Lances Hero - 11.27.03

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Lances Hero - 11.27.03Lances Hero has become one of the most talked about groups in all of San Diego. Their blend of emo and rock has won the hearts of many, and as their fan base grows, so does their writing skills. I had the opportunity to share a few words with Gabe Rodriguez, singer of the band, and discuss label situations, the downfall of MP3.com, and the ever-so-lovable San Diego music scene...

Kamtin - Hey! How are you? Thanks for helping us out with this interview. Can you let everyone know who you are and what you do in the band Lances Hero?

Gabe - Hi, I'm doing great. My name Gabe Rodriguez and I'm the singer for Lances Hero.

Kamtin - It is obvious when listening to the bands new material that you guys really grew and matured in your song writing skills. You guys went from playing the typical pop punk about 2 years ago to playing more of an emo influenced rock. Besides that musical growth, how else have you guys matured since the beginning of Lances Hero?

Gabe - It really seems like a long time ago. I think we as a band began experimenting with listening to new music and not just what was popular. Then we made an unconscious decision to be a rock band and not limit ourselves. Rock covers quite a few areas in my book...including punk, emo and pop. It's really a nice
freedom to have and we are enjoying the music we are writing, which is what's most important. We've matured so much since we've first formed. Touring was a huge learning experience for us. It really taught us how to be responsible.

Kamtin - Many bands do not get the opportunity to do the things you guys have done. Still being an unsigned act, you guys have managed to open for huge bands and record two EP's with Ryan Greene (NOFX, NUFAN). How does that make you guys feel?

Gabe - We feel very fortunate to have played with some of our favorite bands like A Static Lullaby and Noise Ratchet. And also play a leg of the Vans Warped Tour...that was amazing. We just try to play as much as possible and I think the hard work pays off. Working with Ryan was a real blessing. It was only the 2nd time we've been in a studio and he really whipped us into shape. Hopefully, someday we can do a full length with him. The 2 so called EP's are in reality just demos. The first 4 songs we recorded in 4 days. We pressed a limited amount for the Warped Tour to get the word out. So we made it like an EP, but it's not an official release. We recently went back to Ryan for another 4
songs which we did in 3 days this time. We are really happy with the outcome. We posted them on our Mp3 site and Mp3.com has featured the first song on their homepage. We've been getting great feedback. But to answer your question, it's been amazing!

Kamtin - The recent news has hit that MP3.com will be no more starting next month. I don't mean to sound rude by saying this, but it is safe to say that without MP3.com, Lances Hero wouldnt be where they are right now. What are your thoughts on this recent and terribly dissapointing news?

Gabe - Dissapointing is probably the best word to describe the situation. Mp3.com has been a great resource for musicians all over, not to mention music lovers. I can't say we wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for Mp3.com because we are relatively new to the site. We've waited for these new songs with Ryan to
be finished, then hoped to really spread the word through
Mp3.com. Now that the songs are done and Mp3.com has been so cool to put us on their homepage, it's all over. It really sucks. I can say that Mp3.com would really have made an impact on our band over the next several months...guaranteed. I've seen the
exposure it's given to other bands we know and it's phenominal. Save Mp3.com!!

Kamtin - It is a well known fact that San Diego has one of the toughest music scenes. There is a countless amount of bands that are all looking for that big break. Do you think that having a lot of competition helps the band in any way?

Gabe - I don't believe in competing with other bands. We play for ourselves and our fans and that's it. We will never compete in a battle of the bands or crap like that. What person has the
authority to say we are better than another band or vice versa. Music is a subjective form of art, so what's beautiful to one
person can be ugly to the next. I think art was originally created for self expression and and self fulfillment. I'm excited when
people enjoy our music but we, or any band for that matter,
shouldn't write with that intention. It wouldn't be honest music.

Kamtin - Within the past few months, you guys have released two great EP's and have played amazing shows around
California. Obviously with all of these events occuring, you guys have been spreading your name around and growing an impressive fan base. Are there any plans of signing to any labels
anytime soon? Also, any plans of hitting other states, possibly a tour?

Gabe - Touring and label signing are definitely something that interests us. We don't know where, when or who, but you can
bet that we are working on moving forward and getting our name out. Two priorities for us right now are to release an album and hit the road.

Kamtin - Well, thank you so much for all your time. I deeply appreciate all your help with this interview. Any last words?

Gabe - Thank you Kamtin for the interview and for supporting us and the San Diego music scene. To everyone else, check us out on mp3.com while you can! Thank you!

*Thank you to Leo C. and Mark M. for submitting questions
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