what is our essence to survive.
02:47 AM on 11/29/12
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Also, I'm not a fan of hip hop at all, but I think I'm gonna have to check out this and the new P.O.D. one because of all the love they are getting around here. Maybe they will convert me to a hip hop fan.

Check out early Gym Class Heroes. Papercut Chronicles 1 is a pretty good segue. Check this song out, sameish topic as Same Love.
02:57 AM on 11/29/12
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I've never heard of this before, when I saw "suspended without pay" I expected "$wag, pussy, money. Ejaculating on women" nope. Now I'm mad.
03:05 AM on 11/29/12
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I get that. But "lol christians" is just a flat out stupid and hateful thing in itself to say. Yes, there are definitely Christians that "hate" gays, but there are a ton that don't. I hate generalizing people into categories at all. I hate categorizing people as "gays." I just look at it as we are all people. So laughing at Christians as a whole is just a ridiculous thing to do. I know I'm gonna get flamed for this comment, but that's how I feel.

Also, I'm not a fan of hip hop at all, but I think I'm gonna have to check out this and the new P.O.D. one because of all the love they are getting around here. Maybe they will convert me to a hip hop fan.

Edit: listening, and loving what I'm hearing. There's only certain rap/hip-hop music that I can tolerate, it's just usually not my thing, but I'm definitely really enjoying this. Gonna have to spend some more time with it.
Way to come into a thread about homosexual discrimination and make it about you/your religion. And then you wonder why people go "lol christians."
03:51 AM on 11/29/12
I'm Only Here to Disappoint
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Damn, that both the song and the video are badass. Fuck Michigan.
Michigan is supposed to be a progressive state, yep real progressive there.

I would like either of you to explain how the entire state of Michigan is to blame for this.

Anyways, there was a definite over reaction from administration. When I hear a story like this, It just makes me angry. I can't understand how people could feel that way.
04:14 AM on 11/29/12
One Among the Fence
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Damn, that both the song and the video are badass. Fuck Michigan.
Because the whole state is responsible for one teacher getting suspended at a school.
05:14 AM on 11/29/12
a stupid fuck with brilliant luck.
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punkcrap's Avatar
Macklemore rules. This teacher rules. This school administration is clearly composed of the scum of the earth. Only the absolute bottom of the barrel of human beings are homophobic in 2012. Adapt or get left behind.
enough said
05:28 AM on 11/29/12
This is where the fish lives
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Liciakasher's Avatar
this is insane, song has a great message. You can read books like The Giver and Animal Farm in 8th grade and school district would suspend a teacher for this? I'm so used to people being open minded that this is really dissapointing.

I hope the teacher takes this to court, somehow. This seems 100% political. We were exposed to waaaaay more graphic shit than that in school at that age. That's a really great song, too.

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